Han Hyo Joo, Lee Jong Suk for MBC drama ‘W’?


Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk are currently in talks for a new MBC drama called ‘W‘. It’s a working title, so I think it’s safe to say it’s not about another W

There isn’t much information about the drama yet, other than the fact that it’s a melodrama about two people in their early 30s. Hard to tell if Lee Jong Suk can pull off looking like he’s in his early 30s. He still looks like a little kid to me.

Han Hyo Joo has not been in a drama since Dong Yi in 2010, so if she actually participates in this it would mark a huge comeback to the drama world. She’s been keeping busy with movies of late, working on at least 1-2 movies every year. It would be pretty awesome to see her in a drama again, since I really enjoyed her Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi. If she was fantastic then, I’m sure she’d be even more so now with all the experience she’s been getting.

As for Lee Jong Suk, he’s pretty much the “hot new thing” at the moment, especially with his increasing successes starting from School 2013 all the way to the most recent hit Pinocchio. So while I’m not entirely surprised that his name is being thrown around for this project, I’m a little surprised he’s being paired up with Han Hyo Joo. I kind of envision someone who would be a little older to be her match in this particular romantic storyline.

The director is Jung Dae Yoon, who did She Was Pretty, King 2 Hearts, and Arang and the Magistrate, among others. Song Jae Jung has written several tvN dramas including The Three Musketeers, Nine: Nine Time Travels, and Queen In Hyun’s Man, as well as Coffee House on SBS. I really enjoyed Coffee House, and Nine: Nine Time Travels was quite decent. If anything, I think Han Hyo Joo would be in good hands doing this project, as I think she would have a good script to act upon. As for Lee Jong Suk, a little bit of me hopes he takes a pass on this drama…

W is slated for the second half of 2016 on MBC (either July or September), so there’s plenty of time still left for the casting news to change.

source: osen



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