Cheese in the Trap: Episode 8 Recap


Oh man I have a really hard time accepting all the crazy people around Seol. I feel so suffocated watching everyone around her start distrusting her or spread rumors about her when she isn’t even doing anything to antagonize them. She and her classmates are in such a small ecosystem that I just want her to break free! Lucky Jung – he gets to go to work and experience life outside of school. As for In Ho, he gets some needed character growth in this episode.

It looks like there was more to the conversation between Jung and In Ho than we initially thought. Jung’s words sound quite harsh, as if he’s trying to force In Ho back on track to be a pianist. Seol gets frustrated with the two of them – why must Jung make things so complicated when all he has to do is hand over a card? And why does In Ho have to get angry over every thing that Jung says?

Jung does offer In Ho this one last chance: he’s willing to support In Ho and help him study abroad (because he’s that good to deserve such a thing), but if In Ho says no then this is as far as he goes. He will never help out again if In Ho rejects this offer.

For now, In Ho would rather Jung get out of his sight. But Jung’s offer is quite tempting.

As they head to Seol’s home, she wishes that Jung and In Ho could just resolve their issues instead of fighting all the time. But Jung doesn’t want to think about all that anymore. He would rather if Seol just didn’t get close to In Ho or took sides in their argument. He won’t be seeing her often once his internship starts next week so he would rather they just have a peaceful relationship without worrying about outsiders. Seol can accept that, especially since she finds herself falling more and more for Jung. He drops her off at her place and they part ways for the night.

The following day, Young Gon uses Min Soo’s phone to message Jung anonymously to meet in a classroom. It seems Young Gon knows he can manipulate Min Soo, especially since she’s so impressionable to have begun copying Seol’s style. When Jung reaches the empty classroom, Young Gon appears out of nowhere like it was coincidence. Of course, Jung can see right through him and wants to know what the deal is.

Young Gon is holding a very deep-seated grudge against Jung, especially regarding Seol. He still sees Jung as fake and thinks he’s pretending to like Seol. Young Gon surreptitiously turns on a pen recorder and tries to get Jung to admit that he doesn’t really like Seol, or that he did encourage a “stalker” like him to pursue Seol a year ago. He even shows Jung some “evidence” – a series of texts from Jung that tell him to spend money on Seol because she might like him back. Jung calmly denies ever sending those texts, so Young Gon tries to prove that it is his number by calling it up.

And In Ha picks up on the other line.

Young Gon hangs up, shocked like heck, and grabs Jung’s collar. Just then Sang Cheol and the other guys come in thinking that they’re meeting Young Gon for lunch. Sang Cheol immediately is on Jung’s side without knowing what’s going on and Young Gon tries to prove that the number he called is Jung’s. Everyone takes a look and can’t believe for a second that those texts came from Jung: 1) they’re written in a style more suited to Young Gon’s style, and 2) that number doesn’t belong to Jung. Suspicion turns against Young Gon, and they think he’s just trying to frame Jung at this point.

Da Young even arrives in time to hear that Young Gon is just still obsessed over Seol, which pisses her off because she’s actually dating Young Gon now. (Ew.) Sang Cheol swears that he’ll never eat meat that Young Gon buys for him, and everyone leaves Jung and Young Gon alone again. “Isn’t that pen recorder kind of pathetic?” Jung asks quietly. Yeah – he knew. Nothing escapes him.

Jung leaves the room, and we get a flashback of what happened a year ago. Young Gon did text that number asking for Jung’s help on why he was being outcast by all the others. Jung did say that Seol was the only one nice to him, and Young Gon went overboard into thinking that Seol liked him too. What could Jung say but agree? At that time, Jung was also in a cafe with In Ha, and she was growing jealous on why Jung was texting someone with a spare phone. She grabbed the phone herself and read the conversation, wondering who was annoying her precious Jung that afternoon.

Jung allowed her to text Young Gon silly things like, “Confess your feelings,” or “Buy gifts.” In Ha then took that phone to keep (because she’s a materialistic little girl), and that’s how Young Gon accidentally ended up with In Ha’s number. Recalling all of this only makes Jung smirk privately – for all his pathetic attempts at revenge, he can’t believe that Young Gon is trying this hard.

Had this been seven episodes ago, that smirk would have been very discomforting. Now it only makes Jung look petty, but also rightfully victorious because at least he was able to hoodwink the bigger bad (Young Gon) – even if it was accidental in hindsight.

As for Young Gon, he comes to the conclusion that the woman on the other end is Jung’s second girlfriend. Because that just had to be the next logical conclusion, right? He couldn’t even consider the possibility that maybe the number now belongs to a stranger.

Jung and Seol meet for dinner in a low key bar, and she worries about how Young Gon hassled her boyfriend. He cautions her to be wary, especially since he won’t be around on campus as often due to the internship. It makes Seol feel warm, as she likes the feeling of having someone worry about her well-being. Unfortunately their private little dinner is interrupted by the arrival of Sang Cheol, Kyung Hwan and Do Hyun. They invite themselves over to Jung and Seol’s table and then Sang Cheol tries to get Seol to drink a huge mug of beer. Jung volunteers to drink the whole thing for her, like a good boyfriend that he is. Sang Cheol, still annoying as ever, then tries to pressure the two of them to kiss, but Jung wisely sidesteps the issue by saying they will… if Sang Cheol and Kyung Hwan kiss first. Ha!

As the night wears on the boys all get drunker and drunker, while Seol falls more sleepy. Eventually Jung leans on Seol’s shoulder, moaning that his head hurts and it’s too noisy. Seol sees that he’s really drunk and escorts him outside for some fresh air. They collapse on a park bench, and Jung slowly wakes up with each deep breath. Seol playfully suggests they make a run for it, since she doesn’t want to drink with those sunbaes who look at them like pushovers. “Pushover!” Jung brightens up. “Many people called me that in high school!” Drunkenness gets Jung to reveal that people in school used to get close to him because they wanted something from him, and even though he knew that he couldn’t do anything but just go along with it.

“Seol, you really like me, don’t you?” he asks. Oh no… he really likes Seol. He believes that she is the only person to like him genuinely without any other intent, since she used to dislike him so much anyways. He hopes she won’t ever think badly of him, and while we know that Seol does like him she can’t bring herself to answer. After all, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she were still wary of him.

Jung steals a kiss on her lips, shocking Seol. She looks around quickly but no one is watching anyways. He leans in, more slowly, and then kisses her again. Seol unconsciously jumps, as she hesitantly kisses him back. She winces from her nervousness but finally succumbs to Jung’s kisses.

Okay – I just have to say that this is probably one of the best choreographed kiss scenes I’ve seen, where you can see Seol being very uncomfortable over her very first kiss to slowly learning and getting used to the sensation. And then finally kissing him back. Drama directors – take note! Stop telling your female leads to just stand there and receive a kiss!

Anyways, Seol walks back home in a daze, barely registering In Ho’s presence outside of her parents’ restaurant. She runs away when he teases that her breath reeks of alcohol and hurries home. She texts Jung to see if he made it home, and he drunkenly texts her back that he’s okay. And then he doesn’t respond. He’s asleep. Seol freaks – how could he sleep when they just had their first kiss!? Maybe he had a lot of experience, but she hasn’t!

The next day, Sang Cheol, Kyung Hwan and Do Hyun mock Young Gon as he begs Da Young for forgiveness. How she’s still dating him is anyone’s guess. Unable to handle being the butt of other people’s jokes, Young Gon decides to target Eun Taek. At class, he sneaks to the seat next to Eun Taek and apologizes for his impertinence during the basketball game. Eun Taek won’t be bothered by Young Gon, but the jerk keeps pushing his buttons by saying that he has some pictures of Bora. After all, don’t the both of them like Bora?

The thought of Young Gon having stalkerish photos of Bora enrages Eun Taek so much that he punches the guy in the face. Others step in to separate the two and they’re kicked out of class. Afterwards, Sang Cheol forces Eun Taek to apologize to Young Gon – with a 90-degree bow no less – without even listening to Eun Taek’s side of the story of what happened. All it matters to Sang Cheol is that Eun Taek disrespected a senior. Of course, Young Gon enjoys this attention and loves it even more that Da Young came running to him all worried about her baby. Ugh he’s so sickening.

Meanwhile Bora mistakes Min Soo for Seol from behind, and she gets more irritated over how Min Soo is just clearly copying Seol. Min Soo just wants to have lunch with Seol (and return the lion then) but Bora won’t let Seol pay Min Soo any mind. Seol doesn’t really apologize to Min Soo for Bora’s behavior, but at the same time she’s clearly weirded out by Min Soo. After class Min Soo really tries to get Seol to stay, but they knock into each other and drop their things. That’s when Seol notices her lion in Min Soo’s bag.

Bora immediately accuses Min Soo of stealing Seol’s things, as if stealing her look wasn’t enough. Offended, Min Soo blurts that she bought the lion from a stationery store near the school herself. It’s her lion – not Seol’s! She pushes her way through, and runs out of the building.

Unfortunately she falls prey to Young Gon, who’s been waiting for her. He pretends to be concerned about Min Soo’s well-being and hears out her story regarding the lion. But instead of helping Min Soo resolve the issue with Seol, he suggests that Seol is actually meaner than she seems. He thinks Min Soo gives Seol too much credit, and adds that he heard Seol spreading rumors that Min Soo is copying her. Young Gon thinks that Seol is acting up because she now has a boyfriend, but is really no better than Min Soo. This makes Min Soo feel better. Great – now she’s going to be a pawn in Young Gon’s plan for revenge. And boy is Young Gon excited: Hong Seol angry at Min Soo, Eun Taek getting in trouble with his sunbaes, and no Jung around to protect them all.


Seol meets up with Ah Young for the first time after break, where Ah Young gives her gifts from Belgium and Netherlands. Sang Cheol barges in on their happy reunion demanding Seol’s notes from another class, but suddenly he is enamored by Ah Young’s cute looks. The notes forgotten, Sang Cheol introduces himself as Seol’s most trusted senior and starts hitting on Ah Young. Both girls grab their things and quickly excuse themselves, running away from the clearly-untrustworthy-Sang Cheol.

During all this, In Ho finally makes the decision to visit Professor Shim Myung Soo. Though he’s not sure about restarting his piano career, he also doesn’t want to be aimless forever. He plays a song for Professor Shim, who can tell that In Ho “rested” for five years and probably never touched a piano during that time. He asks In Ho what he did instead, but In Ho has no response. Feeling attacked, In Ho immediately goes on the defense, saying that Professor Shim wanted to see him and not the other way around. Professor Shim nods, then says In Ho is free to go. Another student arrives hoping that Professor Shim can help him prepare for his concert, and In Ho is left forgotten. He hears the fire and the passion in the student’s performance – the feelings he used to have but can’t seem to grasp again.

Seol leaves her new job at the library and talks to Jung, unsure whether she should bring up her minor conflict with Min Soo when he must be so busy. She bumps into In Ho and head home together. He can’t believe that she’d do so much work on the subway, but she does it all to just be employed in the future. She has no talent, not like In Ho’s innate talent, so she has to work hard at everything. In Ho: “How do you work hard?” Seol: “You just do.”

Hm. Some food for thought.

Then Seol gets a call from Jung – he’s waiting outside her restaurant! He’s not happy to see that she came home with In Ho, but Seol brightly says that it’s only because In Ho met with the professor. “Why do you have to tell him useless things like that?!” he shouts. Hehe. Jung wants to eat at her parents’ restaurant, which also means that he wants to meet them. In Ho and Seol try to convince him otherwise, but Jung heads in anyways.

Of course, the parents start grilling Jung, and In Ho does his best to be disruptive in the kitchen. Seol’s father isn’t too impressed with the fact that Jung is an intern, but the whole family’s jaw drops when Jung reveals his father is the head of Taerang Group. Apparently it’s a big deal, but Jung is very humble about it. In Ho can’t stand it and drags the garbage out to the alley way. I think it’s because it’s so clear how a perfect catch Jung is with his set future, and yet In Ho can’t get his life together. In Ho had the same opportunity as Jung, but now he’ll never get to be with a girl like Seol.

Seol’s mother makes him a big bowl of noodles and Jung hungrily eats it up, complimenting her all the while. Of course Joon and the mother love Jung, while the father dislikes how Jung is from a totally different world from them. At least the father isn’t delusional enough to think that they could get some of Jung’s money should Seol and Jung marry. What’s sad is that In Ho also returns to the restaurant once Jung leaves and has to clean up Jung’s dishes. He must feel like his life is to serve Jung.

Seol walks Jung to his car, curious if he slept well the night before. What she really wants to know is if he remembers their kiss, but he makes no indication that he does. Until he kisses her again good night. Hehe – he remembered everything. She’s so cute as she skips back home.

In Ho swallows his pride the next day and returns to the school to see Professor Shim. He really wants to try to play the piano again. So Shim has him play Hanon exercises for hours until he comes back from his classes. At first In Ho is insulted and doesn’t want to play such simple notes, but he forces himself to get back to the basics. It’s not that easy, so he diligently keeps playing. Turns out Professor Shim met with In Ho’s former mentor, and Professor Noh asked for a favor: for Professor Shim to teach In Ho patience. That’s the one thing In Ho lacks.

Hence the Hanon exercises.

Bora notices Eun Taek buying coffee for all of his seniors and Young Gon and wonders what on earth is going on. Da Young is only too happy to enlighten her: Eun Taek fought with Young Gon again over Bora, so she needs to keep a leash on Eun Taek. Of course Bora has no idea what Da Young is talking about, and when she confronts Eun Taek about it, he tells her not to worry about it.

Bora complains to Seol about Eun Taek and believes wholeheartedly that Young Gon is ruining their lives. She sees Min Soo pass by and gets pissed again, calling her “Fake Seol.” Min Soo retorts that she thinks Seol is copying her instead, which leaves the both of them speechless. Just another thing Young Gon taught Min Soo on “how to fight back.”

Jung happens to see Min Soo and is startled by how much she looks just like Seol now. They all then head to Professor Kang’s class together, and Seol is now the head of a group with Sang Cheol (ugh), Bora (yay!), and Kyung Hwan (yay!). Seol knows how to manage both Bora and Kyung Hwan, who will pull their weight, but not Sang Cheol, who can’t even do the simplest of tasks. Instead of doing his work he just texts Seol for Ah Young’s number! Seol threatens to kick Sang Cheol out of the group if he doesn’t do his work, and he loudly protests, making the entire class pay attention.

Sang Cheol complains that Seol is not being understanding to his personal and work life, but Kyung Hwan and Bora tell him to shut it – if he doesn’t pull his weight, they have the right to kick him out. They’re not going to get a D for his sake like Seol did last semester. Seol makes him promise to just do his part, and he grudgingly agrees.

Overhearing all of this makes Min Soo believe even more that Seol is actually mean, just like Young Gon said. Jung, her group leader, then notices that she has the lion charm in her pencil case. Instead of confronting her directly though, he gets her attention by complimenting her work and asking her to redo some parts of it. Because he says it so nicely though, Min Soo is happy to do anything for him. Wow, he’s good at this. Can’t wait to see what he does about the lion though.

After class, Bora drags Seol with her to confront Min Soo. She can’t stand it anymore and wants to know whether Min Soo stole Seol’s lion or not. Seol wants to talk privately, but Min Soo chooses the public hallway where everyone – including Young Gon – can hear. She accuses Seol of having some sort of victim mentality, that she’s like the victim of everyone else’s actions. (Technically, Seol is, but she does not have a victim mentality at all.) Min Soo makes such a fuss that Da Young steps in and tells Bora and Seol to stop accusing innocent people.

Great – the new trifecta is Da Young, Young Gon, and Min Soo. And they all gloat over their little “victory” over Seol in making her look like a bad person. Da Young and Young Gon leave first, and Min Soo catches sight of the most perfect man in her small opinion: Hong Joon.

Oh. Crap.

Joon is on campus looking for the art department, presumably looking for In Ho (or possibly Ah Young if he knows his sister’s friend). He asks Min Soo for directions, and she pretends to pull up a map of the school. Instead, she takes a sneaky picture of him. Sheesh this girl – not only taking Young Gon’s stupid advice but also his stalker tendencies! She guides him on where to go and he sincerely thanks her, which makes her fall head over heels for him.

Seol heads home and tries to call Jung, but he’s busy at a work dinner. She stops by her uncle’s bar, where he gives her a nice big cup of coffee so she can study for her exams. He tells her that In Ho is downstairs, practicing on the piano, so she sneaks up on him playing Hanon exercises.

Seol teases him for playing such simple notes, not believing that he is actually a virtuoso. They go back and forth about how much smarter the other is, almost flirting. But In Ho doesn’t like to be looked down upon so he starts playing a very difficult song on the piano for her. Seol’s jaw drops. He really can play! She’s super impressed and then requests another song for him to play just by humming the tune. In Ho picks up on it and plays the soothing melody for her, but eventually stumbles near the end of the song. He pretends he forgot the rest of the song, so she picks up where he left off and plays a few simple notes. It’s enough to get him to finish the song with her, and then she transitions to playing “Chopsticks.”

Oh the simple joys in life that make the day so much brighter after an intensely taxing day.


I am so disgusted by the people around Seol and Jung that it really does make you root for the two of them. Even though Jung can be easily misunderstood and can go too far, at the same time Young Gon and his new trifecta are so annoying and evil that I kind of want Jung to go all out on them. Unfortunately Seol is going to have to deal with them on her own for now, and she’ll have to gain some inner strength to deal with it on her own. I just feel that no matter how much she can stand up to Da Young or Sang Cheol or Min Soo, she won’t be able to deal with Young Gon’s harassment alone. If there’s any doubt left in me about Jung’s intentions, they’ve been dispelled. It’s nice to have a person you hate more than the dubious main male lead to make you start rooting for that male lead.

As for In Ho, I felt this was a nice serious moment for Seo Kang Joon. He really had to rethink his life decisions. I’m hoping that he does get his life back on track and aspire for his dreams again. I really want him to succeed on his own, nto to be worthy of Seol’s attention or anything, but to perhaps also find a way to make peace with Jung again. And perhaps maybe make peace with In Ha. That spoiled brat might be hopeless from the start of doing anything herself, but maybe if she had more support from her brother for her paintings, she wouldn’t have been as awful as she is now.

Eight more episodes. Can we crush Young Gon in two? And Sang Cheol in one? And then spend the other episodes watching Bora and Eun Taek go on cute dates, and Seol and Jung kissing a bit more.

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2 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: Episode 8 Recap

  1. Hello Kaede jun!

    first of all, thank you for your recaps! It’s always nice to read them!

    I haven’t read the webtoon, so my opinion is purely based on the drama.

    I’m so glad for In ho, I honestly think Seo Kang- Joon is doing a great, great job portraying him: he made me laugh out loud when he poured the water to Jung and when I started the hanon exercises…but at the same time he moved me when he tought to himself “What have I been doing” for five years…I mean, sometimes it happens to wonder “how come I spend my time in that way, when I could have done something?!” …;) It happened to me!!
    I think In ho spent so much time alone, trying to run away from his sorrows, that he really lost track of the days and years passing by…so, I’m sure having friends like Seol can only do him good and motivate him.

    As for our main couple….Oh my Oh my….just looking at them together I feel butterflies in my stomach. Seol is no “ordinary girl”, and of course she would catch the attention of another “no ordinary” person…I think they will learn so much from each other. The drunk scene: Park Hae Jin nailed it perfectly… all was abso-fxxxxxg-lutely perfect! (cit. Han Mi-Mo:)… ) Totally swoon worthy. THANK YOU.
    And he has already asked Seol many times about what she thinks about him 😦 …I don’t know..just going nuts here!!

    The only thing that left me a bit wondering was about the text thing with Young Gon: it really surprised me in the flashback to see In ha and Jung together, since now he doesn’t even answer her calls; about the little smile after the confrontation on the texts: Jung is no fool, so does he really thinks he is going to get away with it without Seol discovering it? Or, did he really not understood how crazy Young Gon was/ is?

    “Can we crush Young Gon in two? And Sang Cheol in one?” And then spend the other episodes watching Bora and Eun Taek go on cute dates, and Seol and Jung kissing a bit more.ahahaha I second you here!!
    And …special mention to professor Kang …Hwang Suk-Jung: that lady cracks me up in every single drama she’s acting in.

    Forgive me for the long comment!
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. I have to get this out of the way first, That KISS! After that horribly awkward kiss in the car I was a little worried, but this episode fixed all the kissing issues. Now the other issues, like being surrounded by creepers. What will our heroine do? I’m loving this drama and your recaps! Thanks for the thorough and interesting recaps.

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