Cheese in the Trap: Episode 11 Recap


AAAAND we’re back! Finally after a week’s hiatus the show is back and it’s better than ever. It doesn’t lose too much steam, and in fact shows us a happier side to all the drama that had been happening in previous weeks. I am quite satisfied with the way the episode turned out, with plenty of cute moments to get by.

Seol refuses to let the picture of In Ha and Jung get to her, and she deletes it from her phone. Take that, Young Gon! She then overhears her brother asking her father for some more allowance money in the living room. Though her father mildly scolds Joon for being lazy, he happily gives his son some money. They’re all tight on savings, and yet Mr. Hong is still spoiling a son who does nothing at home while Seol is forced to suffer for her studies and her future.

Back at school, Young Gon continually leers over at Seol, waiting for a chance to talk to her and check if she’s broken up with Jung yet. But Eun Taek is ready; he’s been watching Young Gon the entire time and the moment class ends he pushes Seol and Bora out of the room protectively. Seol then notices In Ha standing outside of the classroom with oversized cat shades, looking like she’s ready for a photo shoot.

Before she can wonder what’s going on, there’s a commotion behind her. Da Young has been watching Young Gon and she’s had enough of his shady behavior. She stops him from going after Seol and he turns around and threatens to hit her. In front of everyoneJust because she nags him like a mother. Dude, this guy is sick.

In Ha then comes raining down on him with slaps and screaming, saying that he’s cheating on her with Da Young. She beats him silly, slapping his face until his cheek really gets red. (On a side note, I do feel slightly bad for the actor but man, the intensity and passion in this scene!) He tries to deny ever being with her but In Ha then shows the whole crowd of students the picture of Young Gon topless. Even Da Young verifies that it’s really Young Gon and not photoshopped, as the birthmark on his chest matches.

Losing control of the situation, Young Gon then shows everyone the picture of In Ha and Jung together. It’s his “proof” that he’s never dated In Ha and that Jung is the cheater. Seol overhears this and gets really mad on Jung’s behalf. Yeah she knows the picture exists – but so what? Her nonchalance at the “incriminating” picture turns the tide of the crowd against Young Gon again. Seol tells everyone that In Ha is a childhood friend of Jung’s, and because she grew up abroad she just acts really close. It doesn’t mean that In Ha is Jung’s girlfriend.

Now there’s no way anyone can trust Young Gon. Da Young’s had enough and slaps him herself, breaking up with him after realizing she’s the stupid one. In Ha slaps him a few more times for good measure, and Seol pushes him away. Young Gon’s plan of driving Jung away from school and winning Seol over has gone down the drain. And that feels soooooo satisfying.

Before In Ha can leave the school, Seol grabs her for a chat. She admits she only interfered because Young Gon was spouting nonsense, but what she really wants to know is if In Ha dated Young Gon before. Or, if what happened was because of Jung’s doing? In Ha talks in circles, refusing to really answer the question. What does it matter if she acted out of Jung’s doing or not? Either way, she’s seen so many women next to Jung and only Seol has been indecisive in whether she wants to run far away from him or latch on to him as if she were in a life or death situation. In Ha suggests Seol make a decision quick, before she chases Seol away.

Meanwhile Jung is busy at his internship, and his team leader gives them all an assignment to come up with more promo ideas. His direct manager also dumps all of the work on writing a report on him instead of inviting him to lunch with the team; that manager is clearly a brown-noser with the way he carries himself around the team leader. Jung heads back to his desk and notices that the manager changed the name on the report, removing Jung from getting any credit at all. He stands up angrily, letting the chair slide backwards, and then realizes that there are still people in the office – people who have eaten at their desks or are still working hard while others are at lunch. His father’s advice rings in his head: he needs to be careful with how he carries himself because it will set his reputation for the future. And so Jung sits back down and keeps his head down.

In Ho joins Seol in the library for another study session. He failed his Korean test quite badly – scoring only 30%! – and she gives him another reading comprehension test to do in twenty minutes. Seol sets the timer and starts to study herself – only to end up falling asleep. When the alarm goes off, In Ho can’t bring himself to wake her up. He leaves her a small note saying he’s heading out first and then packs up to go to his piano lesson. When Seol wakes up, she’s disappointed to see he’s gone, and then corrects the spelling for “sorry” on his note.

In Ho’s rendition for “Für Elise” is quite sad and lonely that day, especially as he thinks back to all those moments he shared with Seol. He knows that Seol is not his woman, which makes him feel even more lonely. Professor Shim notices this but is just grateful now that In Ho is returning back to how he was before.

That evening, Jung isn’t happy with In Ha’s report back about today’s events, especially since he told her not to reveal herself in front of Seol. But In Ha insists she couldn’t avoid it. Also – Young Gon was showing everyone the picture of them together! In Ha’s job was to follow Young Gon and “deal” with him, but every time she followed him, he was following Seol! And on top of that – everywhere Seol was, In Ho was there too! She shows Jung the pictures, which further darkens his mood. If they want In Ho to stop being around Seol, then she had to take drastic actions with Young Gon. And she did – quite successfully, one must admit.

Next thing we know In Ha is skipping on the streets with a brand new credit card in hand. Woo!

Seol returns home after an exhausting day to hear her father yelling at Joon. Mr. Hong has just found out that Joon quit school permanently, and he is not happy. He hits his son and then tells his wife that they’ll have to make Seol quit another semester if it means that Joon can finish his schooling in the States. Joon insists that he doesn’t want to go back to the States, at least not in good conscience when the family is struggling so much financially.

Finally, Seol enters the living room with a distraught look on her face. Why must she always get the short end of the stick? Does her father not see her as a daughter at all? Mr. Hong has the old-fashioned belief that once Seol is married she’ll be okay, but Joon is the one that’ll need to take care of them. Seol is hurt that he thinks she won’t see them or support them after she’s married. But her anger is not solely on him: Seol is also angry at her mom for continually burdening her with problems at home. Her mom constantly complains about Mr. Hong not being helpful with the new business either, but she already has so much more to worry about – work, grades, scholarship. And she has no one to rely on.

She runs out of the house, unable to bear it any longer, while her parents continue to fight about their children. Joon chases after her but quickly loses her. He spots In Ho coming home from a distance and asks if he’s seen Seol. Immediately In Ho is worried about her and starts running around for her throughout the neighborhood.

Seol calls up Bora to see if she and Eun Taek would be around for some chicken and beer. But Bora is having dinner with her dad (ack) so Seol gives up on hanging with her friends. But like a mirage just up ahead, standing before her is none other than Jung. He’s come to see her. She doesn’t even hear anything he says to her, but starts running towards him, collapsing in his arms and crying into his shoulder. And Jung embraces her, comforting her even though he doesn’t know what happened.

And that’s the scene that In Ho comes upon when he rounds the corner. Yep – Seol is okay.

Jung and Seol sit inside his car while she calms down. He’s missed her terribly, which is why he came to see her, and so did she. The two of them hold hands, and Seol realizes that even though she has so many questions about him, his face, his voice, and his warmth are enough to convince her they can’t break up. At least not yet.

Her mother calls, wondering where she is. Jung offers to drive her home, but Seol doesn’t want to go home yet. So, they go for a drive. He picks up some snacks at the convenience store (not onigiri this time!) and she feeds him a hot dog-on-a-stick. After a bit she falls asleep, completely exhausted…

And wakes up in Jung’s apartment the next morning. Yeah – he took her to his home. A little creepy if you ask me but I guess they have slept in the same room before and they are technically a couple. Also, nothing happened – except that Seol might have snored quite loudly and disrupted his sleep. She’s a bit surprised to find herself at his home, but he reassures her that everything’s okay – he had Bora call her home and lie for her that she was at her place, so that was good thinking. He also let her sleep in since she doesn’t have class today, and he already called work to say that he’ll be late. (It’s a Saturday, but he still has to go in to work…)

Since they technically have some time, Jung quickly pulls Seol back down into bed with him and snuggles right up to her. He’s gonna take a quick nap now that she’s awake! She tries to wrangle out of his grasp, but he traps her with his legs. Teehee. He kisses her on the mouth, and asks if he can see her again. She doesn’t reply, and he kisses her again. With each kiss, she eases up, and she finally nods that they’re okay again. Yay! Jung is so happy that he snuggles up to her all over again.

Seol returns home and sees her whole family practically waiting for her return. Her parents didn’t open the restaurant because they were waiting for her. Her mom hits her for sleeping outside, and Mr. Hong just tells her to go eat breakfast and rest up. Joon tries to make her feel better by suggesting she beat him up, but is then sent off to open the restaurant. And Mrs. Hong just feeds her daughter breakfast, feeling bad herself that she doesn’t know much about her own daughter’s life. She didn’t have any of Seol’s friends’ numbers, which goes to show how removed she is from her. Mr. Hong then heads out, presumably to lout around much to his wife’s displeasure.

In Ho waits outside the restaurant until Joon shows up and checks that Seol got home. Joon says she stayed over at Bora’s, but In Ho is pretty sure she stayed with Jung all night then. He doesn’t say this and heads off to do “errands.” Those “errands” are actually his super secret side job of handing out flyers to people a station away. It was actually Mr. Hong’s idea! He took a picture of In Ho as the model (catchphrase: “Even flower boys love Hong Noodles!”) and put it on a cheesy looking flyer. The two of them have been spending several hours a day handing them out. Mr. Hong hasn’t been unproductive at all! But he also hasn’t paid In Ho with the sweet and sour pork that In Ho wanted yet. Ha!

Seol and Jung end up texting each other that morning, teasing and flirting. Aw. He heads into work and is greeted by his manager, who is still checking in on that report Jung owes him. Jung reassures the smarmy manager that he’ll get it done, and one wonders whether he’ll keep his head down or actually claim credit for some of the original ideas he puts into the report.

Meanwhile Young Gon is out for blood. He calls In Ha incessantly, but she refuses to pick up, so he decides to write a post about it on the school forums. Instead his eye catches on another post that starts with “00gon…”, which would be another way to say “Young Gon.” It’s a series of pictures of Young Gon stalking Seol from behind. Technically you can’t tell that it’s Young Gon because you never see the face, but if you know him it’s quite obvious it’s him. Young Gon angrily comments on the post, saying it’s a pack of lies, but someone jumps in and asks if it’s really Young Gon then!

At school, Young Gon tries to avoid people he knows to hide the slap marks on his face. But he unfortunately bumps into loud mouth Sang Cheol, who’s quite happy to see the rumors are true: Young Gon did get slapped around by several women! On top of that he saw the post about “stalker 00gon” and is quite convinced that it’s Young Gon. Of course, Young Gon denies it and starts wondering who could be the one posting these rumors. And through process of elimination, he comes to the conclusion that it’s In Ho.

Good guess actually, even though he’s terribly wrong.

So Young Gon tries to approach Seol throughout the week, although he is constantly thwarted by Eun Taek and Bora. Those are some friends – they know Seol’s schedule and are constantly watching over her to shoo away “pigeons” like Young Gon without her knowledge. When they find out about Seol sleeping over at Jung’s that night though, Eun Taek hilariously hands her back her things because she’s been “corrupted.” But when Seol insists they only slept on the same bed, Eun Taek thinks something’s wrong with Jung and he needs to get checked out. Hahaha!

In Ho likewise treats Seol like a disease now. I think it’s because he likes her too much but is avoiding her because she’s Jung’s. He tries to sit very far away from her when it’s time for their study session, which only makes her think that he either failed his test miserably or didn’t do his homework. After a few minutes, In Ho gets up to leave. He can’t concentrate with her today.

They head home and In Ho tells Seol about her brother, who’s a lot more caring than he looks. He had spent all night looking for her after all. In Ho advises her to never run away again (as he himself is an expert) and they get into a teasing match about who’s older. Seol playfully calls him “oppa”, which is weird for him but it tickles his funny bone. He then decides to show her something.

They get off at a station early and then he leads her to the spot where Mr. Hong is handing out flyers. This is where her father’s been all day when he’s not helping at the restaurant. He’s not actually being useless or trying to start another business with someone else; he’s actually trying to bring more business to the noodle shop! In Ho swears her to secrecy though; if Mr. Hong finds out that In Ho told, he’ll be in big trouble!

That’s when Seol gets the bright idea to bring her brother and mom to dinner elsewhere. Mrs. Hong is grumpy about this “dinner” thing as she needs to prepare for the dinner rush and she’s not going to easily forgive Seol for running away. But Seol insists on bringing her to a new restaurant, and purposely leads them to where Mr. Hong is. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they see each other!

Mrs. Hong quickly understands that she misjudged her husband, but isn’t so willing to make nice right away. She yells at him for not dressing warmly enough and forces him to wear her scarf. Then Mr. Hong smacks In Ho for telling on him, even though technically Seol was the one who brought her mom and brother there. They all decide to have a family dinner to make amends, and invite In Ho along. It’s a little weird for him to tag along, but this is also the family he’s never had. It’s quite sweet seeing the parents feed him so much when they learn he’s studying for his GED, taking piano lessons, and helping at the restaurant.

The next day at the piano lesson, In Ho plays “Für Elise” with such zest and happiness that Professor Shim notes the shift in mood. In Ho is finally playing with the passion that he was lacking for years, and as a reward he’d like to treat him to lunch.

Likewise, Jung returns to campus to have lunch with Seol! She ditches her friends (who once again save her from Young Gon’s grasp) to meet with him, as she hasn’t seen him in forever. It’s a bit cute that they are practically running together through campus excitedly.

Jung asks how things are going, and she lies that everything is fine. She doesn’t want to bother him about Young Gon when it’s the first day he’s back on campus, and she hesitates in telling him about In Ho’s studies, even though they’re just studying. But their lunch takes a turn for the worse when Jung spots Professor Shim and In Ho coming in together. (Ha – the cheap professor has treated In Ho to cafeteria lunch. Haha!)

Professor Shim prods In Ho to thank Seol for bringing them together, and tsks that In Ho should have studied harder to properly come to college here. He loudly says that he’s studying just fine and turns to Seol to support the claim, butSeol starts coughing loudly as if she choked on her food. She hopes that In Ho would just get the hint that she hasn’t told Jung about their study sessions just yet. Professor Shim then curiously asks if Jung and In Ho are friends. In Ho vehemently denies it, while Jung civilly says they are and checks in on In Ho’s playing. Professor Shim honestly reports that In Ho is playing with more emotion now. In fact, he wonders if In Ho got a girlfriend!

Cue In Ho spitting out his food. He’s not dating anyone!! Jung doesn’t look too happy with this as he knows that something is going on between In Ho and Seol. Eventually Professor Shim leaves first and In Ho gets a call from Joon about picking up more bowls and towels. Seol interjects and loudly yells at the phone’s speaker to not get the bowls again because they contain carcinogens, and then they learn that the parents have gone out on an alumni event together! They’re making up!

Seol excitedly looks towards Jung to share the great news, but he’s not happy. He is suddenly reminded of times back in high school when he’d come home to hear In Ha and In Ho sharing stories of what happened today with Mr. Yoo, while Jung would just come in and silently head to his room, barely acknowledged by his father. He probably felt that he was always losing his parental figures to In Ho, and it doesn’t help that his potential in-laws seem to like him better.

Jung leaves the cafeteria, and Seol chases after him much to In Ho’s disappointment. She explains that she just helps him with his studies and he works at the store, which is why they’ve gotten closer. But that’s enough. That’s all he needs to hear, and he walks away.


And we were doing so well!

If only we didn’t have the last ten minutes I would have been really happy. We were getting our happy episode endings already! No more problems! Right?!

After several episodes of Seol reaching her limit and finally saying her piece, the fight that happens in the beginning is like icing on the cake. It’s a wonderful finish of Seol bringing down the demons around her. Granted Young Gon isn’t really gone just yet, but he has been effectively shut up for a while. Let’s just hope he never realizes Eun Taek and Bora are the ones to blame for the photos.

This episode also nicely summed up Seol’s issues with her family. The disparity in the treatment of Seol and Joon have always been there in the back of every episode, but never come to so much forefront as now. I’m kind of glad it also gets resolved in one episode as she lives with them and it would be difficult to watch week after week of all the misunderstandings and frustration that could happen. I hope that Seol doesn’t completely forgive her father for his hurtful comments though. It’s nice that he actually shows some support for his wife’s restaurant without telling them because of his pride, but he also clearly diminishes the woman’s role in the household. He doesn’t think his wife could own a business, nor does he think Seol can be very successful as a working woman. Since he does make up with his wife by the end of the episode I hope he can also apologize to Seol and tell her that she is worth investing in, and that he is proud of her.

I like how we see another side of Jung in this episode as well. It’s clearer than ever that he feels quite inferior to In Ho, even though In Ho is the one feeling inferior to him all the time. The grass is always greener on the other side folks. Hopefully Seol can bridge this one last gap so she can have a happy ending with Jung.


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