‘God of Noodles’ Fills Up Its Cast


Master: God of Noodles – yes, that is the title – has filled out its cast just over a month before it’s set to air on KBS after Descendants of the Sun. Based on the manhwa by Park In Kwon (who did Queen of Ambition and Daemul too), the drama follows a young man who seeks revenge by becoming a master of noodle-making. Seriously, I want to laugh because I want to think it’s a comedy. But it’s not.

Chun Jung Myung was confirmed as the male lead Moo Myung, whose identity was stolen when he was younger by none other than Jo Jae Hyun. Jo’s character, Kim Gil Do, uses Moo Myung’s identity to become a master noodle chef, and so when Moo Myung is all grown up he’s set to take his name back and take revenge. I hope the show addresses the age gap because there’s a definite 15-year difference between them in both real life and how they look. Jo Jae Hyun at least has a “younger actor” counterpart in the form of Baro from B1A4; at least you will see in the drama that he’s aged. Wonder if Chun Jung Myung is going to use his baby-face to play his younger and older version of Moo Myung or if he gets his own child actor.


Lee Sang Yeob (last seen playing a chilling serial killer in Signal) has also signed on as Park Tae Ha, whose sad past gets tied up with Moo Myung and Chae Yeo Kyung (played by Jung Yumi – the one who was in Maids). And – in case you weren’t sure! – Yeo Kyung also has a tragic past that has forced her to toughen up to deal with the struggles of life. Jung plays the main female lead here, with possibly a love line between Chun Jung Myung and Lee Sang Yeob.


But no drama is complete without a second female lead! That’s where Gong Seung Yeon comes in. As Kim Da Hae, her sweet appearance belies the feisty nature beneath. The newbie actress, who appears in Six Flying Dragons is really getting some good experience here with veteran actors.

Master: God of Noodles is set to air on April 20. It will be directed by Kim Jong Yeon (Cheer Up Mr. Kim!) and written by Chae Seung Dae (Age of Feeling).

source: tvreport, gukje, osen, sports donga


2 thoughts on “‘God of Noodles’ Fills Up Its Cast

  1. I love Jo Jae-Yeon and Lee Sang-Yeob (wish he were the lead). I really do not care for the leads, but will watch for JJH and lSY.

    I hope the 2nd love line will be with Lee Sang-Yeob and Gong Seung-Yeon, and not a triangle with Jang Yu-Mi.

  2. Oh!I hope so too!Lee Sang-Yeob and Gong Seung-Yeon will be in love in this drama!I am going to watch this drama only for LSY and GSY!

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