BIGBANG’s ‘MADE’ 2015 Concert Tour


I attended the MADE tour concert in New Jersey yesterday, waiting in line with some friends starting at around 1pm all the way until the show began at 8pm. It was a long wait for oppa, but it was well worth it! Pictures below!

Aside from the gripes of long disorganized lines, slow distribution of tickets and merchandise, a paltry gift bag that lacked freebies compared to the ALIVE tour three years ago, and no “crowd-free” shopping opportunities, the show itself was very enjoyable. My BAEBAE VIP tickets got me in the inner pit, surrounded by the main stage and secondary stage behind us. There were two elevated walkways on either ends of the stage that moved together and apart, allowing us to look right up at oppa at times.

The best part was that my friends and I made a few signs to support our oppas, and they actually acknowledged our signs. Seungri saw his and nodded while pointing at ours; Daesung smiled at seeing his name on a poster and waved at us; Taeyang saw his special poster and actually laughed, visibly cheered by it; G-Dragon and T.O.P. remained elusive though as it looked like they saw it but gave no acknowledgment. We were also one of the few people in the inner pit with huge posters, and we managed to get them shown on the Jumbotron! We thought our posters would get lost in the sea of people, but it turned out to be a very worthwhile effort.

About the tour: [MADE] has a very Quentin Tarantino-esque feel to the whole show, from the effects to the interstitial movies. The boys find themselves getting seriously drunk in a hotel (“We Like to Party”) and begin to each experience really weird dreams that include being chased by female assassins, car chases, and psychotic breakdowns (each individual dream leads to their solos). It’s only in the end that everything is brought together – the women in their dreams are actually the hotel staff, and they look out their hotel balcony to see what the future will bring them.

After seeing their beginnings in the documentary ‘BIGBANG the Beginning‘ it’s really amazing to see how much they have grown. Even from ALIVE tour to now, everyone has grown up a bit more, most especially Seungri. His English got LOADS better, which was impressive and made me proud of him. Daesung has become more and more sexual, which is weird because when he smiles he looks like an angel.


Yes… we made two signs for Seungri. It’s because we knew he would most likely interact with the fans based on our experience from the last concert, but it turns out Taeyang and Daesung were more responsive. Taeyang very nearly didn’t get a poster done, which is why his was uniquely a sun – but that made his more memorable. I copied the chibi art from Google so, credit to those artists!






Sound Check

Daesung revs up the crowd and Taeyang gives his sweetest smile, while G-Dragon and T.O.P shield their faces. T.O.P also looked unsettlingly like Lee Min Ho with his hair matted down, shades, and face mask.





The Show

Fireworks and dry ice galore in this show. But no one flew in mid-air like Daesung did last time. While it was clear that they went big with the pyrotechnics and movie interstitials, it felt like a muted affair. They walked around the stages and danced a bit, but it was certainly not as wild as the ALIVE concert. Still – I did feel like I had a personal connection to them.




This is how close we got to G-D! (Okay, there was some zooming in on my camera too…) 

‘Loser’ had nice effects, with all of them singing on a revolving wheel of mirrors.









They all love us. ❤


Guess who’s six-pack you’re seeing? (Shockingly very little abs during the show… 😦 )



Yep – Daesung’s!


We were waiting for an Uber to pick us up after the event (and it took forever). While waiting we happened to see the boys drive away from the show. This meant that while waiting for a car, BIGBANG took pictures with the MADE VIP ticket holders and said goodbye to them and changed. That’s how long we unintentionally waited! But it was cool, as we happened to be on the corner where they were turning and we weren’t mobbed by people, and Taeyang waved at us goodbye. Bit blurry (because it was so unexpected) but yay!

And so there is my adventure with BIGBANG. Probably the last one in a long while, as the boys’ contracts are coming to an end and it’s about time for them to enter the army. One hopes they stick together, but this could very well be the last tour they have together.


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