Cheese in the Trap: Episode 5 Recap


This is the episode where we find out more about the mysterious Jung. It’s incredibly enlightening and also fun to see that the sequence of events jump around compared to the webtoon a bit. It adds a level of unexpectedness to the series. But this episode really raises the question: Is Jung really that weird?

In Ho isn’t surprised that Jung just called Seol his girlfriend. In fact, it makes sense. This must be why Jung is cutting off In Ha so suddenly.

Jung sends Seol in to her apartment first, clearly because he wants to talk privately. She hesitates, but agrees to go in; it’s not her place to listen to these two men fight about past issues that she’s certainly not involved in. However, she is very much involved in today’s fight: In Ho believes that Jung is cutting off In Ha and ending her apartment lease because he got too close to Jung’s girlfriend. While Jung doesn’t confirm it, he does add that if In Ho quits his job at the academy, he might save In Ha from being homeless.

It’s frustrating we don’t know exactly why Jung hates In Ho, though we can speculate, but we do know that Jung will do anything to get rid of In Ho. Even if it means disabling In Ho’s right hand too. As scary as it is, In Ho does relish in seeing Jung’s mask come off, breaking the cool facade that Jung likes to maintain.

Seol chases after Jung as he leaves her street, only to find him still very angry at her for not listening to him. Seol apologizes that she didn’t mention In Ho’s presence at the academy, since she thought it’d stress him out, but she doesn’t understand why he’s so angry at her. Can he give her a reason why she shouldn’t see In Ho anymore?

Jung is terrible at giving reasons that involved his personal life, so he just “orders” her to stay away from In Ho. At least Seol has a spine and won’t just meekly walk away from this. She wants a very good reason as to why she should avoid In Ho – and at that moment it starts pouring. Jung shelters her with his umbrella and begs her to just sleep on it, as he doesn’t want to fight. But honestly, what would change tomorrow? It’s not like she’s going to become obedient overnight.

Seol heads back to her apartment, not liking what she and Jung have for a “relationship.” But she gets a call from a frantic Bora: she found her father collapsed on the floor and is at the hospital, and she needs her friends desperately. So Seol hurries back out and bumps into Jung, who’s still standing on her street wanting to talk. But he offers her a ride to the hospital when he hears about Bora’s father.

Eun Taek reaches Bora first (aww) and she starts hitting him for being so late. I bet he ran the moment she called, and he comforts her as Seol and Jung arrive soon after. Jung offers to stay outside the operation room with Seol while Eun Taek takes the delirious Bora to a spare room for her to rest.

The doctor emerges to say that the father had a hemorrhage, but because they found it early enough they would be able to take care of the father. Seol is relieved, and she finally allows herself to rest. Jung goes to get some snacks and a blanket from Bora’s room (where Bora and Eun Taek are asleep holding hands), and he wraps the blanket around the asleep Seol on the bench. He quietly sits next to her and, as if he himself doesn’t know how to be a proper boyfriend, hesitantly cradles her hand.

When Seol awakes, Jung is passed out, sitting up and holding her hand. She quickly covers him up with the blanket around her, and that’s when the doctor emerges with good news: Bora’s father is now in the recovery room! All is well! Now Seol and Jung can go home while Eun Taek vows to stay by his noona’s side.

Now Seol and Jung can continue their talk, sort of. Both apologize to each other for being so harsh with one another, and Jung finally explains what happened between In Ho and him. Jung’s father looked up to In Ho’s grandfather, who was a respected professor. When the grandfather passed, Mr. Yoo took in In Ho and In Ha and supported them. When they were in high school, In Ho got into a fight and hurt his hand, ending his future as a pianist. But In Ho blamed Jung for the fight, even though Jung claimed to have nothing to do with it.

Seol isn’t quite sure she can believe that this simple misunderstanding is all there is to the animosity, but she chooses to believe Jung. For now. Likewise, she reveals that she has been cold to Jung lately because she spoke to Joo Yeon and heard that he didn’t help her even though he knew she was going to be attacked by a homeless person. While it’s not entirely his fault for not saving her, she was confused as to why he’d want to date her.

Jung then reveals something Joo Yeon chose not to mention: he called security, and searched the building too. He’s a bit hurt that Seol would believe Joo Yeon over him, but they make peace over some more onigiri. (This is all Jung probably wants to eat every single day.) The both of them promise to talk to each other to clear up misunderstandings immediately, and Seol realizes that Jung is the type to not make a fuss. He’d rather internalize everything and make everything seem like it’s okay instead of over-sharing.

The following day at the academy, Seol checks in on In Ho but he acts quite aloof with her because she’s Jung’s girlfriend. He even tells her to go home right away as they can’t be caught talking together for a moment! Seol thinks he’s acting like a jerk, but In Ho suggests they act like they don’t know each other at all. After all, isn’t that what Seol wants since she views him as a pest?

We get an awkward phone conversation between Seol and Jung as they talk about her parents’ new restaurant. Jung makes a bad joke that it’s a bit too early for him to formally meet the parents and visit the restaurant, especially because he sounds so serious when he says it. Seol offers to buy him another meal since she doesn’t want to always be on the receiving end, and he suggests a four-course meal, even though they both know she can’t afford such a thing.

Next door though, another couple is hitting a rough patch.

T.A. Heo visits Joo Yong’s apartment to find it a complete mess with empty wrappers and soju bottles. He cleans up a little, tsk-tsking the whole time, and waits on top of the folded bedding for Joo Yong to come home. Except Joo Yong doesn’t come home until early next morning.

Joo Yong is surprised to find Heo in his apartment and tries to lie about his whereabouts. In reality, all he did was visit his mother, who missed him so much after the family kicked Joo Yong out. But Heo doesn’t like that, and he angrily tells Joo Yong to go back to his fancy home and live there.

In case you can’t tell, they’re having a lover’s spat. Yes – they’re a couple, and yes, Joo Yong left a life of comfort for love. And yes, his parents definitely would disapprove of Joo Yong being gay.

Heo storms out of Joo Yong’s apartment only to run into the landlady’s grandson. The sketchy grandson looks startled to see the two of them come out of the apartment and wonders if the two slept together. Not that it really matters, but the grandson pretends he’s checking that no rules are being broken in the building.

Seol and Jung go to a homey looking restaurant for lunch and she tries to hide her menu surfing from Jung. But he knows that she’s just looking up coupons on her phone for the restaurant. Heh. They talk a bit about Eun Taek and Bora, and first impressions being wrong. Jung wonders if they started off on the wrong foot a year ago, but he likes where they are now. So does Seol.

Okay, this bit is kind of cute, even if Jung is still a little creepy. As they walk down the sidewalk, a motorbike comes honking through and Jung grabs Seol out of the way. She is so surprised that she ends up pushing out of his arms! Heh, guess he can’t do that gesture to Seol. They shop in a trinket store and Jung purchases two lion phone charms – because the lion’s red mane makes it look just like Seol.

So things are going well between Jung and Seol. Not so much between In Ho and Seol. He makes a point to come up to Seol to tease her while insisting he doesn’t know her because he’s just a pest. One of his tactics? To come up to her while he’s mopping the floor (as a janitor) and push her out of the way while mopping her feet. Seol trips around and ends up dropping her notes right on the wet floor. Her notes are ruined thanks to him!

In Ho feels terrible for what he did, so he goes up to the English teacher and begs to borrow his notes to make copies. In exchange he’ll shine the teacher’s shoes! Thing is, In Ho isn’t quite savvy with how to work a copying machine…

In any case, he gets a surprise call from Seol, only to hear In Ha on the other line! Yup, his sister came by the academy because she’s in need of money, and saw Seol and In Ho interacting. Knowing that her brother isn’t too keen on talking to her, In Ha follows Seol to the convenience store, makes her pay for her snacks, and then borrows Seol’s phone to bait her brother to come out.

Seol insists that she and In Ho don’t have any special relationship, but In Ha begs to differ considering how fast In Ho comes running to the store. He gives Seol the notes and tells her to return it to the teacher after she makes copies. Then he drags his sister away by the wrist to talk privately. “Private” is not in In Ha’s dictionary and she screams bloody murder as he drags her to a side street.

In Ha brusquely asks for more money while also looking down on him for dating someone. He is so pissed with her being so irresponsible that he raises his hand to slap her. (Honestly, she would deserve it.) But he stops when he sees In Ha flinch. And for a moment, she actually looks human.

Flashback to when they were little kids. After their parents and grandfather died, they had to stay with an aunt, whom In Ha claims isn’t their real aunt anyways. In Ha was a brat even as a child and constantly fights with this “aunt” and gets beat up as punishment. In Ho, tired of In Ha’s screaming, drags his sister away into the aunt’s bedroom, locks the door, and tells her to stop instigating fights. But In Ha has no respect for this woman. Instead she starts rifling through the drawers and finds a box of the aunt’s jewelry and some cash; stealing and getting money is like second nature to In Ha now.

She readies to walk right through the door but In Ho leads her to the window to escape. After all, she’d be an idiot to think she could walk out the door with all those valuables. In Ho climbs out first, but In Ha barely makes it through when the aunt bursts through the bedroom door with a spare key. In Ho runs, saving himself first instead of helping his sister. As he runs through the gate, he bumps into Mr. Yoo, who had just so happened to come by for a visit.

In Ha comes screaming to Mr. Yoo, begging that he take them away. She shows off her bruises and makes him think that she’s getting abused by the aunt, and begs him desperately to take care of them. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Back in the present, In Ha gloats as she counts out In Ho’s latest “donation.” She knew he’d feel guilty about abandoning her to the abusive aunt and acted pathetic on purpose. In Ha is absolutely vile. And sadly, In Ho still wallows in guilt outside of the academy.

Seol visits her parents for the weekend and helps out at the restaurant, where business is doing well. Unfortunately her father hates the fact that they opened a restaurant and feels inferior that he can’t succeed as a businessman. It’s hard work though, and Seol ends up passing out when she gets home before she can finish any studying. She even forgets that she has a date with Jung, and he offers to go over to her neighborhood so they can just hang at a bar.

Guess who’s at the bar? Why Joo Yong of course! He’s drinking up a storm again, not knowing that Heo is waiting for him at his apartment. Joo Yong recognizes Jung immediately too. It turns out they were childhood friends and their families knew each other!

Jung unwillingly sits down with Joo Yong, and it’s clear that he doesn’t look upon Joo Yong very kindly. He can’t believe that Joo Yong left the house for a relationship, but Joo Yong replies, “What do you know about love? You only hung around good looking people.” He then implies that no one could ever be in love with a guy like Jung, but when he sees his expression darken he stops. Jung is ready to go, and Joo Yong begs him to not be angry and sit down.

It’s a bit of a pattern with Jung, huh? Everyone is always asking him to not get angry at them.

Just then Seol arrives, and Joo Yong can’t believe that the two of them are actually dating. Now he’s got an audience of two! He orders a few more drinks and starts wailing about how he thinks he’s been dumped.

Heading home, In Ho passes a darkened figure who takes a brick from under Jung’s car tire, which would have helped support the car from slipping down the hill I presume. In Ho initially blows it off, but then realizes that the suspicious guy is heading towards Seol’s house! He doubles back on the street and just misses witnessing the guy clubbing Heo with the brick on the back of the head!

Yep, it’s the grandson. And yep, he did do it intentionally against Heo.

In Ho runs up to Heo and a neighbor screams to high heavens when she sees Heo knocked out. They call the police to report the crime and get Heo to a hospital. By the time Seol and Jung arrive with a drunk Joo Yong between their arms, there is nothing to see on the street.

Joo Yong’s door is thankfully unlocked (but it’s because Heo carelessly closed it as he left), but Jung takes Joo Yong’s keys and gives it to Seol to lock up and return the next morning. Seol trips on a step and ends up falling into Jung’s arms. Cue romantic moment! Except it’s really an awkward, romantic moment. Seol blushes and wonders if she needs to invite Jung to her apartment, but he can read through her expressions and excuses himself for the night. Heh.

The next morning the police launch a full on investigation about the attack and reports of an underwear thief. One of the neighbors thinks that Joo Yong did it since he looked creepy and might have peeked at her taking a shower. (Not that he’d be interested though.) Seol provides a good alibi for Joo Yong’s whereabouts, but the police officer insists on checking Joo Yong’s apartment to see if there’s any missing underwear there.

And lo and behold, it is. Hidden beneath the folds of the bedding. The grandson had been hiding his stash there and was waiting for Heo to get out of the apartment all night. I wouldn’t put it past the grandson to also be hating on the fact that Heo and Joo Yong are gay, but that’s unconfirmed…

In any case, Joo Yong is implicated of the the robberies and for assault and brought into the station. Jung calls up Seol just then, and she provides an update on what happened to Joo Yong. But she hangs up abruptly when Joo Yong runs out of the station before he’s been properly released. He just heard that the assault victim was his beloved Heo Yoon Sub, and he goes out looking for him.

Seol follows Joo Yong out, only to bump into In Ho. He just got let out too by the police because he was suspected of assaulting Heo. Seol is relieved that In Ho saved her teacher’s assistant, but is confused as to why Heo and In Ho were in her neighborhood at that hour. In Ho assures it wasn’t intentional, and then reminds her to buy him a meal as a way of thanks. And, if she ever encounters In Ha again – run.

Seol arrives at her apartment and overhears Joo Yong and Heo arguing. Heo is already angry with Joo Yong for not studying, but he can’t believe that Joo Yong is an underwear thief on top of that! He storms out of the apartment, only to find Seol standing there. Now he’s really pissed. Just the sight of her makes his blood boil because it reminds him of Jung.

Heo: “You must like attending school for free lately, don’t you? You got the scholarship and you’re now an office aide. Your life must be so beautiful.” Seol is confused, and he can’t believe she really doesn’t know. “Jung made me throw away his report so that you would get the scholarship.”

Even Joo Yong is surprised; he knew that a “rich kid” had been threatening his honey, but he didn’t know it was Jung his childhood friend.

Seol doesn’t know what to make of this, and she calls up Jung to meet immediately. On a park bench, she confronts what he did: did he really force T.A. Heo to “lose” his paper so that she could get the scholarship? Jung admits he did. He didn’t want Seol to take a leave of absence from school again because he wanted to get closer to you. Unfortunately they had a lot of misunderstandings and didn’t get to talk to each other much. This was the only way he could think of keeping her around.

But Seol isn’t flattered. She’s angry that he did this because his actions had consequences. By making T.A. Heo “lose” the paper, he’s also ruined Heo’s reputation among the students and teachers. He’s marked as the “irresponsible” one. Jung doesn’t feel guilty for it though, because he was equally wronged by Heo. So a deal is a deal – Jung will forget what Heo did, but Heo must repay this favor.

(A flashback reveals that six months ago, Heo had stepped out of a dinner party and saw a forgotten wallet on the floor. Instead of asking who it belonged to, he pocketed the cash inside. Unfortunately, Jung saw him – and it was Jung’s wallet.)

Nevertheless Seol is not impressed. Not everything can be so black and white as Jung sees it. She hates that she’s been receiving all these “gifts” from Jung, but at the cost of hurting someone else. So instead of saying thank you for everything he’s done, Seol just leaves.

Now Jung is really hurt. And really angry. He calls out Heo for a talk outside the apartment building, and Joo Yong immediately intervenes because he can tell Jung is about to blow his top off. “We said last time we’d pretend nothing happened, but now you act like this?” Jung roars. Joo Yong tries to alleviate Jung, because Heo only stole the money for him. But that doesn’t make Jung feel any better.

“What a spectacle. One is a money thief and the other is an underwear thief,” Jung sneers. That’s a bit unfair, especially since Joo Yong is innocent. But that’s also how Jung has always been –willing to step all over other people without regard to their feelings and situations.

Joo Yong begs for forgiveness on behalf of Heo, and Jung readily accepts – on the condition that Joo Yong return to his family. Otherwise he’ll tell the family about Joo Yong’s “current situation.” Sheesh.

Jung returns home and de-stresses by playing some soccer games. He mulls over what Seol and Joo Yong have told him that night, and recalls all the classmates who have apologized or begged for his forgiveness. Are his actions and ways of thinking really that weird to others? Is he really always in the wrong?

Flashback to that night when Joo Yeon offered to pour him a glass of beer and he let the pitcher spill all over her lap. Jung looked up and saw Seol staring at him. And then he saw her sneer, as if she had him all figured out.

Jung: “You were like that too (Seol). You found me out and laughed cynically. You made judgments about me all on your own and turned the other way. Seol. I’m not that strange.”


Whoa. Seol and Jung are way more alike than you’d think. It’s interesting because it’s really all about perspective. In one situation the victim can also be the bad guy depending on how you look at it. It’s just that Jung’s ways follow the creed “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.” Most people don’t do that, and try to move on, but Jung is sure to get payback for any wrongs done against him or people he likes.

It becomes even more curious how Jung grew up, and I hope we get a glimpse of his younger years with Joo Yong, as was seen in the webtoon. It would be interesting to also see how Jung grew up in his family, and what made him to be like this.

In Ha and In Ho’s backstory was also a refreshing revelation because it added more color to what the kids had to go through before they were adopted by Mr. Yoo. However it just emphasized further that In Ha is a manipulative person who isn’t afraid of using her position as a child or a woman to her advantage. The way that she baited the aunt and then begged Mr. Yoo to take her was so incredibly annoying. She is definitely a character that deserves to be slapped.

While Seol and Jung are quite alike in how they jump to conclusions and make judgments of people, Jung and In Ha are more alike in that the end justify the means for them. In Ha’s end goal is always getting money, and she doesn’t care how she gets it. Jung’s goals always end up with him getting what he wants; at the moment, it’s to completely possess and control Seol because he thinks that would be love. His means are shady at best, but he doesn’t give much thought on them if it results in him getting what he wants. Seol thankfully believes the means justify the ends, so she is not so ruthless as he is when it comes to getting what she wants. And she’d never be.

I’m quite glad we got more of Jung’s story today, because there really are two sides to every story. Time will tell if Jung is still to be trusted or not after seeing things from his point of view.

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