Oh My Ghostess: Episode 14 Recap


Honestly, I don’t want this series to end. After this mystery is over, I kind of want endless slice-of-life episodes where we just have happy hijinks between Bong Sun, Sun Woo, and Soon Ae (who will defy the laws of ghost-ing and be able to stay on earth without turning evil). Because some happiness is definitely needed after this depressing episode.

Sun Woo and Bong Sun resume their chat on the swings, and he reveals that he knows about her blog because he knows alllll things. Heh. Bong Sun worries over his face when she hears he got punched by Kyung Mo, and clarifies that she has nothing to do with him. The kid just got attached to her while she was possessed. Sun Woo now wants to know when he was exactly with Soon-Bong and when he was with just Bong Sun, as he admits that he might have been falling in love with the ghost in her rather than herself. The only thing Bong Sun can proudly say was all her was when she caught the thief!

Sun Woo admits that he didn’t like how Bong Sun was so introverted and weak because it reminded him too much of his younger self, and she admits that the ghost fell in love with him too. Poor Bong Sun, because she kind of feels like the odd one out. A ghost passes by, surprising Bong Sun, and it freaks the hell out of Sun Woo. He inches closer to Bong Sun, and jumps when she puts her hand on his shoulder comfortingly. He’s never letting go of that hand now! Not because he’s scared or anything, he just doesn’t want to let go.

He even stops the swing from moving – even though there’s no ghost there. Heh!

Sun Woo walks Bong Sun back to the restaurant, disappointed that he can’t convince her to go back to the restaurant with him because she’s too embarrassed to face her coworkers. Soon Ae catches them together, holding hands, and she quickly hides away so she doesn’t get jealous over the scene. Sun Woo ensures that Bong Sun will keep her phone on before parting ways.

As soon as Bong Sun enters the restaurant, Soon Ae pops up with more updates. She’s quite positive that Sung Jae was involved in Eun Hee’s accident now, especially after hearing Officer Han’s side of the story. Han managed to find a small piece of the broken hard drive at the parking lot and was getting it scanned for fingerprints. Until they’re sure though, they’re not going to let Sun Woo know.

Sung Jae idles at work, wondering where Soon Ae is since he figures she’s no longer possessing Bong Sun. He notices scratches on the lock on his drawer; someone’s definitely been through his stuff – but they weren’t successfully able to get the diary.

Sun Woo returns home feeling a lot lighter in his chest. He calls up Bong Sun to check that her phone is on. Though he reiterates that he hasn’t forgiven her wholly yet for the deception, he does want to know that she’ll always be on the other line – even when she falls asleep on him over the phone. He’s being too cute right now.

During the morning meeting the following day, Min Soo raises up the point that they seriously need another assistant cook. It’s not helping that Sun Woo’s popularity is on the rise, which means more customers while there is less help in the kitchen. Sun Woo understands, and adds that if Bong Sun ever does come back they could use two assistant cooks. He gives Min Soo the hiring power to begin interviewing, as long as he picks someone of good character.

The interviews begin! And it’s more like speed dating for Min Soo’s next girlfriend than an assistant cook. One is rejected for being married, and another for caring only about free food. They go through several until they meet Miss Cho Hae Jin, a curvaceous woman who’s all looks and no manners. She gets the job right away because Min Soo wants to date her. Unfortunately she proves herself to be a bit of an idiot: only interested in Sun Woo because he’s a celebrity, unable to touch snails to cook, and annoyed that she is relegated to just washing dishes. When she drops her phone in the sink (because who chit chats on the phone while working in front of a boss!?) it’s the last straw, and Sun Woo fires her. Hired for her “good character” my butt!

Meanwhile Soon Ae repossesses Officer Kang and tries to access the locked drawer again. It’s actually… unlocked. And the diary is gone! She is nearly caught snooping by Sung Jae, who’s looking for Officer Han. Luckily he pays her no mind, and catches Han just as he finishes a call with the lab about the fingerprints. Han jumps at Sung Jae’s presence, and it’s quite obvious that he’s on Sung Jae’s tail. It means Sung Jae is also going to keep a much closer eye on him.

Han finally gets the results on the fingerprint and immediately calls up Sun Woo; they need to talk, and it would be best if they meet somewhere without Sung Jae’s knowledge. Sun Woo is a little concerned, especially since it seems this chat has to do with Eun Hee’s accident. Han leaves the lab with the results stating that the fingerprint on the broken hard drive matches Sung Jae’s, and honestly, he’s a bit heartbroken about it. His trusted partner! Eun Hee’s husband! To have covered up for the criminal?! (I don’t think Han could accept the possibility that Sung Jae is the criminal quite yet.)

Han gets a radio from Sung Jae asking where he is. Han vaguely says he’s “out,” but the moment he reaches a red light, a surprise visitor pops into his car. It’s Sung Jae! In his black “I’m gonna do evil deeds” getup. Sung Jae cheerily says, “Surprise! I was right next to you! Oh, what’s this envelope all about?”

Next thing we know, Sung Jae’s got the car driven all the way to a deserted construction site where there are enough dusty cliffs to push the car over. He takes the envelope and burns all the evidence as well. Han is dead, and there is no way he’s going to be able to tell Sun Woo what really happened.

Sun Woo rushes to the hospital where funeral rites are being held for Han. Sung Jae is playing the part of being the principal mourner, claiming that he has no idea what just happened to his partner. He encourages Sun Woo to pay respects but to also leave without him, as he’s going to have to stay overnight and help out Han’s distraught wife.

Hae Young quickly calls up Suhbingo to meet to tell her the news about Officer Han. As soon as Suhbingo hears that the dead officer is Sung Jae’s partner, the “evil-ghost-antenna” shoot right up and start blaring off in Suhbingo’s head. Of course, that message then gets passed along to Soon Ae, who then tells Bong Sun. Looks like they’re going to need Sun Woo’s help real soon.

Back at the hospital Sun Woo passes by the bathroom and sees his brother-in-law washing his hands. And whistling. The cheery tune stops Sun Woo dead in his tracks, and he observes Sung Jae suspiciously; mind you, he’s already got an idea that his brother-in-law might be evil because of Han’s suspicious phone call and then sudden death. He sees Sung Jae look up at the mirror and smirk; yep – that’s not normal from someone who’s supposed to be mourning.

Sun Woo takes his sister home, who’s fearing the worst. If Officer Han, who helped her case, was badly hurt and then killed, who’s to say that Sung Jae won’t be next? Sun Woo encourages her to stay strong, especially since she has her brother here to protect her.

He then gets a call from Bong Sun, and they rendezvous at the restaurant. “The ghost is here too,” she adds. Fear flickers across Sun Woo’s face, but he invites both ladies to sit down – ushering an empty chair for Soon Ae. Aw… Bong Sun starts off with breaking the bad news: Officer Choi Sung Jae may have something to do with Eun Hee’s accident, and Officer Han had obtained evidence of Sung Jae’s involvement, but was killed for it. It’s a cold, harsh truth but Sun Woo isn’t surprised. It makes sense with what he heard from Officer Han.

On top of that, Soon Ae adds that Sung Jae has something to do with her death, and so they’ll need Sun Woo’s help in retrieving her diary. Soon Ae is sure that Sung Jae took it somewhere safe, which suggests it might be home.

Sun Woo needs some time to think, because everything has been too shocking for him to fathom. He grabs another drink at the pojangmacha, and reflects on the time when Eun Hee tried to kill herself after her accident, and Sung Jae had saved her. And then when Sung Jae and Eun Hee announced that they were getting married, and Eun Hee was so happy to be marrying him. Sun Woo finds himself wandering back to the hospital and bumping into Sung Jae. He reiterates to his brother-in-law that he relies on him heavily, and so does Eun Hee. Sung Jae understands and he smiles to set Sun Woo at ease. But the moment Sun Woo’s back is turned, his face darkens. I think Sung Jae knows Sun Woo knows something.


Sun Woo returns to his apartment to find Bong Sun sitting on the steps waiting for him. She had been afraid that he’d gone off to drink his sorrows away, and would need some help getting back to the apartment. Bong Sun tries to make him feel better by showing him a move that she usually does to achieve some internal peace; she learned it from ‘Kung Fu Panda’. HAH! Sun Woo appreciates her trying to cheer him up and wonders for a second if she’s possessed or just naturally has a crazy side to herself that she rarely reveals.

The following morning, Sun Woo heads home early to see if he can find the diary. His sister and mom are surprised to see him come around so early in the day, and he distracts the both of them by asking for some toast for breakfast. Then he heads off to Eun Hee’s room and starts rifling through all the drawers and cabinets, looking for the diary. He sees a large box on top of the closet; nope, not there.

Just then, Sung Jae enters the apartment building. He wasn’t expected to be home because everyone thought he was going straight to work from the hospital. Well, sur–prise! Sun Woo finds the black suitcase on top of the cabinet, and there it is, Soon Ae’s diary.

Sung Jae walks into the apartment, much to Eun Hee’s surprise. She quickly asks him to help her mom open a jar of jam, delaying his entrance into his bedroom for a bit. By the time he emerges from the kitchen, Sun Woo’s out of their room. Whew. And he makes a really quick exit out of the house, pretending he’s got somewhere else to be now. Sung Jae is no idiot though…

Bong Sun helps Myung Ho with cleaning bean sprouts at the restaurant, trying to help out when she’s boarding for free. He is happy to have her around because it reminds him of his own daughter, while she views him as a father figure since her parents died when she was young. Bong Sun asks a personal question about Soon Ae though, wondering why people say she committed suicide. Myung Ho himself doesn’t know. All he remembers of that day was she had tried to call him that night but he didn’t pick up because his batteries were dead. He received her voicemail soon afterwards and heard nothing but strange sounds. Later that night, he got a text from her that said she was sorry for leaving. To this day, Myung Ho hasn’t erased that voicemail and always keeps his phone charged now.

Sun Woo and Bong Sun head over to Suhbingo’s, now that he got the diary. He hopes she won’t tell his mother that he’s visited her, since it would just make Hae Young so happy that she’s got her son to be as superstitious as her. Soon Ae desperately wants to see the diary, and Bong Sun also takes out Myung Ho’s cellphone. She had swiped it from this morning from him because she wanted everyone to hear the mysterious voicemail.


Suhbingo offers her body for possession, which makes Soon Ae laugh. She’s never possessed a woman with a body like Suhbingo’s! Hah – like it’s the time to be picky! Soon Ae takes over her body, and immediately Suhbingo starts tucking her hair behind her ear and blinking flirtatiously at Sun Woo. It’s a bit disconcerting for poor Chef. Hehehe.

They flip through the pages of the book, and the last page has ‘2368’ on it – the same numbers that Sung Jae saw and prompted him to keep the diary. They then listen to the voicemail, and the strange sounds that Myung Ho heard sound like keypad tones. Sun Woo figures out that Soon Ae must have tried to type out the numbers she saw to send a message. Through repeated listening, they figure out that the number is ‘535-2368.’ Now what does that mean?

They try calling it, thinking it might be a phone number, but the number is out of service. Bong Sun then has an epiphany – what if it’s a license plate number? What if it’s really 53오2368, with the second ‘5’ representing the word for that number? It’s brilliant, and they all high-five – with Sun Woo high-fiving Bong Sun and leaving poor Soon-Suhbingo hanging. Aw… hehe. Soon Ae plans to now possess Officer Kang again so she can look up the license plate number.

Sun Woo really doesn’t want to leave Bong Sun at Myung Ho’s, since he feels it’d be safer if she stayed with him. But she doesn’t want to abandon the kindness of Myung Ho, so she won’t be going back with him soon. He returns to the restaurant and finds So Hyung, making her rare appearance in this drama after her use as third wheel has been finished. She wants to give him a heads up about the filming schedule for the reality show, but had heard about all the drama that had just taken place surrounding his family. Sun Woo sadly and respectfully must quit the show though; he can’t tell her why just yet but when his personal life gets sorted, he will explain. So Hyung awesomely understands, not needing too much explanation, and offers to help write out his written apology for the show.

At the station, Officer Kang is bawling like crazy because she can’t believe something so terrible would happen to Officer Han. Sung Jae comforts her by giving her a shoulder to cry on, not saying much. This just makes Soon Ae more impatient to possess her. Eventually Officer Kang runs out of the station to really let it out, and Soon Ae uses the opportunity to jump in the body.

Thankfully Soon-Kang has the sense not to go back in right away and lets the tears dry up a bit. She then composes herself a little and heads to the computer right behind Sung Jae to log in. There’s a password. Soon-Kang takes a look at Officer Kang’s ID and guesses her birthday; it’s not it. She guesses another random number – and I am pretty sure it’s not Kang’s year of birth so I have no idea how Soon Ae figured it out – and it works! She quickly searches the license plate number – and it’s under Sung Jae’s name.

Soon-Kang freaks out but she controls it as best as she can, clicking out of the windows and then running to the break area. She calls up Bong Sun and confirms everyone’s suspicions, sending her to pass the message to Sun Woo. She hangs up, and Sung Jae is right there, behind her. He creepily stares into her eyes and begins to choke her, asking why she’s so interested in him all of a sudden.

While getting choked, Soon Ae’s memories come flooding back. She had passed by the scene of the crime where Sung Jae had hit Eun Hee and driven away. She remembered his license plate number, and next thing she knew she was in his bathroom, passed out while some classical music played.

Officer Kang faints, and Sung Jae drops her. He’s now staring face to face at Shin Soon Ae.

Some Thoughts

Alright, there were two people in my mind that could have died based on last night’s spoiler-ish preview: Eun Hee or Officer Han. Now in hindsight it’s obvious it was Officer Han, but I think Sung Jae would have been equally as happy getting rid of Eun Hee. Her role also has diminished greatly as she has not added much to the series, so I would not care if she died. I wouldn’t put it past Sung Jae either to do something like that. However, it would have made this series a lot darker and put Sun Woo on the warpath. In any case, it was also good that it was Officer Han, who was definitely in for it since he was too close to the truth.

Im Joo Hwan is great at acting creepy. I think it’s better than when he was just a stoic bad-ass in The Technicians. What I really want to know is how evil Sung Jae is without the ghost, and how he will be absolved of his sins. I think Sung Jae isn’t completely innocent to begin with, so it’s going to be hard to forgive a man like that even if the evil spirit in him is expelled. My guess is that after the evil spirit is gone, Sung Jae will either be put into a mental institution to help remedy his own issues or he will actually die along with the spirit.

I think overall the spirit is a bit of an idiot though. I mean, why would you still have that car associated with your name? Why don’t you change the license plate, or make sure that it’s registered under someone else?! The evil spirit’s ego in thinking he got rid of all the evidence has gotten him in trouble thus far. And then he tried to kill Bong Sun with the same car? Seriously, I almost wish this evil spirit were a little smarter in how he committed crimes. Also changed up his outfit a little more than obviously always wear black.

For such a dark episode, the only light was seeing Sun Woo as a scaredy cat regarding ghosts, which is hilarious.

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3 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 14 Recap

  1. The password was 1818, which in Korea, 18 sounds like a curse word. And in that scene we can hear SoonAe-in-Officer-Kang’s body cursing when she couldnt get the right password. And right when she cursed, she also typed in the ‘curse’ word 1818.

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