Vampire Detective: Episode 2 Recap


In this episode, San learns more about his powers while helping a reporter resolve her past. It’s not your typical case, as the client doesn’t really help the investigators very much with their investigation. In fact, I was a bit puzzled by it and it took me a couple of watches to really understand what was going on. However, it’s a very good episode in introducing us to San’s powers. He’s just as new to them as we are.

Case 2 – 24 Hours

San wakes up from his nightmares (of which involve his ex-girlfriend and the injected blood) and heads straight to the treadmill. He finds that he doesn’t gasp in pain anymore after running quite a bit; he doesn’t feel the need for his medication and his bullet scar is completely gone. However he stops exercising when Goo Hyung yells at him to stop, and joins him at the kitchen.

Goo Hyung has prepared a feast, and I swear I would love to live with him as a roomie. San isn’t hungry though; is this perhaps the first inkling that he has no appetite for normal food now? They get an unexpected guest: Gyeo Wool is moving in with them! She would like to be their “client for life” (and she’s got the money to pay them rent) until she finds out what happened to her brother. She had to bury him that morning – without his bones. Imagine how weird that must be? Goo Hyung doesn’t want her around at all, but she’s not budging.

San goes for his checkup at his doctor-slash-tattooist’s place. He doesn’t like needles very much, and winces as they draw his blood. What a cute scaredy-cat. His doctor is amazed that his condition is so good, wondering if the young man changed his diet. San does wonder if it had something to do with the blood that Gyu Min had injected into him.

Gyeo Wool bids them home quickly as they have a client. Seo Seung Hee (Choi Song Hyun) is an anchorwoman for the morning news broadcast, and she needs their help. Early one morning she discovered a dead body in one of the lockers in her dressing room. It was that of her junior announcer Park Bo Eun. Seung Hee freaked and called the police, but by the time a guard came up to her room, the body was gone. All that was left was a note: “Return the item in 24 hours. If you don’t you will see the body during your next broadcast.” Thing is, no one knows what kind of “item” her blackmailer is looking for. She just needs their help so that she can make it to her next broadcast safely in 24 hours.

It’s a bit weird, but okay – the investigators take on the case. San sees a speck of blood from the body on the bottom of the locker; it’s too small for anyone to see. Suddenly his eyes glow golden and he sees the body when it was still hidden there earlier. His sense are heightened, and he senses a person outside the dressing room door. San makes chase, but ends up getting hit behind the head very hard with a wooden slat and he falls to the ground, unconscious. While he’s out, he sees himself back in his police academy days with Yoo Jin.

When he comes to, there’s a new note beside him: “18 hours.” The time is ticking.

Goo Hyung brings a few photos of Park Bo Eun to Gyeo Wool. If the girl plans to stay, he might as well make use of her. He wants her to use her hacking skills to find out everything she can about Park Bo Eun. That’s easy enough – she ends up finding out that Bo Eun was borrowing money from a loan shark to help pay off her father’s debt.

Meanwhile San keeps an eye on Seung Hee, and he learns from her coworker (Park Jin Joo) that she and Bo Eun had a bit of a rivalry going on as they came from different backgrounds. Seung Hee also has bad rumors about her too though, as people think that she made it as far as she did by being supported by men, and that there was a sex tape possibly of her. On top of that she was supposedly really close to a cameraman named Kim Kyung Soo, but she ended up marrying a very wealthy man. Kyung Soo then died, supposedly through suicide, and Seung Hee suspiciously didn’t even attend his funeral. It makes San wonder just what else Seung Hee is hiding.

The trio then head over to a loan shark’s office where Gyeo Wool has a personal connection to one of them. She demands answers about how he knows Park Bo Eun, beating him up a little in the process. San eventually pins the loan shark down and he quickly fesses up that he didn’t do anything wrong. He just did whatever Jung Ji Woong told him to do, which was to let him pay for Bo Eun’s debt (in cash) if he released her from her loan contract. In return Ji Woong expected Bo Eun’s help in taking down Seung Hee. Who’s Jung Ji Woong and why does he have a vendetta against Seung Hee?

Apparently, Jung Ji Woong is a philanthropist, setting up houses for needy children and homeless people. However he’s also a suspicious character whom Seung Hee and Kyung Soo once investigated. They thought he had something to do with the recent disappearances of homeless people. But when Kyung Soo died, they stopped investigating, and Seung Hee was transferred to the morning news desk.

Goo Hyung takes Gyeo Wool to the doctor’s tattoo parlor to get her hand bandaged up (it was injured during the fight). The doctor pulls Goo Hyung aside; he managed to look at San’s blood sample and admits that he’s never seen anything like it. It’s practically other-worldly. Goo Hyun isn’t quite sure what to make of that statement yet.

The investigators now turn their line of inquiry towards Kyung Soo. He was the one filming the investigation into Jung Ji Woong, so he might have some information. They go to Kyung Soo’s sister, who allows them to look inside her brother’s room. There are a bunch of tapes, and they learn that Kyung Soo was the old-fashioned type. He preferred film cameras over digital ones, always.

Goo Hyung and San then meet Detective Park, who has a file on Kyung Soo. They found him in an abandoned church after they received a missing persons report from his sister. Detective Park isn’t sure if the next bit of information has anything to do with the case, but he did hear that the disappearing homeless people were being kidnapped and harvested for organs in the black market. The police haven’t done anything to investigate that though since they only heard rumors, and it wasn’t enough for them to investigate it. However, if Goo Hyung and San happen to find anything… could they share the credit?

The duo then head to the church where Kyung Soo was found, and San sees a speck of blood on the floor. It presumably belongs to Kyung Soo, and San sees Kyung Soo’s last moments: he burns two photos… he ingests something… he spits out blood from his mouth and dies. San is in such shock he doesn’t know how to properly handle all this information, and he doesn’t even realize that his phone is ringing until Goo Hyung snaps him out of it.

Gyeo Wool’s found out what Seung Hee has been hiding. Apparently she and Kyung Soo were really really close. They loved each other in a way, but Seung Hee was already seeing the rich man who is now her husband. In addition, Kyung Soo had purchased a few spy cameras. San gently asks Seung Hee if perhaps Kyung Soo taped her while she was naked without her knowledge, and she’s a bit offended by the question. Kyung Soo would never do that, and the two of them didn’t have that kind of relationship either. Instead, those spy cameras were sometimes used during their investigations, so she urges San to find out the “item” that others are looking for.

Goo Hyung and San then leave Gyeo Wool to guard the house (much to her annoyance) so that they can start the next phase of the plan. San pretends that he’s a homeless bum as bait for the supposed kidnappers-dressed-like-EMT’s. These fake EMT’s are supposedly Jung Ji Woong’s goons who will then harvest his organs. The bait works, and San is driven to an abandoned area full of warehouses in an ambulance, while Goo Hyung follows closely behind in their car.

Before the EMT can prick a needle in San to get his blood sample, San quickly jumps off the table and knocks the man down. He runs through the warehouse and finds himself surrounded with dead bodies in their own bags, separated by plastic sheets. Park Bo Eun is one of them.

San is hunted down by the goons, and he takes all of them down with his newfound superpowers, including being able to leap over cars and causing them to crash into each other. He is stabbed multiple times when he finally faces the loan shark, but manages to stave him off. Jung Ji Woong attacks, and San quickly gains the upper hand. He pins Jung against a car and then holds him in a chokehold. The vampiric rage courses through his veins and he’s ready to choke the man to death. Thankfully Goo Hyung arrives in time to stop the nonsense. He yells for San to stop, and San lets go of Jung, who then collapses onto the floor barely conscious.

San himself falls, the wounds finally getting the best of him, and Goo Hyung rushes to his friend’s side. He drives San back to the doctor’s, who then tries to treat his wounds. The last thing San hazily remembers is the doctor spritzing something from an inhaler onto him, and then he’s out.

When San comes to, it’s already morning and Goo Hyung is by his side. He doesn’t understand why he didn’t die, and Goo Hyung only says, “You didn’t die… so just rest.” It seems like Goo Hyung knows something or understands San’s condition, but isn’t ready to tell him yet. The news also breaks that the loan shark and Jung Ji Woong have been arrested for kidnapping and harvesting organs of citizens. Park Bo Eun’s body was also found, and so her connection to them will also be investigated. In a way, the case is solved because Seung Hee managed to make it to her broadcast safely and her blackmailer (presumably Jung Ji Woong) is in jail.

San beckons Seung Hee to the church where Kyung Soo died, as he still has a few questions left unanswered. She arrives quite quickly, which means she knew where this church was and it wasn’t her first time there. She explains that she and Kyung Soo first met at that church when they were very young. Since then, Kyung Soo loved taking pictures of her with his camera. They separated – because, life – but were reunited 15 years later with her as a reporter and he a cameraman. They recognized each other instantly and became very close quickly.

When they started investigating Jung Ji Woong though, Kyung Soo was constantly being threatened. He was ready to strike a deal with Ji Woong if it meant getting enough money to start a new life with Seung Hee. After all, all he wanted was Seung Hee, but she was getting ready to marry a rich man instead. Seung Hee was mostly disappointed with Kyung Soo for even entertaining such a corrupt thought, and she left him forever, refusing to see him again.

San then reveals that Kyung Soo never sold the tapes. He had gone to Kyung Soo’s apartment and found the tapes of the investigation on Jung Ji Woong hidden in one of the desk drawers. He didn’t want to sell out, but when Jung Ji Woong showed Kyung Soo that he had pictures of him and Seung Hee together, he knew he had to act. He wanted to protect Seung Hee’s reputation as she was getting married, so he called Jung Ji Woong to the church in the countryside.

There, Kyung Soo gave Ji Woong the tapes while he burned the paparazzi photos of him and Seung Hee together. But he tricked Jung Ji Woong; the tapes had nothing to do with the investigation on the homeless people! Jung Ji Woong looms over Kyung Soo, demanding the tapes, but Kyung Soo won’t budge. He instead ingests poison, opting to kill himself instead.

And that is why Jung Ji Woong then turned to Park Bo Eun to get the information, and then started blackmailing Seung Hee. So, Seung Hee knew the entire time what the “item” was, but just refused to tell the investigators as she was sure they’d figure it out themselves.

San then plays a video for Seung Hee. Kyung Soo had recorded his final message to her saying goodbye. He wants her to keep her promise of never missing a broadcast, which explains why she chose to do her morning broadcast instead of attending his funeral. Kyung Soo wishes her all the happiness in the world, and ends the video by telling her he loves her. It is heart-wrenching for Seung Hee, but she trusts San to destroy that. She can’t keep it.

The following day, the three investigators tune in to Seung Hee’s broadcast. She signs off with a special message to Kyung Soo without naming him, promising that she will never stop and never give up, even when things are tough. That is the only way she can honor his memory.

San clutches his inhaler, wondering how on earth he was able to live through this particular case. He then turns on the tape player where he was looking through Kyung Soo’s tapes. One clip shows a couple of homeless men being led into a building by the fake EMT’s… and standing outside of that building is a shadowed womanly figure. San can’t confirm it, but he is pretty damn sure that woman is Yoo Jin.


I didn’t really like the way that this case unfolded as the client relied too much on San and Goo Hyung figuring everything out on their own. However, I don’t think the case was very important here as it was to learn about San’s powers. It seems that his ability is very similar to Min Tae Yeon’s in Vampire Prosecutor where he can see the victim’s last moments by looking at their blood splatter.

I’m quite excited that Goo Hyung seems to know more than he’s letting on about San’s condition, which sets up a fun adventure for the series as they both get used to San’s vampiric powers. It’s going to be a learning experience for both, rather than a situation where the vampire knows exactly how to conduct himself already.


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