‘Entourage’ Remake Includes Seo Kang Joon, Im Si Wan, and more


The drama remake train keeps on chugging along. This time it’s the HBO show Entourage. The show was announced a while back and will air on tvN, but they’ve finally announced the cast – and it includes plenty of current tvN stars.

Seo Kang Joon (Cheese in the Trap), Jo Jin Woong (Signal), Im Si Wan (Misaeng), and Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man, It’s Okay That’s Love) have all confirmed their appearance in the show. ‘Entourage Korea‘ (which I’m not sure is really going to be the official title) is set to air in June.

Of course the question becomes, who plays who?!

Seo Kang Joon will play top star Cha Young Bin (Adrian Grenier’s role Vincent Chase), Jo Jin Woong, who’s already a spectacular detective in Signal, is going to play Young Bin’s agency president Kim Eun Gap (Jeremy Piven‘s role Ari Gold), Im Si Wan plays Young Bin’s friend and manager Lee Ho Jin (Kevin Connolly‘s role Eric “E” Murphy), and Lee Kwang Soo is Young Bin’s cousin and former actor Cha Joon (Kevin Dillon’s role Johnny “Drama” Chase). Still to be determined if there’s going to be a “Turtle” character, formerly played by Jerry Ferrara.

It’ll be interesting to see if Seo Kang Joon can make the jump to leading man. He’s been playing a second male lead all this time to varying degrees of success. I think so far his acting in Cheese in the Trap has been the best, and so it bodes well that Entourage Korea is a contemporary, raunchy comedy. I think Seo could do it, but this role will really determine whether he’s a bankable star. Luckily though, CJ Entertainment dramas tend to make big stars of their leading men, so Seo’s star is probably going to shine more brightly this year.

Personally, I’ll be more interested in watching Jo Jin Woong going from serious and doubtful in Signal to brash and arrogant in this drama. And then we all know that Lee Kwang Soo can bring on the drama to bring “Johnny Drama” to life. Though side characters, I feel like they’ll steal all of their scenes. And Im Si Wan – well, I’m scarred by Triangle but at least here he can sort of play the “straight man” character.

source: sports chosun


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