News Bits: 10/29/2015 Edition


Some news for the week… Big Bang’s MADE concert is coming to a home near you! DramaFever will release a two-hour edited version of the concert in New Jersey’s Prudential Center on November 6 for premium users, and November 11 for all users. (Yep – it’s the same concert I went to!) This will be DramaFever’s first original in-house production. Get ready to re-live the concert! Or, watch it for the first time ever! [link]

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Sunday Roundup: Cheer Up, She Was Pretty – 10/25/2015


8 episodes in one week – it was a lot and I attempted to squeeze in a few more episodes of LAST but ended up just marathoning 8 more episodes of Orphan Black, of which I’m catching up on the second season. So much TV, so little time! So here’s a roundup on the last few episodes of K-dramas that I managed to watch in the past week without much intention to recap.

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News Bits: 10/22/2015 Edition


Alright – it’s back to the news bits! I’m taking a temporary break from full on recapping until Neighborhood’s Hero comes around, so in the meantime I’m going to catch up on some dramas and browse the news every week!

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Twenty Again: Episode 16 Recap (Final)


We’ve reached the end of this drama. I’m a bit disappointed by the slow end of this show coming from this writer, but I understand why it ended like this. Most of the loose threads were already resolved before the end of the series, so it’s time to give everyone a nice neat bow on their heads.

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Twenty Again: Episode 15 Recap


We’re at the penultimate episode! It covers almost all ranges of genres, from romantic comedy to revenge to melodrama. It definitely felt like it was trying to do a lot in one hour, and the editing towards the end quickens to the point that it actually became more distracting than the scene itself. But the production aside, I really liked seeing Nora grow even more in this episode, and I was really proud of her.

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Twenty Again: Episode 14 Recap


Okay, slightly better than the last episode. This episode at least had more cute moments in it, even though we had characters acting a little more out of character, for lack of a better word. They’re driven to desperation, but at the same time they need something to keep them going for the last two episodes.

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Twenty Again: Episode 13 Recap


Hmm. That’s pretty much my overall feeling towards this episode. It wasn’t bad, but I certainly felt the series slow down and dawdle a bit in this episode. After all, the truth is out so all you need is resolution, but how to stretch a swift resolution over the course of four more episodes? Why, just make the days feel a little longer. We get plenty of Woo Chul in this episode too, so if he’s the type of character that gets you exasperated or yawn… then this is going to be a difficult episode for you.

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Thoughts on ‘She Was Pretty’, ‘Last’, ‘Cheer Up’


So many shows, so little time! As much as I would love to recap more shows, I know that I just don’t have the time to do so. Twenty Again is pretty much the time slot I’m keeping myself to, unless Answer Me 1988 ends up being a ‘non-watch’ for me. But I haven’t stopped watching dramas! And so here’s just a few “first impressions” of She Was Pretty, Last, and Cheer Up – all very different dramas and all very enjoyable and worth checking out.

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