Son Ye Jin – Park Hae Il Sign on for ‘Princess Deokhye’


More casting news! Just so much coming out from Korea today. Son Ye Jin (Shark, Personal Taste) and Park Hae Il (“War of the Arrows,” a gazillion other movies but no dramas) have signed on for the historical film Princess Deokhye, a biography of the last Crown Princess of Korea.

Based on a popular 2009 novel about the princess, Son Ye Jin will star as Princess Deokhye, the youngest daughter of Emperor Gojong who was forced to move to Japan to “continue her studies.” Supposedly, Gojong had her secretly engaged to his court chamberlain’s son, Kim Jang Han (portrayed by Park Hae Il) to try and continue his royal line. History books show that she never married Jang Han; instead she was forced to marry a Japanese aristocrat. In the drama, Jang Han is also a Korean liberation fighter who rebels against the Japanese annexation of Korea, and who wants to bring his love back to Korea.

The real Princess Deokhye led a tragic life, suffering from early onset dementia and also being held an unwilling captive in Japan. She had to suffer through a humiliating divorce, her daughter’s suicide, and being stuck in a mental hospital before she could finally return to Korea. She passed away in 1989 in Changdeok Palace.

Princess Deokhye will be directed by Huh Jin Ho, who did the film April Snow with Son Ye Jin ten years ago. Filming begins in September this year, with a release date aimed sometime in 2016.

source: tenasia



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