Twenty Again: Episode 14 Recap


Okay, slightly better than the last episode. This episode at least had more cute moments in it, even though we had characters acting a little more out of character, for lack of a better word. They’re driven to desperation, but at the same time they need something to keep them going for the last two episodes.

The divorce papers signed, Min Soo helps his father pack all of his things into the car and sends him off, reassuring Woo Chul that everything will be fine. What a son. Nora rediscovers old notes she wrote to her grandmother, where they drew their messages instead of writing it out and one had to decipher it. That, and eating the rice cakes at Dong Chul’s, brings her closer to her grandmother than ever before.

Woo Chul moves into a hotel without letting Yi Jin know of his plans. Instead, she hears from her father that Woo Chul is planning to make moves to Jahcheon University. It’s like the ultimate betrayal to her, even though he did tell her while they were breaking up that he found it insulting that she had to help him get into WCU. She also still believes that Nora had something to do with their breakup, so out of vengeance she calls up the two girls who caught another professor receiving a bribe from a student. (This was a bribe mentioned in the beginning of the series on the news, and it prompted the firing of said teacher and the hiring of Woo Chul.) One can assume that Yi Jin was behind this scandal to begin with, and now she’s planning to frame Woo Chul with it!

Yoon Young visits Nora at home and sees that she’s begun packing her things. Though Nora technically has some time before she has to move out to a smaller home, she also doesn’t know when the apartment will get rented out. And since she doesn’t have much time between her part-time jobs and school, she’s got to start now. As per the divorce agreement, Nora is to get the deed to her grandmother’s storefront at Yeonam-dong once the leasing process has begun on the apartment. Yoon Young doesn’t think this is a good idea; Nora needs to protect her assets ASAP! But Nora is pretty calm about the whole thing because she doesn’t think Woo Chul would go back on his word anyways.

She heads to work, where Hyun Suk and Sang Ye are meeting with their production crew to plan the logistics of the stage and set design. Nora prepares some snacks for them, but she’s moving quite slowly and Sang Ye worries that she might be unwell. It wouldn’t be surprising if she were, since she did endure a lot of stress recently and stayed up all night one night, post-divorce. But she volunteers to stay behind and clean up the office while the others go eat. Hyun Suk wants her to eat, but he won’t push her in front of everyone else.

Unfortunately though, Hyun Suk leaves his cellphone behind at the studio. He tells Sang Ye to call up Nora and have her bring it to the restaurant, and then join them for dinner at least so she doesn’t starve. It’s a well-intentioned gesture, but of course Sang Ye knows that Hyun Suk is taking care of the girl he loves. The jealousy in her rises, and she ends up not making the call to Nora, lying instead to Hyun Suk that she already went home. Ooooooh, this is the most evil we’ve seen Sang Ye, and even then she’s not very good at it.

Hyun Suk returns to the office late at night and notices that it hasn’t really been cleaned up. The papers are still disorganized on the table, and the dishes haven’t been put away. He spots Nora sleeping on the couch and feels her forehead: she’s got quite the fever. He rushes to get her medicine, but then realizes that she needs to eat before she can ingest it. So he makes her some rice porridge and putting a cold compress on her forehead. Nora mumbles for her grandmother in her sleep, which is really sad because the only time she can meet her grandmother again is through her dreams. He spoon feeds her while she lies against his shoulder, and lies next to her all night.

The following morning, Nora wakes up feeling better but disoriented on where she is. She sees Hyun Suk next to her – he actually took care of her all night! She gingerly touches the hair on his forehead to see his sleeping face better, and then catches herself. What is she doing?!

Nora picks up her things and rushes out of the office, the banging door waking Hyun Suk up. He follows her out, and calls her to see where she went. She picks up just as he spots her getting into a cab and lying that she left the office at 3AM. She pretends she’s cooking stew as well to hang up early, and Hyun Suk is all, “What was that for?” Suddenly it hits him like a bolt of lightning – she couldn’t possibly… could she?! He starts smiling that charming grin of his – Nora likes him! Woohoo!

Sang Ye arrives for work and sees the mess Nora couldn’t clean up plus the rice porridge and medicine by the couch. She’s a smart gal and deduces just what might have happened. When Hyun Suk returns, he says nothing to her; the guilt on her face is enough. Instead he tells her to prepare the class notes. She apologizes for what she did, as they both understand that she lied, and he only says that after “You & Now” is done, they will prepare for her debut.

Min Soo is working hard with practice tests in school, trying to make sure that he won’t be a burden to his parents. He gets an urgent text from Hye Mi, who just wants them to go on a 2 day-1 night vacation with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend. Min Soo is not having it; he already told Hye Mi about his situation and how hard he needs to work, and he hoped she would be more understanding. Hye Mi thought she was actually going to make him feel better; this was supposed to be a stress relieving vacation, but Min Soo insults her in saying that it will cause him additional stress.

On his way to class, Hyun Suk gets a call from Woo Chul. The ex wants to just formally inform Hyun Suk that he and Nora are divorced (since he guessed correctly that Nora wouldn’t have told him), and that he wants to make it a fair competition. Yep – he wants a REAL love triangle between the three of them now! Where both men will equally fight for fair Nora’s love. It’s a bit ridiculous, and Hyun Suk says, “Stop thinking that love is just a game and get back to work.” But on his way to class he sees Nora standing on the walkway, unsure what to do. He takes this opportunity to check on her fever and get close to her, and she quickly scuttles away saying she has class. “Yeah, my class!” Hyun Suk shouts after her.

Hyun Suk then reveals the final group project to the class: they will do a performance of a moment in their lives that they either regretted, or want to go back to, or was a beautiful memory. He shares a personal example: he used to be a terrible person but because of one person (looks at Nora) he became a really cool guy, and that person gave him an opportunity to live out a really cool life. For Soon Nam, Nora, and Seung Hyun though the project is really hard. They don’t know what to do especially with finals coming up and everyone worrying about their future post-graduation.

Nora leaves the group meeting wondering what her future will be like, not noticing her untied shoelaces. But someone does notice them: Woo Chul! And he goes over and ties her shoelaces for her! Remembering that Nora liked his back because it reminded her of her father’s, he makes a great effort to show her his back too! Nora shies away from him – just what exactly does he think he’s doing in school? He offers to come around and help with any light fixtures and she replies, “Do you even know how to fix the light fixtures?” She walks off, and Woo Chul keeps praying that she’ll turn around and look at him.

And Nora does – but not because she’s seeing him in a new romantic light. It’s because she just realized that she has nothing in her name and that she attended WCU for him. Perhaps she’s getting inspiration for her project right now! As for Woo Chul, he believes that they can still work things out, even though he knows he made a grave mistake in preventing her from meeting her grandmother. He agreed to the divorce because he knew he couldn’t hold on to her anymore, but he thinks that they’ll still work out.

Woo Chul returns to his office to discover that a scandal is breaking throughout the school this very second – the students that Yi Jin contacted have begun spreading rumors that a “Professor K” got into the school with connections. They also sent him a threatening email that they can tell the world that he set the former professor up so that he could get the job, and people would believe it because they perceive it as truth.

The hilarious part of it is that Yi Jin fantasizes Woo Chul bursting into their apartment to beg for her help because she has the power to silence the two girls and the rumors. And it would please her nothing more than to shut him down and demand his resignation. This is really why she contacted the two girls – to get petty revenge on her lover. But Woo Chul’s imagination goes a different way. He sees himself being outed and painted as a shameful professor, losing his chance at Jahcheon, and being arrested. None of his thoughts go to Yi Jin.

So what does he decide to do? He goes to a realtor with the deed to the store on Yeonam-dong and begs for it to be sold quickly so he’d have money for the bribe. Uh-oh… On top of that, Yi Jin hears from her spy that Woo Chul paid the students off, which means he really doesn’t care for her.

Meanwhile Nora’s making a great contribution to Hyun Suk’s project as she’s provided a title to the “You & Now” project. As it’s all about loss and dealing with it in different ways, the play will now be called “Finding Lost Time.” Hyun Suk intentionally gets close to her as he congratulates her, which makes her feel very uncomfortable and run away to the bathroom. For a 38-year old she definitely still acts like a high-schooler!

Hyun Suk catches her on the way back and pretty much blocks her path. She gets so flustered that she tells him to go left while she goes right on the count of three. Except – that’s the same direction, since they’re facing each other. He gifts her a book, to congratulate her on coming up with the title, and encourages her to read it in the office and do her homework there since no one will be around. Nora’s confused because she could easily go home and do her homework, but clearly Hyun Suk just wants her to be around.

Hye Mi’s friend, Min Hae, knew that Min Soo would never have agreed to the trip because of who he is. So Min Soo and Hye Mi finally have the “talk” where they decide whether to stay together or not. Hye Mi is all about having fun; she told Min Soo from the beginning that she plans to play and have fun in the first year of college. Min Soo is all about studying and worrying about his future; if he doesn’t start off freshman year with good grades it will only be harder for him to succeed in the future. Both have valid points, because Hye Mi is all about living in the now while Min Soo is living for the future. And she – and we – know that if Min Soo doesn’t have fun now he never will; his personality would have been to always put things off for when it’s the proper time for vacation, and most likely never will go anywhere because he’s preparing for a future.

So yeah, they decide to break up. Finally.

It does depress Min Soo though, because the entire basis for his views towards college and jobs has been due to his father. And yet his father is also the one who wronged his mother, who had believed that people’s futures are determined by what people do with their experiences.

Another person is depressed and drinking that night: Sang Ye. Nora receives a call from a bartender on Sang Ye’s phone that she is quite drunk and needs a friend to pick her up. So Nora heads over and finds Sang Ye hurt over Hyun Suk. She doesn’t quite say why she ruined her relationship with Hyun Suk, but only mentions “getting caught” for having one-sided feelings for him and now she will never have a chance with him. What she had done between Nora and Hyun Suk was clearly selfish and since Hyun Suk was never interested in her it hasn’t helped her become more attractive to Hyun Suk anyways. Just then, Hyun Suk calls because he’s wondering where a certain file is, and Nora encourages her to pick up because he may be worried. Sang Ye: “It’s not that kind of worry.”

So now Nora knows about how Sang Ye feels and it makes her feel slightly bad for her. With nowhere to bring her, Nora takes Sang Ye home and cooks a hangover breakfast for her and her son. Sang Ye gets to meet Min Soo! The boy is incredibly respectful to his mom’s friend’s assistant, but also really curious as to why she’s a producer. Don’t producers make very little money? Sang Ye honestly replies that she wants to do what she likes doing. She believes the future is always uncertain, no matter what profession you enter, so she might as well do something she enjoys. I’m so glad that Nora knows people who can be a good influence to her son.

Sang Ye returns to work wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Hyun Suk notices and wonders what happened, but she simply replies, “It can happen.” He doesn’t ask more; that’s clearly how much he doesn’t care to pry about her personal life.

Nora tries to sort out her feelings, acknowledging that Hyun Suk likes her, and she may like him back, but so does Sang Ye. At the end of the day she feels that she just needs to get her head on straight and move on. She has her own life and son to take care of.

Meanwhile, Yi Jin’s spy tells her that Woo Chul has been selling and renting out all the properties under his name, and that he’s been commuting to work from a hotel. He’s officially divorced from Nora already, and yet didn’t tell Yi Jin a thing. He also just got published in a major magazine and is most likely going to Jahcheon, and the realtor secured a buyer for the Yeonam-dong property. Everything’s working out for Woo Chul, and he just has to pay off the students and make them promise never to threaten him again with that same issue again. Little does he realize, as he hands off the money to one of the students he’s getting his photos taken…

Nora applies to the Bluebird Theater as an assistant for the children’s performance, where Hyun Suk’s friend happens to work. She fits the exact kind of person they need so she starts next month working weekends and weekdays. The friend tells Hyun Suk the good news, but it comes as a surprise to him. Is she planning to quit?

He tracks her down at Dong Chul’s store, where she was helping cover for him while he went on an audition, and confronts her over her new employment. She honestly replies that she wants to work where she is needed, and she doesn’t think Hyun Suk really needs her. He insists he does so she needs to change her hours at Bluebird Theater. “No, I don’t want to because it’s just how I feel.”

Hyun Suk leans in – is she avoiding him because she likes him? That gets Nora all flustered and she calls him absurd. But Hyun Suk is thinks that if she’s feeling love for him, she shouldn’t try to lose that opportunity. Besides – he likes her too. Whee!

Some Thoughts

Alright, aside from the fact that I am extremely late on this recap and incredibly ashamed of it, I actually didn’t have many thoughts about it. I enjoyed it better than episode 13 because I actually laughed at certain parts (including Woo Chul’s half-attempt at wooing her), but could tell that they were setting up last minute angst between Woo Chul and Nora. The selling of the store is going to be a sore point, and if the buyer happens to be Yi Jin or Hyun Suk I feel they could give it back to Nora. I felt that Hyun Suk’s feeble attempts to get Nora to stay in his office was kind of drawn out but I understand that he just needs to keep teasing Nora so that she can realize her feelings for him.

Min Soo’s story with Hye Mi was really interesting because I was ready to side with Min Soo’s argument about being serious and needing to study. But I also realized that Hye Mi had a fair point. While it is a waste of money for Hye Mi to go to school but spend most of her time goofing off, she does also realize that she will never get this time back. Once she graduates there will be plenty of time to get serious, and she wants to enjoy her youth while she can. Min Soo is only going to push off his life more because he won’t know how to enjoy it when he graduates. I am glad that he met Sang Ye so that he could get another adult’s perspective because otherwise he would only have his mother and father’s opinions on what to do in the future.

While I don’t want Min Soo and Hye Mi to get back together, I do hope he learns a valuable lesson from her.

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