News Bits: 11/26/2015 Edition


Happy Turkey Day! Gobble gobble. Time to eat our hearts out, and then relax in front of the TV with full bellies. Or go shopping. In any case – here’s a short news bit from Korean entertainment!

  • Han Ga In is expecting! She and her husband Yeon Jung Hoon announced that she is 19 weeks pregnant. They’re cautious about the pregnancy and making sure she is taking good care of her health, as she suffered a miscarriage last year shortly after making her pregnancy announcement. Congratulations and best wishes! [link]
  • Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye’s film After Love has postponed its release to February 2016. The melodramatic film, which happens to be a Korea-China joint production, was filmed back in 2014 and intended to be released in the latter half of 2015. But some controversies got in the way of things – namely Yoon Eun Hye getting accused of plagiarism for her fashion designs on the show The Goddesses’ New Outfit, a Chinese reality show where celebrities compete with fashion designs a la Project Runway. And Park has also been busy filming Neighborhood’s Hero, which will air next year. So it would just be good timing to release the film sometime around Valentine’s Day and also near Park Shi Hoo’s drama comeback. [link]


  • Youths Over Flowers is returning to tvN, with Jo Jung Suk, Jung Woo, and Jung Sang Hoon! And – they’re going to Iceland! I’m sure Na PD is going to find many ways for them to suffer in the cold. This new season will air in January 2016. [link]
  • I have to admit I am on a bit of a drama break right now. I did pause watching She Was Pretty because good ol’ Naver likes to post a gazillion articles with a bunch of spoilery pictures as the article’s thumbnail, so I know what happens in the end without even watching it. Thanks a lot, internet. But I’ll finish it. In the meantime, when I do get back on the drama horse, I am finding a huge pull towards Imaginary Cat with Yoo Seung Ho, mainly because of the cat. Because LOOK AT THAT CAT!






I want that cat… My cat just gives this look most of the time… No fun. 😦

I don't give a shit



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