News Bits: 11/6/2015 Edition


A light news week from me, as I didn’t find too much I was interested in writing about… Also I do realize that I’m a tad late by a few hours. Sorry!

  • Park Seo Joon is flying high with his success in She Was Pretty and is already considering his next project: a drama called Hwarang with Go Ara and Park Hyung Sik. The historical drama focuses on the Silla Dynasty elite male fighters known as Hwarang, or ‘Flowering Knights’, or as I would put it, ‘the original Flower Boys of Korea’. The three actors are currently favorably considering the drama, which will air on KBS January 2016. [link]


  • Lee Hong Ki is going to feature Park Shin Hye as the main female lead for his newest music video from his solo album. So, if you ever had that fan fiction of Jeremy and Go Mi Nam getting together in You’re Beautiful, the upcoming music video is your chance to live it out! Lee’s album will be released in mid-November. [link]


  • Following their recent successes for their MADE tour, BIGBANG officially renewed their contract with YG Entertainment on November 2nd. Just in case anyone was worried that they’ll leave the agency! [link]


  • One could argue that Oh My Venus is like My Lovely Sam Soon, except instead of focusing on how the female lead becomes the head pastry chef of a prestigious restaurant, learns to love herself, and is loved in return no matter her size… the overweight female lead falls in love with a tortured personal trainer. So… she’s just going to lose weight and be pretty and happy? That’s the sense of what I get from Shin Min Ah’s character, even though there’s probably more to the drama than just losing weight. In any case, does anyone remember how Kim Sun Ah actually gained weight for her role in My Lovely Sam Soon? Well here Shin Min Ah uses special effects makeup to achieve that round face look, since she is expected to lose it all and get a “V-line” shaped jawline in the end. I think Shin Min Ah looks kinda cute here. And super healthy. Oh My Venus airs on November 16 on KBS. [link]

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