Jeon Do Yeon is ‘The Good Wife’


Another big movie star is making her return to TV. Jeon Do Yeon plans to appear in the tvN drama The Good Wife, a remake of the American CBS show with the same name.

In this drama, Jeon will play a housewife named Hye Gyeong. After she learns of her husband’s betrayal and he ends up in jail over corruption charges, Hye Gyeong returns to her former profession of being a lawyer after 15 years. There she must rediscover herself and possibly move on. She takes on Juliana Marguiles’ role from the American show. I can see why Jeon would be attracted to such a role. Her last drama was Lovers in Prague in 2005, and since then she’s taken on very meaty roles in films and won numerous acting awards. This role is very multi-layered if it’s anything like it’s American counterpart, and I’m sure a perfect fit for her.

On top of that, Yoo Ji Tae is said to be the frontrunner and most likely cast as her corrupt husband Lee Tae Joon (which was played by Chris Noth in the American show). Another actor well known for his movie roles, he appeared in Healer just over a year ago. Acting wise, this drama sounds amazing. To have these two together would be an explosion of good acting on my screen that I might develop a nosebleed. And we haven’t gotten around to casting Josh Charles‘ character – a former classmate and love interest of Julianna Marguiles’ character who helps her restart her life. The writer is Han Sang Woon, who has only written the show Spy before this. Spy was also another remake with good source material but I heard that it wasn’t a very good show. So one wonders if this writer is really going to do a better job with The Good Wife. The director is Lee Jung Hyo, who did Because It’s the First Time, Witch’s Romance, Heartless City, and I Need Romance 2 – all of which are quite decently done.

I am actually looking forward to how this drama will turn out, despite the writer’s experience. I am also looking forward to this veteran actress making a huge splash on TV screens everywhere as Jeon Ji Hyun has done.

The Good Wife is slated to air on Mondays and Tuesdays after Another Oh Hae Young on tvN in late June to early July.

sources: dispatch, isplus


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