Kim Woo Bin – Suzy to Star in New Drama


Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are returning to drama-land! In 2016. It’s still unsure what broadcaster or the exact date when the drama will air, but the working title of the drama is Uncontrollably Fond. Odd title. I do hope they change it.

The drama follows two people who meet in terrible circumstances in their childhood, and then meet again as adults. The drama is written by Lee Kyung Hee, who did Thank You, Will It Snow for Christmas?, A Love to Kill, and most recently Wonderful Days, and will be produced by Samhwa Entertainment.

Kim Woo Bin’s character doesn’t sound too unlike what he is now: as top star Shin Joon Young, he exudes a fatally attractiveness that just kills women in their places. He’s an actor and singer too – and sounds not too far off from Suzy’s real-life boyfriend Lee Min Ho. Heh. Suzy will play Noh Eul, a “super documentary PD.” Supposedly she’ll be showing a side that’s very different from her sweet and innocent image. Hm.

Interesting pairing, considering they are really huge stars for the young generation of Hallyu actors. They have appeared in big, successful movies (he in The Technicians and she in Architecture 101), and in hugely successful dramas (he in Heirs and she in Gu Family Book). It feels almost inevitable that the two would be paired together, and at the same time I really didn’t think this would happen. To me it feels a bit mismatched as a pairing; I can’t really put my finger on it, but I feel that she’d be quite bland next to Kim Woo Bin’s intensity.

Lee Kyung Hee as a writer has a record of doing melodramas, but from the little we know of the drama it seems like Uncontrollably Fond is a comedy. I wonder how that’ll work out; it’ll be a pity if the drama ends up being horribly imbalanced between the romantic comedy aspect and the romantic melodrama.

2016 is only 4 months away.

source: sports chosun


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