‘Bounty Hunters’ Lee Min Ho Has a Leading Lady


Tiffany Tang, or Tang Yan, has been cast as Lee Min Ho’s newest leading lady in his upcoming pan-Asian film ‘Bounty Hunters’.

‘Bounty Hunters’ is set to be a blockbuster-sized action flick with romps around Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more. It looks like it would be a mix of ‘The Thieves’ and Runaway: Plan B. Tiffany Tang will play a femme fatale, hard to approach and compared to Wonder Woman. Guess we can look forward to her tying up Lee Min Ho and putting him in his place…

Tiffany Tang is quite famous in China, having just finished shooting a drama with Rain called Diamond Lovers. She has starred in Chinese Paladin 3, which shot her to fame and also costarred Yang Mi (rumored to be part of ‘Bounty Hunters’) and Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo. And, she participated in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games’ closing ceremony; chosen specifically by Zhang Yimou, she represented China as the torch was passed from Athens to Beijing to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The film will also star Wallace Chung, a Hong Kong actor and Canto-pop singer, who will play Lee Min Ho’s partner-in-crime. Filming is set to begin on September 2, and it’s looking at a 2016 release date.

source: osen


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