Lee Soo Hyuk joins ‘Neighborhood’s Hero’


The cast is filling out for the OCN drama Neighborhood’s Hero, starring Park Shi Hoo and Yuri. Recently, Lee Soo Hyuk (The Scholar Who Walks the Night) has joined the cast as well – as the aspiring cop who trains under Park Shi Hoo’s wings. This should be very interesting…

Just to recap: Park Shi Hoo plays Baek Shi Yoon, a former secret agent who retires by opening a small neighborhood bar and leads a quiet life. Yuri plays an aspiring writer who frequents the bar quite often, while Jo Sung Ha plays a level-headed homicide detective who also visits the bar. Yoon Tae Young (The Night Watchman’s Journal) plays a Korean-American who had a rough childhood and youth, and grew up to be a mobster. He’ll be the main enemy here. Jung Man Shik (Good Doctor, King 2 Hearts) also joined as an intelligence agent who used to work with Baek Shi Yoon back in the day.

Now Lee Soo Hyuk will join as Choi Chan Gyu, an aspiring police officer who works part time at the bar, and Baek Shi Yoon will end up training him to fight against evil. It’s an odd pairing, but it’s said that Park Shi Hoo, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Jo Sung Ha will be having a weird bromance of sorts. If that ends up being true, I think it will be really fun to watch because I would definitely like to see them stretch some comedy chops. Especially Lee Soo Hyuk, whom I have rarely seen in a true comedic role. I’d like to see them constantly hug things out.


Twenty Again’s Choi Yoon So also recently confirmed that she’ll be playing black ops agent So Ahn who had a close sunbae-hoobae relationship with Shi Yoon. This is interesting because she’s not a very striking or formidable actress. I’ve seen her in Liar Game and Twenty Again, and in each role she’s been pretty bland and barely memorable. So to have her play a bad-ass secret agent reminds me of Im Soo Hyang in IRIS 2 – and that didn’t work out so well. With her and Yuri in the cast, it doesn’t feel like the show is getting good leading ladies. I would like to be happily surprised by their performances, but right now I think the male cast is stronger. No wonder there is so much focus on a bromance between Jo Sung Ha, Park Shi Hoo, and Lee Soo Hyuk.

Neighborhood’s Hero is set to air sometime early next year on OCN.

source: news1osen


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