Twenty Again: Episode 10 Recap


Ahhh we’re ten episodes in! That also means changes-galore in people’s perceptions of things. And change is good in this series. It’s transformative for Nora.

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Twenty Again: Episode 9 Recap


We’re reaching the point where much conflict is to be had – especially coming from the love triangle forming between Hyun Suk, Woo Chul, and Nora. Whoever thought that Woo Chul wouldn’t back down without some kind of fight has another think coming – because this bastard is sure going to try to lay claim to everything near him, even if he no longer has the right to.

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Lee Soo Hyuk joins ‘Neighborhood’s Hero’


The cast is filling out for the OCN drama Neighborhood’s Hero, starring Park Shi Hoo and Yuri. Recently, Lee Soo Hyuk (The Scholar Who Walks the Night) has joined the cast as well – as the aspiring cop who trains under Park Shi Hoo’s wings. This should be very interesting…

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Twenty Again: Episode 8 Recap


If I had to pinpoint my favorite part about this episode, it’s that our usual hip-hop boy Soon Nam wears a suit. It’s amazing to see everyone around Nora change, while highlighting just how stupid Woo Chul can be. That man is easily manipulated by the women in his life. It’s a bit pathetic, but not enough to make me feel any sympathy for him.

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Twenty Again: Episode 7 Recap


Nora just keeps getting stronger! Go Nora! A lot of perceptions people have of Nora are changing, and it’s for the better. She’s helping them rethink their own lives and how they treat others by simply being herself. It’s fitting as we reach the midway point of the series.

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Twenty Again: Episode 5 Recap


Oh so exciting! Nora continues to adjust to school life, but she now has Hyun Suk secretly helping her make friends and memories. It’s a matter of time now for her son and husband to bump into her on campus, especially since her new friends and activities will force her to stray off the planned path.

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Salty Studio: A Webtoon Review


I checked out Salty Studio (author: omyo) on Line Webtoon because it sounded like something that would be turned into a drama very soon. Which also made me think that I would enjoy it because I am really enjoying Cheese in the Trap. It has all the elements of a Korean drama – a guy with a dream forced to live with a girl who can help pay his rent but also inspire him to follow his dream. And there are colorful side characters as well. But Salty Studio ended abruptly, and has left me feeling empty and wanting more.

Warning – some spoilers for the review! 

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Twenty Again: Episode 4 Recap


Hilarious episode where Hyun Suk develops a god complex and comes to the forefront of this episode. I really enjoyed seeing Lee Sang Yoon in a relatively comedic role, and how he and Choi Ji Woo are acting like high schoolers in a romantic comedy – but they’re clearly much older. It’s like both are reliving their twenties to make up for lost time.

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