Cheese in the Trap: A Horror Movie?


Ever wonder how creepy Park Hae Jin is when he looks over at Kim Go Eun? I mean, there’s something really unsettling about him that also makes him the perfect Jung. After all, you don’t know whether you can trust him or not. A friend of mine thought that just from his looks Cheese in the Trap looked more like a horror movie than anything else. So she recut another trailer… just for the heck of it.


source credits: video from “Cheese in the Trap,” audio from the film “It Follows,” editor Annette DiGrado

I think this could be an excellent spin off. 😛 In any case, hope you check out the real Cheese in the Trap, which you can watch on DramaFever.



3 thoughts on “Cheese in the Trap: A Horror Movie?

  1. This was too funny! I really got the creepy vibe from Park Hae Jin. He is doing such a good job. I haven’t felt unsettled watching a drama in a while. Actually all the actors are doing a great job. I love the overall tone of the show.

  2. I just found your blog, mostly because of my obsession with Cheese in the Trap, and OMG can I just say I love your input. I especially love this trailer, because I swear PHJ gives me the creeps, but I like to think in a good way… Or bad depending on how freaked out I am! But the directing is great because just the play of shadows makes Park Hae Jin more creepier than before. I really want to watch Bad Guy now.

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