News Bits: 11/19/2015 Edition


I’m all out of sorts schedule wise, so I’m sorry for being a little late with this! Without further ado… Goodbye Siwon and Changmin! You’re off to the army after your stints in drama-land (She Was Pretty and The Scholar Who Walks at Night), and we’ll see you in a year! (Okay, more than a year, but we’ll be okay!) [link]

  • Suzy isn’t quite ready to talk about Lightly, Ardently, her new drama with Kim Woo Bin, or about her boyfriend Lee Min Ho, but would rather put attention to her upcoming film The Sound of the Flower, costarring Ryu Seung Ryong and taking place in 1867. She plays a young woman who wants to learn pansori (traditional Korean storytelling in music form) but isn’t allowed to because women weren’t allowed to perform it back then. It opens on November 25. [link]
  • Park Shin Yang returns to the small screen in January – and it’s not a drama. Instead it looks like he’s joining tvN for a new entertainment program. There aren’t much details about it other than they’re in the planning stages and hoping to launch sometime in January. The last time Park Shin Yang was in a drama was in 2011 with Sign. [link]


  • Kang Ye Won, Lee Jung Jin, and Kim Tae Hoon have been confirmed for a new film called Trick. That’s still the working title, and not to be confused with the Japanese film of the same name. Directed by Lee Chang Yeol, the film is a sad story about a star producer (Lee Jung Jin) who falls from grace when one of his television investigative reports turns out to be untrue. He gets a second chance to redeem himself if he films a documentary centered around a terminally ill husband (Kim Tae Hoon) and his struggling wife (Kang Ye Won). Morals and greed clash as Lee Jung Jin must decide whether or not he should continue to follow the husband until he dies, especially when his documentary program breaks record ratings and the couple’s lives move the entire nation. A bit messed up, if you ask me. The film plans to start production in December and is slated for a release next year. [link 1, link 2]


  • A new MBC weekend drama called The Flower in Prison has cast big names to its project: Go Soo, Jin Se Yeon, Kim Mi Sook, Jun Kwang Ryul, Park Joo Mi, and Jung Joon Ho. The historical drama is about a young woman who was born in prison (Jin Se Yeon) and becomes a defender of the unfairly accused by fighting for their rights outside of the legal system in Joseon. Directed by Lee Byung Hoon (Dong Yi), it is slated to air in March after My Daughter Geum Sa Wol. [link 1, link 2, link 3]


  • Park Min Young in Remember looks like a young Choi Ji Woo. That’s all I have to say. [link]
  • Rumors are running amok again of a December 24th wedding between Rain and Kim Tae Hee. They denied it. Again. [link]


  • Posters are out for Cheese in the Trap! And they look so fun! I think all of the characters are encapsulating their manga selves, except that Kim Go Eun‘s orange hair looks a bit too fake in the poster. I’m so excited for this drama, and it looks like Park Hae Jin‘s character is going to be a bit more zany than his manga character. In the manga, Yoo Jung comes off as more mysterious and suspicious but in the synopsis for the drama version it looks like he’ll use Hong Seol (Kim) to his advantage and make her do crazy things with him. The other characters like Baek In Ha and In Ho and Seol’s friends seem more similar to their manga selves. For a closer look at the posters and the taglines, click here! [link 1]

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