Dear My Friends: First Impressions


There’s a line in Dear My Friends where they say that no one is interested in the stories of the old people. And that’s probably true. But this drama is highlighting it and telling you – old people have many stories to tell. Old people have just as much drama as young people do in K-dramas. And thanks to No Hee Kyung for really highlighting that and giving these veteran actors and actresses their time to shine.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 8 Recap


Did we get a new writer? Are the better episodes being saved for the last half of the show? What’s going on!? For once we have a really spooky episode – one that involves spirits and ghosts and shamans. I wish we had this episode earlier, but what a nice follow-up to episode 7’s vampire-laden story.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 7 Recap


Apologies for the lateness of this recap – I was quite out of it with a cold and a bunch of things happening. But OH MAN WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG FOR THIS EPISODE? Then again, I guess it ups my anticipation for the next episode and I won’t have to wait long for it. But this is also the episode that could have aired last week for episode 6 instead, and saved this drama. Because guess what? It’s an episode about vampires.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 6 Recap


A very interesting episode that focuses on Goo Hyung’s background. Quite fun, but I swear drama – you REALLY need to stop making the culprit so obvious. Oh and just in case we’re counting, this is yet another episode where practically no vampirism appears.

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Vampire Detective: Episode 5 Recap


This episode had nothing to do with vampirism. Which is kind of disappointing since we’re halfway through the series. That being said, this episode also had a better standalone crime case than the previous episodes. So… that’s something, right?

Sorry for the overdue post. I usually put this up on Tuesday but I have a hard time concentrating on writing about a drama that has nothing to do with its premise anymore.

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