Cheese in the Trap: Episode 12 Recap


Ahh this is going to be hard to recap. For one thing, episode 12 is excellent. But the order of events here is just so important because it tells you so much and reveals characters’ personalities at just the right moment. I love this episode for several reasons, but the surprising one is: I actually appreciate Ji Yoon Ho (who plays Young Gon) more than ever.

So after Seol and Jung leave the cafeteria, In Ho goes to meet Professor Shim by the lobby, who’s waiting with some cheap coffee at hand. Professor Shim feels it’s time to give In Ho a chance to restart his life, and, after consulting with Professor Noh, decides to ask In Ho if he wants to participate in a piano concours, which is basically a competition. Noh suggested a small time one instead of a national one, starting him out with smaller goals to reach for. Shim correctly guesses that In Ho would look down on such a competition, but at this point In Ho is grateful for anything and agrees to the concours.

Meanwhile, the posts about “Stalker 00gon” haven’t let up. Young Gon gets more and more aggravated as he sees them pop up while in the computer lab, not realizing that Eun Taek is several desks away filming him. Sang Cheol thankfully does not reveal Eun Taek, as he knows that Young Gon is the creeper in that post. Young Gon finally decides that he needs to put an end to this… by confronting Seol.

So late one night as Seol is heading home, he creeps on her. She knows he’s there and forces him to show himself, and Young Gon actually kneels down and begs for her forgiveness. He wants Seol to get her “thug friend” In Ho to stop posting about him on the school forum. She can’t believe the gall of him to come after her in her own neighborhood, but he blames her for making him like this – because she rejected his sincere feelings. Pshhhhh. He hates the fact that she is more interested in Yoo Jung (a guy who, in his perspective, led him to think that Seol liked him and then goes behind his back to date her) than himself (because he thinks he’s such an upstanding fellow). It’s amazing that he views himself as the victim so much that he even sheds a tear out of anger and hurt.

Seol thinks that he’s just harassing her as a form of getting revenge on Yoo Jung, and he steps in threateningly closer. “Hey, should I really scare you? Should I make you shake in fear every time you go home? Should I make it so you can’t go to school anymore? Should I grab your hair in front of your restaurant to knock sense into you?” Young Gon says menacingly. And that’s when Seol spills the truth: In Ho definitely did not post those pictures. (And neither did Bora or Eun Taek.) She did it.

She collected the pictures her friends took and then wrote up that post, blurring out her face, as a way to get him to stop. This was the evidence she had been collecting all these weeks. That doesn’t go over well with Young Gon, but before he can hurt her Seol sprays some pepper spray into his eyes and runs off.

Little did either realize, In Ha was up the hill recording everything on her phone. Boy does she have some good juicy footage to share with Jung! As soon as he gets a snippet of the video, Jung tells In Ha to give him everything she’s got and then mysteriously calls up Eun Taek.

Seol runs all the way to her restaurant where thankfully her father is standing outside. She screams for help and suddenly Young Gon stops chasing her, greets the father with a fake smile, and quickly heads off in the other direction. Mr. Hong knows something is up and tries to chase after him, but old age prevents him from getting far. Aww, at least he’ll protect his daughter, even if it means running on the streets with just socks on.

Once safe at home, Seol texts Eun Taek and Bora (who are eating together!) updates about what just happened. They are glad she made it out safely and that she has more evidence to stop Young Gon from harassing her further. Soon, he’ll be completely ruined.

The following morning Young Gon heads to school particularly chipper. I don’t understand how anyone could be in that situation, but okay. He tries to get Sang Cheol out to eat lunch with him, bribing him with galbi. All the guys who wouldn’t give him the light of day at first suddenly are interested and they all go for lunch with him. It’s ridiculous how Young Gon is somewhat okay with the fact that he has to buy his friends’ company. Little does he know this is his end…

The food served, the guys start asking Young Gon if he really cheated on Da Young with the “hot girl” In Ha. Since no one is around who can contest him, he decides to make himself look good and say that he did cheat with In Ha, but that she in turn cheated on him with Yoo Jung. As the guys start oohing out of awe, one of them gets a message from Eun Taek about a new post that showed up on the school’s forum. It says that Young Gon has been saying a lot of strange things about his fellow classmates, and the guys all around start reading the quotes from it. Do Hyun is described as “a trash that still creeps on girls” and Sang Cheol is “a total bum” who always “mooches off others.” It’s everything that Young Gon would say behind all their backs and in other websites, not on the school’s website.

Caught, Young Gon stops fighting against his friends from reading the posts, and runs out of the restaurant before they can yell and beat him up further. He is supremely pissed off at how he got found out and directs all his anger at Seol. Just then, he gets a text from In Ha: “I saw that you did something entertaining to Hong Seol yesterday.” Young Gon looks around, fearing that she might be near, and then calls her up. She doesn’t pick up. He then angrily texts In Ha that she, Jung, and Hong Seol are all plotting together to make his life a living hell. He’ll sue them for this!

In Ha replies, “You’re going to sue? You?” She starts listing all the crimes he’s committed: Stalking, attempted assault, threatening others, defamation, and contempt. Is he ready to face all of that? She then sends him a series of photos that actually show his face while he’s stalking Seol. This is even worse now! Young Gon freaks out, hoping she won’t send them to the school, but he texts her some tough and angry words like, “I’m going to kill you all!”

And then he gets this as a message: “You talk a lot for a guy who can’t even tell when someone’s being fake.”

Those words hit Young Gon like stone. Suddenly he realizes he’s not talking to In Ha. It’s Jung, with In Ha’s phone. Those were the same words Young Gon had said about Jung during that infamous basketball game, and now they’re being thrown back into his face. He then sees the video where he was threatening Seol last night, and he calls up the number. This time Jung picks up.

All of this is Jung’s last warning for Young Gon to behave. After this, Young Gon better not show up in front of him ever again.

Young Gon goes insane. Mind you, he’s on a public street throwing a fit and kicking the air all around him. He’s just mad. But he is also utterly defeated.

Meanwhile In Ha is busy celebrating with her new phone… and other purchases. Her cards all reinstated, she is now on a shopping spree! She expects to receive some more “tasks” from Jung so that she can get everything that she once had back, but Jung is completely done with her. He’s used her enough.

At school, Seol wonders why there are more posts about Young Gon when she took hers all down. Eun Taek quickly blurts out that he posted them back up. He thought he was doing the right thing because he wanted all these problems to end for good. Bora scolds him for putting him in a situation where he’d get in trouble again, and then asks Seol if she’s told Jung. But Seol hasn’t because she didn’t want Jung to know about Young Gon. (And because she had just fought with Jung, but she’s not going to tell her friends that.)

Finally Eun Taek breaks. He posted all those things about Young Gon under Jung’s direction. Jung had known about Young Gon stalking her ever since midterm week and had been getting updates from Eun Taek. He even gathered all those quotes of Young Gon badmouthing his classmates and had Eun Taek put them up for him. Eun Taek just kept quiet about this because Jung was waiting for Seol to tell him herself.

Bora is amazed at how Jung and Seol could act this way. Seol is getting harassed every day but Jung won’t actively step in. And Seol won’t even tell her own boyfriend that she’s getting harassed. Suddenly Seol leaves, realizing she’s gonna have to talk to Jung properly now. They really are alike in their passive-aggressive ways.

As Seol heads over to Jung’s apartment, In Ho catches In Ha returning home in a cab post-shopping spree. Suspicious of where her newfound funds came from, he holds her bags hostage and demands she tell him where she got the money. In Ha swears that it’s from Jung. And… he gave her money because she got rid of that loser Young Gon for him. She was so busy because Jung needed her! In Ho can’t believe it, as he thinks that Jung brought Young Gon around Seol in the first place, and now is the one chasing him away. To In Ho, Jung is the ultimate player.

Inside Jung’s apartment, Seol frankly asks if Jung left the day before because she seemed close to In Ho? Well, she did get closer to him. She’s confessing everything now, even if she did nothing wrong. She grew close to In Ho because he helped her a lot, and she was repaying by encouraging him to play the piano and helping him study for his GED. As for Young Gon, yes, he’s been harassing her but she didn’t want to tell Jung because she felt too uncomfortable telling him.

Jung cuts her short, as the conversation is uncomfortable for him too. But Seol doesn’t want to. They need to talk. Like, really talk. She wants to know what he’s really feeling instead of saying dismissive things like, “I didn’t know Young Gon would go that far,” or “Well, what do you want me to say?” She wants Jung to actually admit why things are bothering him: that he disliked her before and sent Young Gon towards her, or that he really hates In Ho and would avoid him at all costs.

But she understands that she hasn’t been honest about her feelings herself, so Seol promises that she’ll talk more about how she’s feeling or what she’s going through with him, whether Jung likes it or not. Because they both need to work on their communication.

Jung just isn’t ready yet, and just offers to drive her home. So there’s that.

Meanwhile In Ho hates the fact that his sister has no pride and would do “errands” for Jung just for clothes and such. “Pride?” she spits out. “Does that feed me or house me? To me, you’re more of a bad guy than Jung is.” And that hits In Ho in the gut.

Flashback time!

In high school, In Ho excitedly shares with Jung that his favorite pianist Daniel Redkovich is finally coming to Korea and will be performing. He wants to skip his concours to go to Redkovich’s concert and then get him to sign a book of his sheet music, but Jung reminds him that his dad will be at the concours so he can’t skip it.

In Ho then drags Jung to the piano room to watch him practice (because otherwise they’d be bored) and they find another pianist, Yong Soo, there. In Ho teases Yong Soo for trying too hard and not playing with passion. That’s why Yong Soo, even though he’s also being supported financially by Jung’s father, will never be as good as In Ho. It’s a bit harsh, and Jung even tells In Ho to watch his words. But In Ho says he’s being honest for his sake. It’s strange to see Jung actually be the nicer one this time around.

It’s the day of the concours and like a good boy, In Ho doesn’t skip his performance. Of course he puts on a good show, but Jung is nowhere to be found. He only vaguely told In Ha that he had to be elsewhere but would be back before the concours ended. They and Mr. Yoo then all go to dinner together where Mr. Yoo drops a bombshell: he wants to adopt In Ha and In Ho. Everyone is taken aback, for good reason, but eventually In Ho smiles and grins excitedly at Jung, who returns the same enthusiasm. Or so it seems…

In Ha is the only one visibly distraught at the thought of adoption. She wants to marry Jung! She can’t if they’re siblings! She also thinks that Jung isn’t really happy about them joining his family, but In Ho can’t believe that. Jung smiled at him when he heard the news!

But the following day, In Ho catches Jung giving Yong Soo a signed copy of Redkovich’s album in the piano practice room. In Ho can’t believe it. Why would Jung give a signed copy to Yong Soo instead of him, when he’s the bigger fan? Jung only says that he thought it’d be good for Yong Soo to hear it. In Ho gulps. How does Jung actually feel about In Ho and In Ha getting adopted?

Jung: “It makes no difference to me.”

Ouch. It’s like when your best friend says that they don’t care if you move to another part of town and never see him/her again.

On top of that, it seems like Jung is hanging out with Yong Soo more now, even inviting him to sit with In Ho and In Ha at lunch. When Jung is invited by some bullies to go to a secret bar where underage students can go drink, he invites Yong Soo to go with him first than In Ho. Besides, In Ho is also uninterested in doing things that will get him in trouble like that, and barks at Yong Soo to go practice some more so he could get past the preliminary rounds of a concours for once.

Yong Soo goes to the bar though, thinking that he’d see Jung there. He now feels like he’s Jung’s best friend, you see. But Jung isn’t there, and soon after he arrives the cops also come to crackdown on the students there. The bullies and Yong Soo all get punished by their teacher, who’s appalled to see an upstanding student like Yong Soo at such a place. As they all receive their punishment, the big bully asks everyone who could have ratted them out.

With a glint in his eye, Yong Soo thinks he has the answer – and he directs them all to In Ho.

After school, the bullies and Yong Soo all run out to get In Ho. Yong Soo sees Jung staring coolly at them but goes back in helping the bullies beat In Ho. Of course In Ho knows nothing about it and he tries to fight back. But then Yong Soo takes a bat and smashes it against In Ho’s hand, shattering it. And as In Ho cradles his hand, he sees Jung watching in a distance, not doing a single thing to help.

In Ho feels he’s lost his best friend, that he doesn’t know who Jung is anymore. When he confronts Jung to see if he orchestrated all of this because he didn’t want In Ho to be adopted, Jung only says, “Think whatever you want.” He even maintains to the end that In Ho was the one who ratted out the bullies and Yong Soo. That’s really harsh, and that really breaks up their friendship completely. It was ever since then that Jung also could not tell the truth about how he really felt; I think if he had just admitted to ratting out the bullies at the bar In Ho would have been able to heal better.

So after that, In Ho decides to run away from home, leaving In Ha alone at the Yoo house to fend for herself.

Back to the present…

In Ho decides to confront Jung, so after Jung drops Seol at home they meet at a playground. Because in their heart of hearts they’re still kids really. All In Ho wants is to have a real man-to-man fight with Jung. And you know what? Jung’s up for it.

The two of them start throwing punches and kicking each other. It’s an honest fight between two guys who can’t really fight well, but are really strong nevertheless. So… it’s actually kind of funny to see the two of them constantly collapsed on the ground and trying to gain the upper hand.

In Ho taunts him for finally showing his true colors, and Jung tells him to stay away from Seol because all he does is covet others’ things. In Ho thinks that Jung doesn’t really know how to like someone else, always going on the defensive once someone provokes him, and bets that Jung will end up stabbing Seol behind her back like he did to him. Of all the people who should stay away from Seol, it should be Jung! And why does he care so much about what happens to Seol? Because he likes Seol too! Well that just starts another tussle but woo! for honesty.


We then skip ahead a bit and Seol gets a message from Jung. He’s outside her place all bruised up. Seol runs over all worried, and he kind of collapses on her, hugging her tiny body for dear life.

She takes him to her parents’ restaurant to apply some ointment on his wounds. She figures that he fought with In Ho, and they’ve finally used their fists instead of words. She thinks it’s silly that they’re fighting over something from high school and really doesn’t understand why they’re like this.

And finally, Jung tries that thing called “communication.”

Flashback to the night of In Ho’s concours…


…And we find that Jung went to Redkovich’s concert. He then got a CD and the sheet music book signed by the pianist, pretending to be In Ho so that Redkovich could address the book to him. It’s a truly thoughtful gift, and he excitedly heads backstage to give it to In Ho.

In Ho has just gotten off the stage and wishes Yong Soo luck, but not without some of his arrogant words first: “Oh the Chairman is just here to see me even though I tell him not to come… The audience was so moved by my performance…” Geh. Yong Soo then wonders how In Ho became such good friends with Jung, and that’s when In Ho says the following hurtful words that changed their friendship forever:

“Why do you want to become friends with him too? Dream on. He may smile at you, but on the inside, he hates guys like you. Yoo Jung hails from a wealthy family and he’s popular and a good student. Is that something to envy? It must be because you don’t hang out with him… He’s a pitiful fellow once you get to know him. What good is it if your family is rich? Jung has no dreams and can’t do anything he wants to do. That’s why things are so easy for him. I might be the only person who understands him. He’s a really pitiful guy.”


So then when Mr. Yoo says that he plans to adopt In Ho and In Ha, Jung is forced to grin and bear it. But what’s worse is that when he gets home he overhears his father talking to Jung’s absent mother (who’s busy traveling and working). Jung overhears that Mr. Yoo wanted In Ho and In Ha to be beside Jung to keep tabs on him, and make sure Jung can properly develop relationships with others.

(The webtoon provides a more fleshed out backstory. More on this later.*)

So when we go back to the restaurant…


…Jung reveals that ever since then his relationship with In Ho changed. It wasn’t so much about the adoption but about his father, and how Jung thought In Ho and In Ha were really his friends, but in reality they were just used by his father to keep tabs on him. He hated how his father always made him concede to others and don’t get greedy, as if he’s always doing something wrong. He hates that his father is always watching him somehow.

And most of all, he couldn’t tell this to Seol because he was scared that she would leave him once she knew what kind of person he was. Seol reaches over to hug him. She has come to realize that both of them were never weird, they’re just different. And unfortunately Jung has not had many chances to be honest about himself with others. She has – she has accepted her quirks and her sensitivities. But Jung hasn’t been able to because he’s always being corrected.

She really likes Jung, so she really wants to get to know him. So she’s not going to run off and be scared of him at all. And he too really really likes her.

And In Ho? Well, he sees Jung’s car parked outside the restaurant and figures that Seol’s taking care of him. And he walks off muttering, “It hurts… Ah it’s so cold…”


Ahh, I feel so bad for In Ho. But now I am so much happier knowing what happened in the past during high school. The flashbacks first establish In Ho as a victim, making him seem like an honest but lovable jerk. So when we go into the fistfight we’re kind of viewing Jung as a sullen and manipulative boy who deserves what’s coming. But then we get Jung’s perspective and see what really made him change. Hurtful but bravado words from a friend is like the ultimate betrayal, and on top of that Jung feels even more stifled by his father. At the end of the day one could argue that his father is really to blame. The twisted relationship that the two of them have is beyond repair because the father thinks that he’s done nothing wrong.

*So time for that bit of backstory. In the comics we see Jung when he’s a little kid at a party that his parents are hosting for his birthday. It’s also when we see a younger Joo Yong (and I’m feeling sad that we may never see him again) who tells Jung to stop fighting with this little girl who keeps bothering him and even broke his truck toy. The little girl at the party just wants Jung’s attention, and Joo Yong (being older) encourages Jung to just humor the little girl and always smile. It’ll make him appear more trustworthy.

So Jung does smile and offers to play with the little girl. But he then tricks her into drinking some wine and then gets her to rip her favorite stuffed bunny apart for him so they can “share the toy.” And then once he gets her to break her toy, he just casts it aside. So you can see that he’s got a bit of a twisted mind already. Unfortunately Dr. Baek (In Ho and In Ha’s grandfather) witnesses the whole thing and warns Mr. Yoo that his kid is not normal. Without the right relationships Jung may never be able to form a true bond with others. So his advice prompts Mr. Yoo to later take care of In Ha and In Ho, because he thinks putting insta-siblings in the family will work miracles.

That’s the incident that’s referred to in the call between Mr. Yoo and Dr. Baek, and that’s when Jung realizes what’s been going on all this time. Couple that with the fact that his seemingly “true” friends actually pity him, and you’ll see that Jung has felt betrayed by everyone close to him all his life. And now there’s Seol, who’s encouraging him to be honest and isn’t betraying him at all. He just misunderstands the situation to think that she is.

I’m so glad that Jung finally got to throw some punches because I think it’s been a long time coming. Just like how Seol needed to let out her anger against Min Soo, Jung needed to with In Ho. It felt very freeing, and hopefully now Jung and In Ho can start repairing their relationship. Because honestly? They’re really cute together.

As for Ji Yoon Ho – as I mentioned I couldn’t believe how appreciative I was of him. He is really crazy as Young Gon, and that character is supremely vile. But I also cannot imagine anyone else to play him. Though Young Gon is awful, the fact that he sincerely believes himself to be a victim and the way that he plead with Seol and even shed a tear was amazing. I just couldn’t stop watching him break himself down and then completely turn dangerous in mere minutes. Of all the “villains” in this drama, he’s really the best, and the strength and passion he puts into his performance is undeniable. He’s simply amazing for a bad guy.

And don’t get me started on Seo Kang Joon right now. This kid has improved so much I am kind of waiting with bated breath until the whole series is over.

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Correction: Instead of talking to Dr. Baek, who really is dead, Mr. Yoo is talking to the mother. The conversation in the drama is a bit vague, but it makes some statements (like, “Why do you care when you abandoned your child?”) make more sense. Jung’s mother rarely appears in the comics and the drama as well, and it could have been assumed that the drama took a few liberties with the characters. 


5 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: Episode 12 Recap

  1. Awesome review and some backstory… I wish drama will include more flashbacks and Jung’s childhood… Like the one he misheard his parents fighting cuz father thot Jung is weird while mother doesnt.. or when he did witness Inho reports about his days at school to his father. It was an ultimate bertrayal for him… Then he asked him “Do you really think of me as ur friend?” afterwards… Inho said “ weird kid”.. I guess “weird” is Jung’s forbidden word… That was the last straw for him… regardless what Inho meant when he said that (he could’ve been joking… like don’t we all hv friends who jokingly calling us weird sometimes? but unfortunately, it’s Jung’s forbidden word)..

    ah.. just pointing out.. Jung’s father calls his wife… He did say smthg abt Prof.Baek’s diagnosis and advice abt Jung (hope it will be in the drama too later on).. Prof .Baek has died already..

    • Thanks for clearing that up! I did think it was weird since Dr/Prof Baek has been dead for a while. But a revisit to the episode does help clear it up. I am definitely not there yet in the comics…

  2. The subtitles I read definitely have him speaking to Grandfather Baek not the mother so I see where the confusion comes in. That’s one of the reasons I love the recaps because I don’t always trust the subtitles.

    Can anyone cast a bit of light on the conversation Jung and Seol have when he says (to summarize) – You were always observing me and it showed when you didn’t like what you were seeing. That helped me. I didn’t like it. Maybe you were afraid of provoking me. Maybe these were minor things.

    That was the gist from the subtitles but it didn’t quite make sense to me. What about the minor things? Could anyone help because I’m really curious about what was going on in Jung’s head then.

    • For that particular bit from Jung, what I took away from it was that it was comforting to him to know how someone truly felt about him because she displayed it so clearly on her face. It was better than being surrounded by masks of people who would seem to be like one thing but then say another. I think he’s really scarred by what he interpreted as a duplicitous nature of In Ho, as well as knowing that other classmates were using him because of his wealth. It was just comforting to him to know how others really viewed him. The “minor things” is referring to any minor action he did – even if it was smiling at the pitcher of beer spilling on Nam Joo Yeon – Seol would be scared of provoking him similarly.

      That was my takeaway from that scene, in the realm of the drama.

  3. Thanks. That is likely it. I guess I’m still wondering why he did a 180, and we’re picking up smaller things but they still don’t seem to add up. He starts the drama definitely bent on dating her, after a year of active dislike. It does seem a game to him at first, and she’s not easy to woo! A handhold while sleeping, respect for her work ethic and being told she’s similar to him didn’t seem to justify the dislike ➡dating transformation in his attitude. I’m still very curious, so when he finally confided something to her, but the subs were disjointed, I was worried I had missed something.

    On another front, the subtitles are now corrected for the conversation between Jung’s mom and dad where professor Baek is mentioned. It was likely caught in the editing process, but those of us who read the sub version as soon as it appeared online would have thought he was talking to prof Baek. Over eager to watch the show. I don’t think I’ve been quite so obsessed since Buffy! Love the show, and your recaps!

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