Predicting the End of ‘Oh My Ghostess’


Alright, this post is ONLY for people who have watched all 14 episodes of Oh My Ghostess, or at least know everything that happened. Why? Because SPOILERS! In this post I’m going to set up some predictions and polls on what could happen at the end of this series. I really really enjoy this drama and I don’t want it to end.

Are you ready? Because you can turn back now if you haven’t already.

Are you sure?

Alright, here goes! Pick which outcome you think will most likely happen at the end of the series!

[poll id=”17″]

I personally think he will die. That’s the only way people can get closure, and it will help dispel the evil spirit as well. I don’t think Suhbingo is powerful enough to get rid of the ghost herself.

[poll id=”18″]

I would love it if she found a way to exist in the world happily, but it’s more likely she’ll ascend to heaven.

[poll id=”21″]


[poll id=”22″]

[poll id=”20″]

[poll id=”19″]

[poll id=”23″]

[poll id=”25″]

[poll id=”24″]

[poll id=”26″]

[poll id=”27″]

This is of course a reference to the fact that Jo Jung Suk and Im Joo Hwan both starred in What’s Up and Im was the main lead while Jo was an ensemble cast member.

WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE FINALE WEEK!? I am. But I’m really sad too. Bring it on, drama! Bring it on!


3 thoughts on “Predicting the End of ‘Oh My Ghostess’

  1. Your predictions are true. I didn’t even doubt it. Jo Jung Seok will still be the lead and Im Joo hwan will be second(again).

    I love both of them and I am just happy that I can watch them on dramas instead of those actors that got away (meaning, went on to movies and never look back). Like Lee Min Ki and Kang Dong Won. *sniffle*

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