Cheese in the Trap: Episode 13 Recap


At this point, Seol has been hugged by some guy in the past three episodes during the interstitial announcing the episode number. Just sayin’.

This is a more emotional episode, as we have to give some time to In Ho to resolve his own personal issues, come to terms with his past, and figure out what he wants to do with Seol. I’m so glad there was a lot less school drama to deal with in this episode.

In Ho is back in the piano room furiously playing Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 3. It’s a frenetic piece, no doubt reflecting In Ho’s restless energy. Professor Shim scolds him for using his fists instead of taking care of them, but he’s also proud that In Ho is ready to change his life for the better. Chopin’s piece might be too hard, but In Ho is ready to tackle it!

He heads to the library afterwards, catching Seol waffling outside the building. She knows that Jung isn’t happy with her tutoring In Ho but at the same time she can’t just break her promise to him. However during their study session (over square roots and exponents), In Ho can’t help but notice Seol texting Jung constantly. At first they’re checking to see if the other ate, and Jung jokes about how all the 58,000 women in the company went nuts over his bruised face. But when Jung asks what she’s doing, Seol excuses herself to call him up and personally say that she’s helping In Ho.

Of course Jung isn’t happy about it but he’s not going to stop her from helping In Ho. He’s quite understanding about that, but In Ho can tell that the study sessions are putting Seol in an awkward spot. He leaves the library without telling her, and heads off to the piano rooms for more practice.

Seol meets with Bora and Eun Taek for lunch, feeling more at ease now that Young Gon isn’t around at school anymore. The seniors all around them are studying furiously for their graduation exams, and Bora suggests Seol take the exam as a second semester junior. After all, she’s so smart she could probably pass it and get it out of the way.

Eun Taek slyly takes a few pictures of Bora looking cute on his phone, and then quickly hurries off because he has “things” to do. Bora thinks it’s weird that he’s always busy and never answering her messages. Seol bets that he’s seeing a girl, but Bora can’t believe it. That’s just because she doesn’t see him as a man yet.

At the end of the day Seol goes to the train station and sees In Ho there too. Looks like he didn’t go home early after their study session. She wonders if something is going on with him as they have an awkwardly quiet ride back home, but In Ho beats her to the punch: he doesn’t want to study with her anymore because he has to prepare for his concours. Though Seol wonders if he’s just saying it for her and Jung’s sake, she’s super excited that he’s going to be performing – regardless of how big the competition is. I don’t think In Ho has ever had anyone be that excited for his concours before.

It doesn’t help that all he can think about that night is her. He tries to dispel thoughts of her with some push-ups, but that just disturbs In Ha from her sleep too. She relentlessly teases him for liking Seol and possibly needing help in wooing a girl, and also mocks him for losing in the fight against Jung.

The following morning, In Ha catches Seol heading out for her date with Jung. Seol is a little intimidated by the presence of In Ha, and also doesn’t appreciate how In Ha acts like she knows everything about Jung. She hopes that In Ha could also stop saying that she’s Jung’s girlfriend in public; it could cause issues if people believe her.

In Ha scoffs – just who does Seol think she is? After all she’s known Jung and In Ho for much longer than Seol has. But Seol bites back: “A long relationship is not necessarily a good one. Are your relationships with them good?” In Ha is ready to beat the living daylights out of Seol for that impertinent comment but before she can land a punch Seol’s nose starts bleeding. “Hey, don’t tell Jung I hurt you okay?” In Ha quickly backtracks. “I didn’t even touch you.”

When Jung reaches the cafe where he’s supposed to meet Seol, he sees her looking almost comical with a piece of tissue stuck up her nose. Likewise he is wearing an oversized scarf to hide the bruises on his cheeks. As they chat, Seol reveals that she might be able to stop seeing In Ho over his studies, and admits to bumping into In Ha. Jung promises to talk to In Ha again about leaving Seol alone. He’s also quite happy that they’re actually being honest with each other now. This new thing called “communication” just rocks, doesn’t it?!

At one point they talk about the graduation exam, and Jung offers to lend her his notes from the previous year for both the finals and graduation exam. Seol is like, “YES PLEASE!” and her enthusiasm bothers Jung. Does Seol… actually like his notes more than him!? Jung refuses to give her his notes now, and Seol can’t believe a guy can get so angry over everything so quickly. Jung retorts that she nitpicks and easily gets angry over other things.

And then they realize that they’re actually fighting. Like, couple fighting. And Seol loooooooves that. And so do I.

That evening In Ho gets a call from his friend Sang Keun. Apparently their boss, Hammer, is out in Seoul looking for him. The big boss found out that In Ho stole money from Hammer, and so now Hammer is going to hunt him down. In Ho worries that he might have to leave his entire life behind, but hopes that Hammer can’t track him down in the huge city.

That hope is dashed when the following morning on the university campus, In Ho sees both Seol and Hammer and Sang Keun. In Ho grabs Seol, who’s suffering from stomach pains, and quickly drags her behind a wall to hide. He covers her mouth so that she can’t yell at him loudly, and waits for Hammer and Sang Keun to pass by. Unfortunately he also prevents her from breathing properly and Seol faints from the pain in her stomach.

Worried sick, In Ho carries her on piggyback all the way to the hospital, where she’s given an IV and diagnosed with stress-related gastritis. He hesitates in holding her hand, but before he can do anything her family rushes in. Seol groggily wakes up and her family makes her stay the night to rest. She will also call Jung a little later so he can come to see her that night.

Feeling a little unneeded, In Ho quietly leaves the hospital sick with worry. If Hammer knew about him being at the university, then only time would tell before they knew he was at Hong Noodle. In Ho then goes to meet Hammer in the hopes of nipping it in the bud, but he’s greeted with a few kicks to the gut.

Hammer wants his money back, with interest. So that’s 10 million won in one week. Or In Ho can go back to Busan with him and extort money from local businesses to get the money back. In Ho refuses to go back; he is not a gangster, so he will find a way to pay back the 10 million. But if he doesn’t do it in a week, Hammer will drag him back to Busan anyways.

In Ho quickly goes through his apartment looking for the spare cash that he hid around. But he doesn’t have anything close to 10 million won.

Seol texts Jung that she’s in the hospital after her family leaves, and he quickly rushes out of work to go to her. However a senior at work hands him a presentation that they need him to review before their next meeting, which is in one hour. Gah – work problems! But Jung gets there, eventually and later in the evening. He heard from Joon that In Ho brought her there. At first Seol worries that Jung is going to be mad, but he’s actually just grateful that at least In Ho was there to take care of her. He also feels terrible that he’s not around her more often to take care of her.

To make up for their guilty feelings, Jung tells her to move over in her tiny hospital bed. They’re going to snuggle for the night. And Jung promises that he won’t let her go through anymore stress and will always be by her side. Aw.

The following morning Seol is discharged, and In Ho is outside waiting for her with some medicine that supposedly her dad got for her. He then heads off in the opposite direction instead of going to school with her. When Seol gets on campus, Eun Taek and Bora are there to greet her and check up on her. Eun Taek’s mom even made her date tea so that she can drink to ease the gastritis. Bora half expects something as well but Eun Taek’s got nothing for her. On top of that he heads off first because he’s “busy.” Ooooh, something’s up and Seol bets it’s because Bora rejected his confession.

But Bora’s reasoning is that she doesn’t want to date him because she’s afraid they’ll break up. And if they break up she’d never be able to see him again. This girl… nothing’s even started yet and she’s afraid of the end already! But that’s how much Bora values her relationship with him.

Sang Chul catches Seol studying with Jung’s notes and loudly asks for a copy of them. Seol doesn’t really want to give him a copy because they’re not even really hers, but Sang Chul tries to peer pressure her into doing it by asking the rest of the seniors if they want a copy too. Of course everyone wants Jung’s notes – it’s like gold to them. Sang Chul tries to make it seem like she owes it to her seniors and tries to bribe her with a piece of sausage.

The next few days are filled with all the seniors – including Da Young – giving her gifts and trying to be really nice to her so that she’d repay the favor with Jung’s notes. Bora thinks that everyone is going a little overboard, and it is considering all of them were vilifying her during the Son Min Soo incident just months before. Jung later tells Seol that he hopes she won’t share the notes with the others. After all, they’ve done nothing to deserve those notes and it’ll just be her loss in the end if she gives it to them.

That evening at the restaurant, Seol tries to get some information from In Ho on what he did that day. (He had just gone to the bank to see if he could get a credit loan, but without a proper job he is exactly the type of person a bank would never give money or a credit card to.) In Ho shrugs off her questions, and then gets a call from Hammer. He quickly goes outside to take it, only to find a nasty surprise that Sang Keun and Hammer are just across the street.

In Ho warns them not to hurt anyone, but Hammer points out that he didn’t even go inside yet. He did see In Ha though, and commented on how pretty she was. At this moment Seol comes outside looking for In Ho and he quickly pushes her back inside the store. When he turns around, Hammer is gone. The threat is looming ever closer.

When he gets home, In Ho confronts his sister about spending his emergency fund. She used it for shopping (what else?) and adds that she has no more money on the credit cards that Jung gave her to withdraw some cash. He’s soon left with no choice and goes to the last person he wants to see about money: Mr. Yoo.

In Ho can barely start to make his request for money when Mr. Yoo also comes down on him for being this careless. He also disapproves over how In Ho still resents Jung after everything the family has done for him. In Ho points out that only Mr. Yoo apologized for what happened to his hand, not Jung, so he doesn’t see why he needs to forgive Jung just yet.

It’s clear that Mr. Yoo is starting to become frustrated over In Ho and In Ha’s lifestyles, and In Ho can see how similar father and son can be. He gets up to leave; he already feels bad asking for more from Mr. Yoo when he left In Ha behind for them to take care of, so he won’t ask for more if it means listening to Mr. Yoo’s speech. In Ho is practically left with nothing now. He’s got a huge debt to repay with no easy way to do it, while other people his age are dating or enjoying a night out with friends. Everyone else is having an easier life than he is.

The following morning, Seol resolves to make one copy for Sang Chul. She will take pity and help them just this once, even though Jung advised her not to. When she reaches the copy center though she overhears Da Young and Sang Chul complaining about how they have to suck up to her just to get some notes. It’s not like Seol did a lot of work to get the notes in the first place. Da Young even scoffs, “Who would be her friend if it weren’t for those notes and exams?” Well, since they’re all such ungrateful spoiled brats Seol walks off without making even a copy.

During the day Da Young and others try to be nice and ask her to lunch as well, but Seol shuts them all down. Da Young then sends Sang Chul to try to get the notes, and he practically demands them from Seol. She finally cracks: “These notes are my personal belongings. Why do they need to be passed around to everyone? Is it so wrong if I don’t show them to everyone? If you’re really my senior, stop whining and act like a senior.”

All valid points. Sadly all her seniors are in denial. They really won’t survive long in the real world if they think they can get away with not doing any work. Bora drags Seol away before things get worse and she gets beat up by Sang Chul.

Later that evening, Mr. Yoo stops by Jung’s to drop off an invitation to a launch party for one of the company’s biggest clients. He adds that he sent In Ho away with bad feelings after In Ho tried to ask for some more money, and comments on how Jung doesn’t know anything that’s going on in In Ho’s life. And Jung was supposed to help deal with In Ho and In Ha’s futures.

So Jung goes to see In Ho and asks him point blank if he needs 10 million won. Of course he has his ways of finding out. However the price would be that In Ho must never see Seol again. In Ho hates that Jung would use such an opportunity to get rid of him, but Jung replies that In Ho was the one who created that opportunity. (Ehm… I beg to differ since hindsight is 20/20 and I don’t think In Ho really meant to create such an opportunity.) In Ho is ready for another fight, but Jung makes him think carefully. Right now, just who is the threat to Seol’s safety? Wouldn’t it be better if In Ho takes the money and tries to restart his life somewhere else?

Meanwhile Seol goes to the restaurant to find her mother making kimchi. She sends Seol with a huge container of fresh kimchi to deliver to In Ho. He had not come in to work today (nor had he gone to school), and her mom is concerned that no one is looking after him. Seol grudgingly goes over, only to find his apartment empty. In Ho sees her outside his house and at first tries to avoid her, but when he sees her carrying the heavy container he quickly goes over.

Seol checks in on him but he wordlessly takes the kimchi back to his apartment and shuts her out. Oh the angst! How could In Ho just leave her behind? He grabs a scarf and then runs after Seol. Tying it around her neck, he thanks her and her mom, and tells her to stay warm. That really only makes Seol worry about him more.

The following day Bora calls up Eun Taek to hang out, but he’s too busy for her. So she grabs Seol along and they decide to roam around campus looking for him. Turns out, Eun Taek’s got a gig as a model! And boy does he look good with his long legs and long coat. Bora is suddenly seeing him in a different light, and is uncomfortable seeing another woman (Eun Taek’s boss Lee Mona) fixing his hair and his clothes.

Seol quickly runs over and interrupts the shoot, greeting Eun Taek with a wave. He awkwardly tries to shoo them away while Mona introduces herself to the friends. She’s not at all bothered that his friends showed up, but Eun Taek seems really embarrassed and encourages them to leave.

In Ho also goes to the campus to practice Chopin that day, only his mind really isn’t in the piece. He plays in a rushed and messy manner, enough to make Professor Shim send him out. If In Ho is too distracted with the other things going on in his life then he should just leave and deal with them instead of trying to practice. So In Ho leaves. And he mopes. And when he heads home on the train he nearly misses his stop. Thankfully Seol snapped him awake by pulling him out of the train.

As they walk home together, Seol keeps asking questions about what he’s doing. She thinks he’s got some money issues since he asked to be paid in advance. In Ho brushes off her concern, but Seol can’t help but worry about him. Whether he needs money or not, he’s someone that she views is a good person. He’s someone that her family would most definitely rally behind and support. So if there’s something wrong and bothering him, she hopes that he could tell her about it. After all, wasn’t he the one who said never to keep all the problems bottled up inside? Yeah In Ho – tell her what’s going on!

And he hugs her.


Man, Seol is such a lucky lady. I’m glad that she’s pushing for more communication with the men in her life. She has gotten to a point with Jung where once again they’re quite comfortable talking to each other about what’s going on. Even if the topics may displease Jung (like In Ho, inept classmates, or In Ha) at least he listens and doesn’t hold it against Seol. But now Seol needs to force In Ho to communicate as well. In Ho is in a bit of a different situation, not knowing who to turn to when he needs money and at risk of returning to a dangerous life, so it makes sense why he doesn’t want to tell Seol everything. But at the same time, if he could make his intentions clearer and also communicate better with Jung, maybe there is hope yet that he will resolve his issues and get the money he needs without causing more resentment and misunderstandings.

Mona’s entrance into the drama is quite interesting, as in the comics Mona is a designer who is also Seol’s high school friend. But here, she seems to be a much older and experienced designer. I wonder how she’ll factor into this drama aside from being Eun Taek’s new boss. I’m hoping that she carves out a minor but interesting role in the last three episodes, considering that we even took the time to learn her name.

I really enjoyed the light moments in the drama – from Seol’s date with Jung to Eun Taek and Bora’s petty fights. It was a nice break from all the tension at the school. But I was also glad that In Ho got his turn in having an emotionally heavy episode. After the fight last week where Jung finally revealed what happened in the past, it’s only natural for In Ho to have his turn in coming to terms with the past.

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