Cheese in the Trap: Episode 10 Recap


One attacks with his fist, the other attacks with his brain. If only the guy Seol cared about could learn to attack with his fist when needed, he’d be the perfect guy. Will Jung finally snap and be more proactive? Because Seol certainly has had enough.

Okay so back to the back-hug.

Seol is frozen solid from shock but does not shy away from Jung’s embrace. He holds her for a moment, taking her presence in, and then drops the coffee can into her pocket. And then he leaves for the classroom without another word. Clearly he misses her, and this is just his small way of trying to express it. It speaks mountains considering how expressionless he is.

After the exam, Eun Taek excuses himself by faking a stomachache to avoid eating lunch with Bora and Seol. It’s suspicious, but they don’t follow him – which is a good thing since Jung is actually treating him to burgers for lunch. Jung wants Eun Taek to give him a heads up if Seol is experiencing any difficulties in school, especially since he won’t be around to protect her. Eun Taek understands, and then decides to show him the video of Young Gon harassing Seol outside of school and forcing a hug on her. The video ends with In Ho jumping out and chasing Young Gon away.

It’s clear on Jung’s face that he’s a bit more unsettled about In Ho always being around than Young Gon, which is already a known problem. But Eun Taek doesn’t notice it and just comments on how bad Young Gon has gotten from before, and that they’re filming it for evidence before Seol goes to report him to the police. Jung asks for copies of any videos Eun Taek may film for evidence; he’s not sure what he’ll use them for, but he will think of something.

Heading towards campus, Jung sees Min Soo ahead of him, muttering angrily about Seol copying her style. He knows it’s Min Soo because of the lion keychain but puts his arm around her pretending that he mistook her for Seol. Min Soo is shocked but I guess she does realize it would be a common mistake. He asks if Min Soo’s boyfriend has the same doll as she does, and she flushes in embarrassment.

Jung steps in a little closer, more threateningly. “Son Min Soo,” he says evenly. “No matter how much you copy and try, you can never be the same. You must have realized that by now.” Min Soo is left shaken. Argh Jung – when you do things like that, it makes everyone misunderstand you and say, “Seol, Jung isn’t who you think he is!” Stahp it! 

But really though, Min Soo doesn’t know what to make of him. When they were working on the project he had approved of her case study and told her to reference it. Technically he didn’t say use the exact case study, but did say reference it. But Min Soo misunderstood his comment, and now she’s in trouble. Worse yet, her twisted mind somehow ends up blaming Hong Seol for everything. Maybe Jung gave her Hong Seol’s presentation on purpose so that she would get caught for plagiarism, because Hong Seol told him to!

Speaking of projects, Jung heads to his internship and is congratulated by his supervisor for a job well done. The supervisor then gives him a proposal to reference in another report. Reference… that dratted word. And you can feel that the supervisor is trying to test Jung and get him in trouble.

Just then Jung gets a text from Joon, who wants to be treated to a meal by his “brother-in-law.” Heh. It’s kinda cute, but Jung sees this as a very good opportunity…

The next day, Min Soo leaves the school convenience store still grumbling about how she is prettier than Seol when she sees Seol and Joon sitting in one of the lunch tables. (Joon had come to visit the campus to eat with Jung and Ah Young.) Min Soo grows increasingly jealous watching Seol and Joon talk so closely, not realizing or hearing that they’re siblings. It gets worse when she sees Ah Young join them with some snacks to eat. All these women around Joon! Min Soo absolutely hates that Seol gets everything she wants, so when she passes by Seol in the hallways she purposely knocks into her, then drops the lion keychain, steps on it and drags it across the floor a few steps, and then kicks it back towards Seol.

What the hell!?

Jung witnesses this from a distance as Bora freaks out over Min Soo’s actions. But Seol refuses to do anything about it. Not yet – she’ll deal with Min Soo after the midterm that afternoon. Jung realizes that he might have just made things a little worse for Seol but it’s no matter – his plan is already in motion. He beckons Kyung Hwan to sit in the front with him near Min Soo, and then asks her in front of all her “friends” about her new boyfriend. Da Young is particularly curious about he looks and steals her phone, and they all marvel at the picture of Joon. (Seol and Bora can’t see this as they’re too far away.)

So now everyone knows who Min Soo’s boyfriend is.

Min Soo messes up on her exam (subsequently blaming more of her life’s failures on Seol) because she’s worried about people remembering how Joon looks like and finding out that she lied. As they all exit the classroom and fill in the lounge area, Seol confronts Min Soo – does she have something to say to her in particular? Because why else would she throw the doll or act so insolently?

Min Soo maintains that Seol is the delusional and crazy one, the one who copied her. She has nothing to be sorry about, and Da Young pipes up that she’s sick of listening to them fight. Jung comes out but watches from afar, standing near Sang Cheol and the other guys while Young Gon smugly watches from his seat.

Then Joon comes in, with Ah Young. Oh. Crap.

Joon sees his sister and calls out noona. Strike one. Seol greets her brother: “Hong Joon, what are you doing here?” Strike two. Da Young recognizes him: “Isn’t that Min Soo’s boyfriend?” Strike three. Min Soo’s completely lost her own game.

Joon denies ever knowing Min Soo and announces to everyone that he likes Ah Young, not some random girl. Seol grabs Min Soo’s phone and sees that she did take a stalker-ish photo of Joon on her phone, and he’s very creeped out by it. Min Soo tries to regain control of the situation but Young Gon is already signaling to her to just end it and run. Already people are whispering that Min Soo is lying about her boyfriend, and she suddenly goes crazy and grabs Seol by the collar, accusing her of planning to embarrass her the entire time.

Friends all jump in to break the fight but Young Gon tries filming it (that asshole). Seol has had enough and pushes Min Soo across the floor. The two girls seriously go at it, Min Soo still crying that she did nothing wrong and Seol screaming at her to stop copying her. Eventually Joon and Ah Young successfully pull Seol off Min Soo.

Min Soo: “Just stop copying me already! Stop copying me! The report and the clothes. Did you file for patents or something? Why are you bullying me about something so trivial?”

Seol: “Can’t you even remember what you did? Why did you steal my lion? Why did you covet my things? Why did you involve my brother? Why? The one who needs to be taken away from me is you! It’s you!”

Woo! It’s finally out there! Seol has had enough! Even others who used to support Min Soo can’t deny what Seol said, especially when it got personal by involving Joon. Min Soo starts sobbing. Seol had everything – grades, friends, and a boyfriend, whereas she had nothing and no one even knew who she was even though she went to school with them. She was so jealous and felt it was so unfair, but now that she looks like Seol she has friends and people who actually see her and value her.

Seol counters that nothing came easy – she worked hard for what she did, not copy others. Besides, is Min Soo’s life any better now? People are going to remember her as a liar now, not as a decent person.

After the fight, Seol confronts Jung about inviting Joon to the school on purpose. Jung doesn’t even deny it – he did it so that Seol could finally let it all out. He knew that it was burdensome to keep holding in her frustration about Min Soo without any evidence. He hopes that Seol won’t think about it too much; Min Soo really brought it upon herself by continually taking too much from Seol.

Seol doesn’t know what to say, but feels that Jung must have dealt with so many people who get close to him because they want something. He hopes that she can understand where he’s coming from and come closer to him, and that he will be waiting for her. Likewise, he is trying to work on why she gets frustrated with him and improve himself. He thought they were very similar and on the same wavelength, but has realized that they’re not. So while he shows her a little bit of his thought process, he’s slowly trying to learn hers.

He hands her a small bag of medicine for the cut on her cheek, and dares to gently touch her hair before leaving.

Meanwhile, In Ho is still playing Für Elise but not to Professor Shim’s standards. There is no sincerity in his work, because clearly his fingers can move quickly enough for the song. Professor Shim even mentions that Professor Noh is so happy that In Ho came back to play piano, but would be disappointed to hear that In Ho has lost his heart in his performance. In Ho is not happy that Professor Shim told his former mentor about him, so he quits midway and leaves the room, only to hear another talented pianist practicing in another room. And that pianist has sincerity.

As In Ho leaves the campus, he bumps into Seol, who’s walking with her hood up and head down. He takes a good look at her and realizes that she’s hiding a nice cut on her cheek. “Who did this to you?!” he cries. “Young Gon? In Ha!?” Seol doesn’t say anything, so he gets her more medicine and helps put it on her cheek. (At least he doesn’t take the opportunity to touch her face gently like other second male leads would, but just uses the tube to dab the ointment directly on her face.)

In Ho is secretly impressed that she’s now fighting back, but it doesn’t make Seol feel any better. After all, she now understands a bit of what Min Soo is going through. If only she had just talked to Min Soo earlier and listened to what she had to say… Seol also feels like she’s understanding Jung better, wondering if perhaps she saw Jung in a way that suited her, seeing and hearing only what she wanted to see and hear.

That’s definitely some food for thought for In Ho.

After that whole incident, Seol is now looked at with some respect from the guys for being a fighter, while Da Young and her cohorts are too embarrassed to talk to her now. And Min Soo – well, it looks like she’s going to take a break from school.

In Ha has taken a liking to instant ramen these days and callously uses In Ho’s music books that he borrowed from Seol as placemats. When she sees Hong Seol’s name all over it, she gets even more excited. What is her brother’s relationship to Yoo Jung’s girlfriend? She can’t wait to tease him now!

That evening Seol heads to her uncle’s bar to visit In Ho and take her mind off of her relationship woes. She catches him playing Für Elise and notes the sad song. In Ho doesn’t think it’s very sad, but when Seol plays it very slowly it comes out like a mournful ballad. It’s all about perspective. And sincerity.

In Ho brings up the idea of going back to school again and perhaps getting his GED. It excites Seol so much that she grabs his hand and gushes about making study schedules and lending Joon’s books to him… not noticing at all that In Ho’s face is turning beet red. It’s as if he has a severe allergic reaction to skinship!

Seol notices his bright red cheeks and reaches out to touch them but he jumps away and pretends he’s got a cold. It’s so cute! They then head towards her family’s restaurant to clean up and find no one working. In Ho recognizes one patron though and tries to push Seol out of the restaurant first.

But it’s too late – In Ha’s caught them! In Ho tries to get her to leave – any one of the girls to leave – but In Ha pauses at the sight of Hong Seol! She recognizes her as In Ho’s girlfriend at the academy! Just then, Seol’s mom enters with some trays of food; she’s working alone because Seol’s father decided to go home early. She tells Seol to clean the dishes and then goes out to make another delivery.

In Ha then fakes her recognition – so Seol is Jung’s girlfriend! Seol nervously acknowledges this and In Ho waits with bated breath at what In Ha will do. And… she laughs! And she apologizes for what she said over the phone about being Jung’s girlfriend! In Ha pretends that she kept getting weird calls from Young Gon so she said it out of irritation, but in reality she is just friends with Jung. She wants to start gossiping with Seol but In Ho just forces her out and drags her home, scared of what else she’ll do.

Wow… the power of money. In Ha just switches her tune for Jung and his plan’s sake.

Safe in In Ho’s apartment, In Ha wants to hear her brother’s explanation for why he’s near Seol. Is he doing it to make Jung mad? In Ho defiantly says he is, but she can see right through him that it’s a lie. He likes her, doesn’t he!? In Ho tells her to back off, which In Ha readily promises to do. Besides, she’s not trying to do anything to Seol – yet.

The following day In Ho meets Seol in the campus library to start studying with grade nine books as a refresher. She starts off with testing him on Korean, but he’s a horrible student, relying on a trick of spinning a pen above the answers and selecting the choice that the pen lands upon.

Just then she gets a text from Bora that Young Gon is coming into the library. Eun Taek quickly starts filming Young Gon as he convinces Da Young that he needs to study and then follow him as he tracks Seol down. Seol excuses herself from her seat beside In Ho and pretends to do some shelving work, allowing Young Gon to inch near her in between the stacks. He keeps pestering her with questions about In Ho and if she’s cheating on Jung, but Seol completely ignores him.

That makes him even more angry and he starts yelling and toppling books from its shelves to get her attention. Well – it gets In Ho’s attention. Young Gon scurries off like a scared rat and In Ho chases him through the lobby, grabbing Young Gon’s backpack and making him trip over. Seol runs after him (with Bora and Eun Taek close behind) and stops him from hurting Young Gon. She beckons at Eun Taek filming – they’re trying to get evidence! And they can’t attack Young Gon if they want to file the report properly!

But Da Young did see all this, and she’s really pissed. She confronts Young Gon about going to the library all the time because of Seol, but he spins it around saying that Seol is the one who chased him out first because she thinks that he still likes her. Young Gon insists he did nothing wrong and stupid Da Young believes him!

Eun Taek sends the video to Jung as promised, and as expected Jung is more bothered at seeing In Ho come to Seol’s defense.

In Ho also thinks that Seol’s way of collecting evidence is dumb, since he’s a man of action and she and Jung are masters of calculated planning. A lady squeezes next to In Ho on the train and starts man-spreading, forcing his legs to go up against Seol’s. Immediately his “allergy” of rosy cheeks comes up and his heart beats super fast, so he gets up and stands instead, ending the skinship. Seol figures he’s still sick and hands him some cold medicine, and while it doesn’t mean much to her it does to him.

That evening, Jung has dinner with his father. His internship is going fine, he reports, and Mr. Yoo cautions him to act carefully as it will affect his reputation in the future. Jung wonders if his father heard something at work, to which Mr. Yoo replies, “Did something happen that I should know about?” Ahh the game of “who will tell, first.” Jung is getting a little frustrated because he feels like he is obeying all of his father’s commands, and yet his father still finds fault in everything he does. It seems like Jung wishes he could act out more, like In Ho, but is too suffocated by his father to do so.

Jung excuses himself from the dinner table, saying that he’s got things to take care of tomorrow, and leaves. I hope that “something” includes actually doing something for Seol instead of just planning how to manipulate people.

At home, Seol picks up her house phone (because her father is too lazy to do it) and hears Young Gon on the other line. He tracked her home phone down because she wouldn’t pick up his calls to her cellphone! He just called to say that he’ll forgive her for the library incident and assures her he’ll break up with Da Young. Seol is so creeped out that she hangs up on him right away, not wanting to deal with him anymore.

Young Gon once again tries to write an incriminating post about Seol and Jung’s relationship but realizes he needs hard evidence first. So he texts In Ha asking for pictures of her and Jung together that prove she’s really Jung’s “girlfriend.”

When In Ha gets the message while at the school’s cafe, she’s disgusted by his request but figures she needs to play along to get Young Gon exactly where she wants him to be. All according to Jung’s plan of course. In Ha reviews some older pictures and realizes that just a year ago, she and Jung were still on good enough terms. She sends Young Gon a photo of her leaning on Jung’s shoulder (much to Young Gon’s delight) and then sends a “freebie” photo of her looking particularly big-breasted. Definitely a photo to make someone like Young Gon salivate.

In Ha begins the flirting game, asking Young Gon to send a cute picture of him back, and he sends her a shirtless photo of himself showing off his six-pack. It’s an impressive six-pack, but In Ha is flat out disgusted by his looks and his sleazy personalty. She swallows her disgust and flirts with him some more, saying they should meet up so he could comfort her. She’s got something up her sleeve for when they meet, while Young Gon is planning to have In Ha and Seol in the same place in front of Jung.

Just then In Ha hears Sang Cheol bullying Jae Woo into handing over his laptop. In Ha rushes to Jae Woo’s defense, telling him to go away and stop borrowing Jae Woo’s computer just because Sang Cheol can’t afford one. She then spots Kandinsky in Jae Woo’s textbook and he’s surprised that she knows so much about art. Wouldn’t it be funny if she finds herself attracted to Jae Woo of all people?

Sang Cheol is in a bad mood though, and he goes around his various group of friends to see who he can bully into buying him something. They all avoid him except Young Gon, who’s only too happy to get him coffee because he’s still excited by In Ha’s busty picture. But Young Gon isn’t too keen on listening to Sang Cheol’s troubles. Granted, this guy is a jerk but it does seem like he’s really having a hard time securing a job and feels inferior because of his poor background.

Young Gon gets up, irritated, and tells Sang Cheol to get his shit together. “How long are you going to continue to blame others? You’re someone who will get looked down by many people in this world. And buy your own coffee next time!” You know, Young Gon could take that advice himself, but at least he said what needed to be said to Sang Cheol too.

Seol heads to the library for her job but is fired because someone had posted on the forums that she started a fight with another student and threw books at him. Technically Seol didn’t, but since the manager doesn’t have any proof it’s easier to just eliminate any points of embarrassment from the premises. Also – it was Da Young who entered that post, because she stupidly takes Young Gon’s side on everything.

To make her day worse, Seol then receives a photo from Young Gon – it’s the picture of Jung and In Ha together. Seol doesn’t know what to make of this, especially since she doesn’t know when it was taken. And even though Jung isn’t the type to cheat on her, she can’t help but feel like a zombie. It’s so bad that even In Ho realizes he won’t be able to have a tutoring session with her today, and has to walk her home because otherwise she’ll walk into things like street lamps.

Before he parts ways with her though, he hands her a bag full of self-defense weapons: a pepper spray, a taser, a baton, and a flashlight that also acts as an alarm when she’s in threat. Obviously it’s in case Young Gon comes after her, but it’s nice to see that this is how In Ho can take care of her. He just hopes that she can be stronger again; she was doing so well! And now she’s back to just keeping everything to herself and pretending that everything is fine when it obviously isn’t.

There’s only so much that In Ho can do.


I am so happy that the Min Soo Fiasco is resolved now. It took longer than I wanted, but at least Seol got more things off her chest. As much as Min Soo might be a pitiable character, it was really awful to watch her get all the pity when she was clearly the delusional one. Delusional people just don’t recognize fellow delusionals in this school. I was really glad that Min Soo’s act was completely destroyed in front of everyone, and it really was a necessary move to stop her. Jung’s method may have been extreme, but it’s really for the best when it’s gotten to this point.

I am glad we got to see how Jung resolved this problem from start to finish instead of through flashbacks and during a time when we trust him as a character. Seeing how he dealt with Joo Yeon or Young Gon was too biased for me because it’s a he said-she said situation in flashbacks, and you don’t really see Jung’s complete thought process linearly. I know we saw how he dealt with Sang Cheol changing Seol’s schedule from beginning to end, but we didn’t trust him then. Now, seeing how he dealt with Min Soo, you can see how protective he is of Seol. I just wish the timeline were clearer so we would know exactly when he started to get attracted to Seol and want to protect her.

In Ho was kind of funny in this episode, but it’s a little too late for his character to realize that he likes Seol. I thought it was something he’d realize a lot earlier, but he must have had such a good control over his emotions to not let it get away from him until now. As for In Ha, I’m beginning to appreciate her outrageousness because only she can get away with everything that she does.

But this was an awful ending to be left on, especially when there are no new episodes next week. What am I supposed to be looking forward to when the show comes back in two weeks?!

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