Lee Je Hoon Joins ‘Signal’


Woooooo! I have not heard much about Signal but I’m glad that it’s still on schedule for release. The tvN drama has finally cast its main lead: Secret Door‘s Lee Je Hoon. (Also a costar of Suzy‘s in Architecture 101.)

Signal is a drama based on the Hwaseong murders, of which the film ‘Memories of Murder’ and the drama Gap Dong are based on. They were a sickening series of rape and murders that have still gone unsolved, so it’s no wonder why it’s such an interesting source for dramatization. It’s like Jack the Ripper or the Zodiac Killer. What’s great is that Signal is being written by one of my favorite writers, Kim Eun Hee, of whom I’ve watched every drama and have only been disappointed by Three Days. Crime and detective dramas are her forte and so I am really excited to see this one.

(My other favorite writer, for the record, is So Hyun Kyung, who did Shining Inheritance, Prosecutor Princess, Two Weeks and the upcoming Twenty Again.)

Equally exciting is the casting of Lee Je Hoon, whom I think is a remarkable actor. Can you believe this kid is 31? He will play the main lead Park Hae Young, a criminal profiler who will work with detectives from the past via “magical” walkie-talkie to resolve this case. It reminds me of the plot to Frequency, that movie with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. That was a touching, if not a little cheesy film, but I remember really liking that movie. I would be willing to watch it for nostalgia’s sake. Signal is in the hands of the Misaeng director Kim Won Suk though, so one can only hope that this drama is in good hands.

Signal is slated to follow Answer Me 1988 on the Friday-Saturday time slot in January 2016.

source: osen


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