Oh My Ghostess: Episode 16 Recap (Final)


If ever a drama was meant to make you feel engaged and good all the way, it would be this one. Oh My Ghostess makes sure to keep the elements that we really like of this show after making an insanely dark turn (visually and tonally) the last four episodes. It’s a nice wrap-up… though I would have preferred if there were no wrap-up and this became a daily drama or something.

It’s business as usual for Suhbingo, who clears out the dust in her apartment. She fusses around while Soon Ae tries to get her attention: it’s the last day of her three years, you know. Suhbingo is quite aware, even if she won’t accept it. Soon Ae wishes her much luck because now Suhbingo’s business, which withered away while she chased after Soon Ae, will thrive.

Dust seems to have gotten into Suhbingo’s eyes, because she’s gonna miss Soon Ae quite a bit more than she expected.

It’s time for Soon Ae’s memorial, and Myung Ho slowly takes out all of the bowls for the rites. He then gets a call from the police station to come in. They’ve recovered his daughter’s cellphone, and also now know who killed his daughter. Myung Ho is in shock for two things: 1) his daughter didn’t commit suicide but was murdered for witnessing a hit-and-run, and 2) it was Sung Jae’s fault. The same Sung Jae who was so kind to him and his family. The same Sung Jae who was the police officer that they all trusted. Myung Ho staggers out of the police station feeling so guilty, and he suffers a heart attack.

Bong Sun and Sun Woo walk through a park, and she tries her best to cheer him up after the revelation regarding Sung Jae. Cheering him up also makes her sound a lot like when she was possessed by Soon Ae, as her voice has gone up an octave and she’s so chirpy. Sun Woo reassures her that he’s fine, as he needs to be strong for his family. Well, Bong Sun will be strong for him then! She will protect him! Aww. She then gets a call from Kyung Mo. It can’t be good. Soon Ae also stops by her father’s restaurant and overhears some passersby chattering about how Myung Ho fainted again, and rushes off.

Kyung Mo paces outside the ER, regretting not going with his father to the police station. He beats himself up for being such a loser, and it’s sad to think that it’s serious events like these that are the most sobering wake up calls for the slacker. Sun Woo and Bong Sun arrive just as the surgeon emerges, and he warns them to prepare for the worst – shock was not good on Myung Ho’s already frail health, and he suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage when he passed out. Kyung Mo collapses, saved only by Sun Woo’s arms. Poor guy. Seriously, poor guy.

Soon Ae visits the ER, crying and apologizing for putting him through so much pain when she died, and even after she’s died. She begs him to wake up, and Myung Ho enters cardiac arrest. Ah crap. WHAT IS THIS WATER IN MY EYES?! The doctors rush in with the defibrillator, and Soon Ae screams for her father to wake up. Suddenly it goes silent, and Myung Ho is walking slowly down the hospital hallway into the bright light. Hell. No.

Soon Ae runs after him and stops his soul from moving any further. He can’t leave the world yet. He needs to wake up and be there for Kyung Mo, see his son get married, and see his grandchildren. Only then will they meet again, and they can live together for thousands and ten thousands of years together, and she will be born again and again as his daughter. Soon Ae tearfully embraces her father, and then sends him off back to the real world, where presumably Myung Ho’s spirit has found some peace in seeing Soon Ae again.

And slowly, Myung Ho’s eyes reopen.

Kyung Mo stays vigilant by Myung Ho’s bedside, even though his father is feeling better now. He initially resented Soon Ae because as Myung Ho was about to die, he feared that Soon Ae was taking his father away too because she was bored. But Myung Ho reassures that it was the opposite: she sent him back to the real world. Ever grateful, Kyung Mo also has now grown up a little more and vows to get a job. Finally some sense knocked into that boy!

Bong Sun visits the hospital room and sees Soon Ae there. The two have a chat in the waiting area, and Bong Sun thanks Soon Ae for everything she’s done. It must have been fate that brought the two together, because Soon Ae found the cause of her death, Bong Sun became stronger and grew closer to the man she loved, and Sun Woo learned the truth behind his sister’s accident. Soon Ae has definitely done a lot for so many people, and even Bong Sun can’t stop the waterworks. She sends Soon Ae off well, promising to live diligently while Soon Ae watches her from above. But there’s still one more farewell to be made: Sun Woo.

Soon Ae doesn’t want to possess Bong Sun again though, as she feels it’s wrong and wouldn’t want to do it on her last day. But Bong Sun insists, as she won’t be lending out her body to anyone else ever again. Soon Ae turns to leave, but Bong Sun grabs her wrist (!!!) and pulls her in. Guess when the body is willing, it can force a ghost to enter!

Sun Woo is at the restaurant, which he’s kept closed for a week during the hullabaloo. He updates So Hyung, who thinks he should rest more, that he’ll be sending his mom and sister to the States so that they can take a break and also find another hospital to help Eun Hee with rehabilitation. Just then Soon-Bong enters the restaurant. Her demeanor is definitely different, as she stares at Sun Woo.

He wonders if Myung Ho isn’t feeling well, and that’s why she’s looking at him strangely, so he takes her hand. It’s cold. It registers on his face.

Soon-Bong: “Bong Sun… Na Bong Sun told me to say my last farewell to you, Chef.” Sun Woo doesn’t know what to say in reply, but Soon-Bong doesn’t need him to say anything. She merely thanks him for giving her so many gifts in the form of experiences and feelings she never had when she was alive. He equally thanks her for helping discover the truth about his sister’s death, and apologizes that she had to die trying to catch his sister’s culprit. She extends a hand for a shake, and he takes it in both hands. Sun Woo: “Take care… Shin Soon Ae.” And then he embraces her.


And with that, Soon Ae leaves Bong Sun’s body. A warm glow encases the restaurant, and Bong Sun watches her tearfully as she walks into the light. Sun Woo, who can’t see her, knows that she’s gone, and watches in the same direction, giving Soon Ae a proper send-off.

Suhbingo looks up at the dark night, and can see Soon Ae leaving into the heavens. The bell necklace that she had given Soon Ae to entrap her reappears magically beside her belongings on the bench. She screams her farewells, and rues the fact that she’ll no longer have any fun in her life. Luckily her best friend Hae Young calls up, wanting some soju since the both of them are not feeling good today.

Sun Restaurant reopens, and shenanigans are back! The kitchen crew are so happy and rowdy, it really helps clear the mist in your eyes. Min Soo misses everyone like crazy, and everyone else is willing to put up with the motor-mouth because they equally missed him too. But most of all, they’re REALLY happy to have Bong Sun back as their assistant chef. They have a lot to clean though, and Sun Woo hands her a new vacuum that he bought from his former classmate Chul Min to make her work a little easier. The team’s all “Ewwww” at their lovey-dovey-ness, and Min Soo jealously remarks that in the past, Sun Woo only had eyes of passion for him alone. Sun Woo quickly shuts that down, and next thing we know Min Soo’s baring his chest and dropping his pants to try and tempt Sun Woo for some lovin’. I am just sitting here, shaking my head and laughing…

It’s a busy day in the kitchen, and Sun Woo gives Bong Sun the chance to make the bulgogi eggplant pasta dish for the customers, since she made it so well last time. Woo! Moving up in the world! She plates it up, Ji Woong helps her clean it up, and she serves it to the guest. She can’t help but resist and hang back to hear what they’ll say, and the customers praise how good it is. Success! And the chefs agree!


Sun Woo gets a call from a director of a cooking competition, hosted by the Agricultural Food Association, who wants him to judge, but he passes the opportunity. Better and more influential chefs than he should do it – and yes, he is actually being humble for once. But he does ask if registration for contestants is still open! Looks like he’s got a chef in mind to participate.

That evening he gives her a lesson in preparing raw meat. Bong Sun is getting tired, but Sun Woo says that she’s got no time to rest since she has a competition coming up. Eh!? Looks like he forgot to pass the message along to her. Bong Sun freaks out that he signed her up without telling him, but he did it because she would have said no if he consulted her anyways. On top of that, he’s got a present for her: her very own knife! With the initials ‘BS <3’ on it too! Aww… of course he gave her the heart. Bong Sun is so touched and promises to work hard, waving the knife around and freaking him out just a bit.

It’s the day of the competition, and the kitchen crew greets her to wish her luck. Min Soo reminds her that if she makes too many mistakes and says ‘sorry’ too often, she is to say she’s Sun Woo’s pupil. But if she wins, she’s Min Soo’s pupil. Heh. Joon hands her some herbal candy so that she can have one before the competition, to calm down. The second one is for the driver, who’s quite anxiously waiting at the car.

That driver is Sun Woo, and man is he jittery, rushing her to get to the car because he’s nervous and dropping the candy that he really needs to eat. The kitchen crew then gives her a special little song and dance cheering her on, and Bong Sun really appreciates it. Sun Woo – he just really wants them to get out of there. It’s really cute how he’s way more nervous than she is for this competition, and she has to kick him out of her workstation so she can prepare things.

The competition begins, and Sun Woo observes as she makes something very similar to cold bean noodles. At least – that’s what the judge thinks. But when it doesn’t taste like it, he discovers that she made chilled overripe cucumber cream pasta. Very similar to a cold bean noodle dish (kongguksu) but not, and good for people who can’t eat wheat flour. Good job in making something unique, Na Bong Sun!

Awards are handed out, and the honorable mentions are all given a certificate. Time for the third, second, and first place winners to be announced! Drumroll please… And Bong Sun wins third place! It shocks the both of them, especially since Sun Woo didn’t expect her to win anything and just wanted her to have some more experience. Woo! She legitimately won with her own talents, and the judge even told Sun Woo later that aside from the taste and creativity, she conveyed a really good story through her dish.

They return to Sun Restaurant and discover some handwritten signs on the balustrade congratulating her for winning in the competition. Aw. They enter the restaurant, and each guy pops up from behind the tables singing their trademark “Congratulations!” with a cake in hand. Min Soo reaches over to smear some cream on Bong Sun’s face, but Sun Woo gets in the way. Woops. Min Soo is super proud of “raising” her (pah!) and Joon goes in for a big hug. Yeah – like he thought he could get away with it without someone pulling him off of her.

Dong Chul asks what the prize money amount is, and Ji Woong reveals that it’s scholarship to study abroad for the top three winners, isn’t it? That’s news to Bong Sun, and it looks like Sun Woo kept that information from her. Welp.

Bong Sun asks him that night why he never mentioned it – is it because he thought she wouldn’t win? He teases her that he never thought she would, but he promises to support her decision whatever it may be. Well, Bong Sun wants to study abroad, so will he be okay with that? Sun Woo shies away from her, and she explains that she wants the experience of working and studying in a bigger world than just this one restaurant in Korea. Sun Woo wonders if she’ll wander, since people can be quite more open in other countries. She is confident she’ll be faithful to him. Sun Woo can’t promise that though, since he says that so many girls hit on him. PFF! Hah!

Bong Sun admits that she is a little worried he may cheat, and he suddenly gets up and goes into his room. Poor little boy. Bong Sun feels kind of bad, wondering if she should’ve said she wasn’t going. But he’s back in a second with her promise ring on a necklace. Plopping her on his knee, he puts it around her neck. It will ward off any European man who tries to hit on her.

Poor Sun Woo, he’s missing her terribly even though she’s right there in his lap. “Chef, are you crying?” “No, I’m not crying. I’m just emotional.” HAHAHAH. Oh what a cute couple…

Two years pass, and Stalker has a wifey and a few baby stalkers! Suhbingo is looking good and healthy, with many clients and followers praying at her place, fawning at her feet. She can charge the big bucks now – for everything from getting talisman for a girl who can’t marry to performing exorcisms. She’s even become a bit of a star shaman, with her own variety show!

Sun Restaurant has entered new management – with Min Soo as head chef. Oh boy, he definitely hasn’t stopped torturing his crew (except for Dong Chul, whom he treats with respect now). This also means that a new Sous Chef is coming in – portrayed by none other than Seo In Guk! Sous chef Edward Seo has a bit of an attitude, acting like he’s too good for the place, especially since he studied abroad. Min Soo was all ready to put Edward Seo in his place, but it looks like it’s the other way around! Edward isn’t interested in also introducing himself to the team and saying “Let’s all work hard together!” because all that is too cheesy and so 1988. (snerk…)

Edward starts working in the kitchen, showing off some of his skills and making all the female clientele fall madly in love with him. Min Soo is so irritated by his huge ego (HEH) but at the same time, Ji Woong and Dong Chul attest that Edward’s cooking skills are good. Edward orders Min Soo to help with some backed up pasta orders, but Joon is having none of it. He tosses the pasta pan that he was cooking up and hands it off to Edward, since it’s Edward’s job to finish the dishes – not Min Soo’s. Joon then takes Min Soo out for a smoke – boy they really miss Sun Woo.

Sun Woo is busy though – he’s set up a new little cafe with Kyung Mo as his assistant! It’s a fusion Korean restaurant, so he’s serving rice now! Old habits die hard though, and Sun Woo still yells out all the orders even though he’s the one who’s going to be cooking. It embarrasses Kyung Mo a bit that he yells so loudly, but he is enduring the training so that he can eventually help out at his father’s restaurant.

So Hyung comes by for a visit, and surprises him with news that she’s been dating someone for a month now! His name is Yoon Chang Seob – and he apparently looks exactly like their old friend Chang Kyu. Guess she really has a type! It’s nice to see that she’s still very supportive of him and asks after Bong Sun. Sun Woo says he talks to his girlfriend way too often, but somehow it sounds like a lie.

As for Eun Hee, she’s opened up her own flower shop, having specialized in flower arrangement. She’s also cut her hair! Hae Young comes rushing in, as they’re late for an appointment, and we find out that she’s sort of dating a fellow professor who’s only got eyes for her and is super attentive. Except that is the thing that tires Hae Young out. Heh. Mother and daughter head out, and it turns out Eun Hee has also been practicing walking by using crutches!

The appointment is none other than with Sung Jae in a correctional facility that also doubles as a hospital. So he didn’t die – but ended up being institutionalized! It looks like he has limited memories though, having suffered from amnesia. It’s really sad because he is afraid that Eun Hee is tired of taking care of him, but she’s okay with him. She loves him for who he is. Well, at least they’re going to have a somewhat happy ending, as they’re going to have to rebuild their lives and learn why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

Sun Woo is having a hard time though, even though he told So Hyung otherwise. He is really worried about Bong Sun because lately she hasn’t been texting or sending pictures. In the beginning everything was fine but now there’s no news at all! He’s worried she’s cheating on him, waffling between “She’s like a little kid, there’s no way a guy would be interested in her” to “How could anyone not be interested in her!?” He’s missing her so badly right now, and he releases his frustrations with some guitar playing. Hahaha – it’s so cute in how he regrets letting her go and actually is crying that she’s not around.

It’s only Edward’s second day, and he’s already skipping work by blaming jet lag for why he’s taking irregular breaks. It doesn’t help that there are plenty of customers coming in – including one very special one, Bong Sun. Ji Woong greets her at the door and it takes him a few seconds to register just who this beautiful girl that just walked through the door is. He yells, “It’s Na Bong Sun! Na Bong!” and soon all the guys are cheering and hugging her. Even Min Soo’s got the sweetest embrace for the special assistant cook.

She then pays a visit to Myung Ho, who’s doing well and managing his restaurant himself. He’s got a few more health problems, but has completely quit drinking thankfully. Bong Sun assures that she’ll be visiting often, and wonders if he could hire her as a part-timer now that she’s back! Preferably paid with a wage, and not with yogurt drinks. Heh.

As for Sun Woo – well, he’s got to deal with some grief that Kyung Mo is giving him. Kyung Mo messed up an order of shrimp again, and this isn’t the first time he’s made a mistake in buying materials. Kyung Mo ends up yelling that he’ll quit, and Sun Woo looks at the clock: it’s 3:30. Kyung Mo always quits at 3:30. Haha!

Of course Kyung Mo doesn’t mean it, and as he stomps out of the restaurant he wonders why Sun Woo isn’t chasing after him. Sun Woo always chased after him before! As he waffles between begging for forgiveness or leaving, he sees Bong Sun. Yay! He missed her so much too! Sun Woo has great timing and steps out of the restaurant just then, and Kyung Mo smartly makes his exit.

Sun Woo serves up his new restaurant’s specialty, and gives it to Bong Sun to critique. Clearly her sense of taste has improved, because she can tell that the meat is inconsistently cooked throughout and suggests bean sprouts for the dish. Sun Woo will admit that he’s quite impressed by her skills, but still a bit hurt over the fact that she hasn’t called. She admits that she didn’t want to. She started missing him so much that she was afraid if she heard his voice, she’d leave her studies and come back. So she worked even harder and concentrated on her studies.

Well, that just makes Sun Woo happy. I mean, that just emphasizes how much she loves him right? He sweeps her up in her feet and kisses her. Aw. AWWWW. Awwwww! Okay, I really need to stop giggling to myself.

He takes her home, where she re-introduces herself to Stalker and his entire brood. Sun Woo’s a bit jealous that she’s more excited about the corgi than seeing him, and Bong Sun teases him for it: “If you’re going to be like this, it makes me want to do it with you.” Wha?!

Sun Woo has a double take – is it really Bong Sun right now or…? Yep! It’s really Bong Sun! Well! He takes her up princess style – it’s D-Day! Woo!

Vignettes show the Sun Restaurant crew happily working under Min Soo (with Edward nowhere to be seen), Myung Ho’s restaurant business booming with Bong Sun’s help in making burnt pollack soup (she’s totally been adopted by him now), and Sun Woo and Bong Sun riding off into the distance on bikes, together.

Some (Final) Thoughts

This was a very satisfying hour and ten minutes of my life. I felt that the final episode felt very Coffee Prince-esque, with the leads finally overcoming all the hurdles in their life only to be separated by “study abroad.” And then the main female lead returns unannounced, all stylish and more skilled in her specialty, and has a happy reunion with her main male lead. It’s not a bad thing to have copied the Coffee Prince ending, since that drama had a really solid ending too. It worked out well for this drama because that’s exactly what we needed – a whole episode of everyone reaching their inner peace.


I was initially quite angry with the sudden possible death of Myung Ho, because it felt so random. But after a while I realized this was probably the only way he could achieve some peace. He needed to be able to see Soon Ae again – the real ghostly Soon Ae – for him to be able to move on. I do believe his hospital scenes were made better by Kyung Mo (Lee Hak Joo), who has been phenomenal throughout. Though an annoying character, I loved that he always acted as if he were starring in his own drama. He was always overreacting and pretending to be the lovelorn second male lead when no one was really looking at him that way. His despair at possibly losing his father on the anniversary of his sister’s death, though, struck me in the core.

I don’t know how to feel about Sung Jae’s story though. I feel like the writer was trying to give everything to the viewers for his character – death as punishment for everything he had done, life to give him a chance at a happy ending, and amnesia to absolve him of all his sins. I really can’t believe he survived that fall when there was so much blood, but I guess a two-story fall is not as deadly as a higher building. I really do feel bad for Eun Hee, but at the same time I will take comfort in the fact that Sung Jae really does seem to like her. He won’t forget that he actually has feelings for her, even though he conveniently forgot the three years they were together. And no, I don’t think that the selective amnesia was caused by the ghost, but rather from the fall. I think even while he was possessed by the ghost, he was still able to retain certain memories of their marriage (as seen in the flashbacks before he offed himself). So if Sung Jae now can’t remember any of that, then that means he really forgot due to injuries on the brain.

Overall, I really really enjoyed this series. I think this drama was one of those that just kept upping its ante. First it just kept getting funnier and funnier, and then the risks became higher because of Soon Ae’s possession making Bong Sun act too different from what she really is. And then it turned darker as we discovered who was behind Soon Ae’s murder and Eun Hee’s accident. There was always something that just kept moving this drama forward, and it kept touching all of my emotions. It was a heartwarming in all the best possible ways, and it made me forgive the convoluted writing surrounding Sung Jae towards the end of the series. That is where I think the writing failed, because it wasn’t very clear what exactly was happening to him, and the rules of the ghost world kept changing for him. But at the end of the day it really didn’t matter because we knew he was possessed and that the real Sung Jae never meant all of it at all; those were the only important things we had to take away from this drama.

The acting was so top notch that I have become a real fan of Park Bo Young now. I loved Kim Seul Gi and Jo Jung Seok already, but man, I really hope Park Bo Young does more dramas. I really loved how Shin Eun Kyung broke out as a comedic actress after doing so many melodramatic roles, and how she was a cameo role that really seemed to expand and become a recurring cast member because she was so awesome. I really loved how creepy Im Joo Hwan could be, and love seeing him stretch his acting wings.

And now, as I work through my withdrawal, a rewatch of What’s Up is in order.

Verdict: 10/10 – everyone and their relatives, and their relatives’ neighbors need to watch this drama.


One thought on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 16 Recap (Final)

  1. I haven’t been this SAD in a long time to see a drama end.

    I was crying while watching Sun Ae say her farewell to Chef mostly because I can’t believe it’s the last episode!!! What will I do with my life now? Haha!

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