Oh My Ghostess: Episode 13 Recap


A more mellow episode this week. The melodrama is on, and it looks like it’s going to get worse by tomorrow. (Because damn you, previews!!)

Bong Sun bawls her eyes out as she makes her descent from the peak and walks through the park. Sun Woo finds himself being transported up via tram again, so he has to make the journey back down before he can look for her. At this point, she’s gone so far that he has to drive along the main roads leading out of Namsan to catch up to her.

Sun Woo thinks it’s all a joke at first, as if he were on candid camera. But when she doesn’t reply, he’s like, “What the hell is going on?” After he told her to never abandon her, too! Sun Woo tries to make sense of all that she’s telling him, but he finds it really difficult to believe that a ghost was possessing her body and that’s who he had fallen in love with. “Why don’t you just say you’re a ghost too? That’d be quite the twist – just like ‘The Sixth Sense!'” He wonders if this is all a ploy to just break up with him, but Bong Sun earnestly insists there’s a ghost. Well then.

They return home, and Sun Woo barely acknowledges her or wishes her a good night when he enters his room.

It’s unclear whether or not Sung Jae saw Soon Ae (in her ghostly form) when she pushed Bong Sun out of the way from his car, but he does realize that she was possessing Bong Sun all this time. At work, a former colleague, Officer Kang, rejoins the station team. She apparently had been out sick for a while, and Officer Han gives her a hard time for leaving them with so much work. Officer Kang seems to be like another Bong Sun, except a police officer and with a cheerier disposition. She’s well liked by her team too, so we get a rare kind smile from Sung Jae as well.

The kitchen crew meanwhile are hard at work cleaning the restaurant in the very hot weather. Min Soo is lazy as always and keeps track of the fact that Bong Sun is thirty minutes late. He wonders if she’s going to constantly be late because she’s exerting her “privilege” of being the boss’ girlfriend, but she comes rushing in apologizing sincerely. Suddenly Min Soo is all, “It’s okay to be late every so often. Makes you seem more human.” I shake my head at this guy.

Sun Woo comes in, and it’s business as usual. It’s quite obvious that he’s acting very distantly from Bong Sun, and it’s made worse when Min Soo and Dong Chul goof off and pretend they’re interviewing the couple about their relationship. Sun Woo snaps at them, and the kitchen crew later escapes to the back door area to gossip about what might have happened. Dong Chul is sure that Bong Sun and Sun Woo fought, hence the tension; Joon doesn’t want to get involved in their personal lives; and Min Soo insists that the tension is because Sun Woo and Bong Sun finally “did it,” and are too embarrassed in front of them all. And of course he thinks he’s right.

Let’s all roll our eyes together at how Min Soo always thinks he’s right.

When they return to the kitchen, Min Soo asks Bong Sun what really happened. She admits they fought, much to Min Soo’s chagrin. Heh. Suddenly though, Sun Woo comes bursting from the storage room and drags Bong Sun out for something important, ordering everyone else to close up the restaurant for dinner. He’s going to take her to the doctor because he thinks she must have a mental illness where she’s seeing hallucinations, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to make her better. Bong Sun refuses to be wrist-grabbed and dragged around though and insists she’s not manic depressive or seeing hallucinations. She’s seen ghosts all her life, because her grandmother is a shaman and she is of that bloodline that has this power. Bong Sun wanted to die so many times, but she endured it all and lived on; she is not crazy, just unlucky.

Meanwhile, Soon Ae is trying her best to figure out why Sung Jae is trying to kill Bong Sun. Since he attacked Bong Sun after she had asked him to look into her death, Soon Ae wonders if he had something to do with it at all. Suhbingo then remembers that she couldn’t figure out Sung Jae’s aura – an old picture and a recent picture of him showed two different faces as well. Is it possible that Sung Jae is possessed by an evil ghost?! If so, it would be dangerous for Soon Ae to appear before him, as the evil spirit could see Soon Ae. And what’s worse is it’s now more difficult to differentiate between Sung Jae and evil Sung Jae, because once the evil ghost latches on, he’ll stay on forever.

So Soon Ae hurries to the restaurant to warn Bong Sun to be careful, and she finds the young woman depressed after running from Sun Woo and the doctor’s visit. They’re interrupted when Sun Woo barges in and refuses to believe anything about “ghosts” – he won’t believe that she was possessed unless he sees it with his own eyes.

Bong Sun glances over at Soon Ae and admits she told the truth. Sun Woo freaks out – is she talking to someone right now that he can’t see? He gets up from the chair, and Soon Ae moves it on her own. Aieee! Sun Woo is still not believing it, his eyes darting around the restaurant for the ghost’s presence. Soon Ae slowly approaches him and caresses his cheek to show that she does exist. He shies away violently, unsure what just happened. Soon Ae tears up; it hurts her feelings immensely. If she were in Bong Sun, he would’ve embraced her touch, but in her original form he fears her.

Sun Woo doesn’t know how to comprehend all this. He asks if she really didn’t know about the ghost the entire time, and Bong Sun says she didn’t know about the possession at first… but later on gave her permission to possess her body. It’s incomprehensible to Sun Woo, so he escapes to a pojangmacha.

Drink after drink, he starts putting the pieces together about Bong Sun and her weird antics, and how she had run around in the kitchen one time begging a ghost to get away from her, and how Suhbingo had stopped by the restaurant and saw that there was a mixture of “chill” and “vitality” in the aura. He imagines Soon-Bong vibrantly telling him to not drink so much or she’d pounce him one side, and then a calmer Bong Sun telling him to eat something so he won’t get sick on the other.

Eventually he’s seen by Sung Jae, who’s patrolling the area. Sung Jae wonders, as a concerned brother-in-law, if something happened with Bong Sun, and Sun Woo asks if he believes in ghosts. It’s enough to confirm to Sung Jae that Bong Sun was possessed by Soon Ae, and still could be now.

In her room, Bong Sun looks at her scrapbook full of articles on Sun Woo, regretting that she chose this way to try to win Sun Woo’s heart. He knocks on her door, coming home drunk, and asks why she didn’t bother fooling him to the end. If she had lied and said she was manic depressive all this time, it would have been easier for him. He’s going crazy because now he doesn’t know who he likes (the ghost or the real her) and if she was doing it to make fun of him. Bong Sun: “I did it because I liked you so much. I wanted to keep you by my side, even if I had to resort to that.” Ouch…

Sun Woo backs away. He’s going to need some time alone to think, and that includes going back to his mother’s house for the night. Of course Hae Young is curious as to why he’s so depressed (and accurately wonders if it has to do with Bong Sun), but he doesn’t tell her anything. Hae Young: “He is my son, but he looks good when he’s [brooding].” What a mom…

Soon Ae is really hurt about how Sun Woo shied away from her, but she pulls herself together to focus at the task at hand: she needs to investigate Sung Jae and let Bong Sun know. But Bong Sun’s gone. As soon as Sun Woo left, she packed up all of her belongings and tore up all the pages of her scrapbook.

The following day, the kitchen crew is scrambling to get the ingredients together for the day. Once again, Bong Sun is late but her phone is also off. When Sun Woo hears, he ushers them back to work and says he’ll take care of it. However Min Soo and the kitchen crew quickly relay their worries that Bong Sun is gone for good when Eun Hee and Sung Jae arrive at the restaurant. They are positive it has to do with a fight that Bong Sun and Sun Woo had the other day. Sung Jae quietly concludes that if Bong Sun left, it means Soon Ae isn’t possessing her at the moment either.

Sun Woo goes into Bong Sun’s room to see if she’s around and finds it completely cleaned out of her stuff. All that’s left is the necklace with the ring hanging on a shelf.

Bong Sun ends up waking up in Soon Ae’s old room with Kyung Mo and Myung Ho beside her. Apparently Myung Ho found her passed out nearby when he went out for morning exercises. How fortuitous! He encourages her to stay for a few days until she regains her strength; mind you, he still thinks she’s the lovable Soon-Bong. He cooks up some porridge for her, not realizing that Soon Ae is in the kitchen to visit him. She thinks that Kyung Mo is sick, but is shocked to find Bong Sun in her room!

After Myung Ho leaves the food with Bong Sun, Soon Ae asks why she left Sun Restaurant. Was it because of her? Bong Sun nods, although she does claim responsibility for half of it because she did grant Soon Ae permission to take over her body and they went this far in tricking Sun Woo. She also does resent Soon Ae a bit, but is thankful to have some of her own memories with Sun Woo. It makes Soon Ae feel a little guilty, but she briskly returns to business: Sung Jae is a dangerous man and Bong Sun is to avoid being seen by him. She’s going to go investigate more about Sung Jae and will report back with more information.

In the meantime Bong Sun should stay at Myung Ho’s place.

During the lunch rush, Sun Woo puts on a brave face as he barks out orders to the team. The kitchen crew is impressed with how he’s carrying himself, but Min Soo can tell that Sun Woo is deeply hurting. He’s just faking being strong. Strangely enough, it’s on these things that Min Soo is very right on, as the team catches Sun Woo having a moment by himself in the storage room.

At the station, Officer Kang carries a huge box to deliver to another patrolling officer. She’s not that strong, so Officer Han offers to carry it for her, but Kang insists that she can do it. And carries it she does, but she is definitely a very weak woman. How she became a police officer is anyone’s guess, but she is certainly a prime target for Soon Ae. Again, because she’s like another Bong Sun (except a police officer), it’s easy for Soon Ae to possess her. She re-enters the station and notices Sung Jae open up his drawer to give Han something. In it is her diary! But he keeps his drawer under lock and key, so she’s going to have to figure out a way to access it later.

Soon Ae catches up with Suhbingo, who thinks that there must be something incriminating in the diary for Sung Jae to want to keep it. Soon Ae: “Yeah, I wonder what it is.” Suhbingo: “Goodness, it’s your diary!” Hahaha! But all Soon Ae can remember is drowning underwater and hearing strange music in the background.

That evening, the kitchen crew all want to take Sun Woo out for dinner. Since the heat wave is over it’s time for them to have some beer to regain stamina. Heh. Even Joon says he’ll come out – anything to cheer up their boss! I’m glad Sun Woo goes out with them, and they all make an extra effort to say that girls suck, and boys rule. I mean, what else can you say when someone’s in the dumps over a girl?

Sun Woo passes by Joon at the restroom, and Joon seriously inquires as to whether Sun Woo will try to make up with Bong Sun. He always knew how Bong Sun loved and admired Sun Woo from afar, and that she really is a good person. He only wants the two people he likes the most in the world to be together and be happy. Aww. Best third wheel ever.

The officers are also working late that night, and they’re getting hungry. Sung Jae suggests ordering in pork hock, but Officer Kang (possessed by Soon Ae) encourages them all to go out and have dinner while she mans the station. Sung Jae notes that she never liked being alone in the station because she used to be scared, so “Soon-Kang” lies that there’s no better time than the present to get over her fears!

As soon as they’re gone and far away, she fiddles with the drawer lock using a screw driver, but to no avail. “What are you doing?” Eep! She’s caught! But thankfully by Officer Han!

Soon-Kang makes up the lie that she was told to investigate Sung Jae because the higher ups got a tip that he might be accepting bribes. Officer Han can believe it because he also has his own suspicions of Sung Jae. Ever since he got assaulted and mugged over CCTV footage of Eun Hee’s accident, he can’t stop thinking that he saw Sung Jae there. He did manage to find a small piece of evidence at the parking lot where he got attacked, and is getting it evaluated right now. Only time will tell if something’s up with Sung Jae. This is all news but useful information for Soon Ae.

Meanwhile, Sung Jae and the other officer have gone to Myung Ho’s restaurant for a late night meal. Bong Sun very nearly walks out to the front of the restaurant, but whips around just in time before she’s seen by Sung Jae. Oof. Too dangerous!

Sun Woo returns to Bong Sun’s room after his night out; he clearly misses her. He sees some torn pages on the floor from her scrapbook, and recognizes bits of it as recipes he saw on her blog. He quickly logs on and sees her latest post – one about buckwheat pancakes that she had eaten with him. She even quoted him: “Cooking is like being a conductor of an orchestra in the kitchen.” Suddenly things are starting to make more sense. He remembers how he made her cabbage porridge soup and she had responded to his comment by saying she was having some right at that moment. He remembers how he felt that he and the blog writer were soulmates without ever realizing it was Bong Sun.


He pulls up her resume to find her hometown and hurries off to Kyunggi-do.

Bong Sun is in the middle of possibly writing a good-bye post on her blog when Kyung Mo enters the room. He gives her an ice cream bar because he heard she didn’t eat all day. Bong Sun respectfully declines, and it pisses him off that she’s using honorifics with him when before, when she was Soon-Bong, she would cuss him out and speak “down” to him as if she were his sister. So he doesn’t get why she’s being so distant with him.

Kyung Mo is super hurt too because if she were going to reject him for Sun Woo then she should have just remained happy with Sun Woo instead of getting dumped. Hah – Kyung Mo is seriously acting out his own drama fantasy right now.

Sun Woo arrives at Bong Sun’s grandmother’s house, where she’s cleaning the floors because she knew that she’d be expecting a guest, but not who it’d be. Before he even gets to introduce himself, Grandma figures out that he’s a Seoul-ite who is a chef, and whose horoscope would be very complementary with Bong Sun’s. Grandma’s powers are no joke.

Grandma ends up talking about how Bong Sun was such a good and caring grandchild, always cooking and waiting on her. It was unfortunate that her parents died early and that she could see ghosts from a very young age, because that alienated her from others. Grandma then goes to a convenience store to pick up some cider, leaving Sun Woo to imagine what Bong Sun’s humble life must have been when she lived with her grandmother.

Sun Woo returns to the restaurant, where he’s met by Kyung Mo. This fifth wheel is so. not. happy with Sun Woo because he believes the famous chef dumped Bong Sun. Sun Woo’s confused and doesn’t understand how Kyung Mo knows that she isn’t eating at all. Kyung Mo: “Because she’s at our house you jerk!” Sun Woo bolts away in the direction of Myung Ho’s restaurant, and Kyung Mo tearfully sighs, “Be happy.”

OMG. I just can’t. I know Kyung Mo is being really dramatic and serious here, and really wishes the best for this couple, but I can’t stop laughing. It’s supposed to be emotional, but this kid cracks me up.

Bong Sun receives a call from her grandmother and answers it outside the restaurant. Grandma’s just checking in and letting her know that someone visited her. Just then, she hears Sun Woo calling out her name. Breathlessly, he yells at her for only running off this far from the restaurant so that he could easily find her again, and pulls her into a bear hug.

He really really missed her.

Sun Woo doesn’t forgive her just yet, but he is very worried about her, which is why he just wants to spend these next few minutes holding her. Bong Sun says she misses him too. Aww.

Sun Woo: “Long before you were ever possessed… I watched over you, thought about you, and worried about you. So, don’t disappear from my sight again.”

No matter how much he could have tried, he just can’t quit her.

Some Thoughts

Man, the last scene nearly brought me to tears. First Kyung Mo made me nearly cry from laughter, and then Sun Woo made me nearly cry from hope and happiness.

This episode felt a bit forced, as in there were so many elements that popped up just in time so that our leads could get the information they needed. For example, the inclusion of Officer Kang felt very forced; she was never mentioned before and it seems so unbelievable that a woman of her constitution would ever be a police officer. I mean, this woman collapses on the floor from carrying a box! She was only included now because it was high time that Soon Ae find a way to get closer to Sun Woo and possess her body. Had she been introduced earlier and done something else, I would not have felt that her character was some contrived plot device as much.

Other things that I found somewhat unnatural or uneven were Sung Jae and Myung Ho’s roles in this episode. Sung Jae constantly found himself at the right place at the right time to collect information that he should have known or realized by the last episode, so it’s just repetitive information being drilled into his brain right now. And Myung Ho happens to find Bong Sun passed out nearby and brings her home to allow Bong Sun to encounter Soon Ae again. There is no indication that Bong Sun would have passed out randomly; she could have been asleep at a park because she had nowhere to go and Myung Ho found her and invited her back for a meal, and then took pity on her and let her stay a few days.

But aside from this rocky writing (because the writer does need to wrap things up soon), the actors really got to shine and show off more range than they did before. It’s not all fun and games now; this time people are crying and hurt and lonely. Park Bo Young did splendidly as she cried like there was no tomorrow, and Kim Seul Gi’s reaction when Sun Woo shied away from her touch was priceless. In fact, I think that was my favorite moment because it was so raw and so touching. And Jo Jung Suk finally got a chance to prove that he can act and not crack up around Park Bo Young.

One thing I also found really interesting was how both women in their own form don’t seem to be accepted by Sun Woo, or they don’t feel like they are accepted by him. Bong Sun doesn’t think he likes her for herself, and Soon Ae realizes that Sun Woo will never accept her unless she’s in Bong Sun’s body. They have to be combined to be the woman that Sun Woo fell in love with. Now I like that Sun Woo realizes he’s always liked and cared for Bong Sun in some way, but it’s really sad that Bong Sun feels inadequate and has low self-esteem. And poor Soon Ae, because she’s really not going to win him at all.

What’s great is that Soon Ae does realize that her grudge may not be a virginity grudge anymore, but rather a grudge because of her unsolved death. Thank goodness.

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  1. Hello! Loved your review of this episode but I’m just wondering if you know the title and artist of the song that plays at the very end? It’s so beautiful and I want to hear the whole thing!

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