Nam Joo Hyuk Cast in ‘Brilliant Seduction’


Nam Joo Hyuk sure is keeping busy! After appearing in School 2015 and being confirmed as part of the cast for Cheese in the Trap, he’s also in final talks to join the MBC 50-episode drama Glamorous Temptation – formerly known as Their Fortress and could be translated as Brilliant Seduction. The title, just like the former one, is still a work-in-progress, though I prefer Brilliant Seduction. We’ll see which English title sticks.

The drama is to follow the lives of a new mother and her daughter, and their turbulent lives revolving around the men they love, their suffering, and their ambitions. Very vague, very melodramatic. It’s written by Son Young Mok, who did Golden Rainbow, May Queen, and Empress Chun Chu, and directed by Kim Sang Hyub, whose only credit to date is the 2014 MBC drama Mama.

It seems that Nam Joo Hyuk is being cast as the child role for the main lead character Jin Hyung Woo. That would make more sense than making him the lead male role considering this is a 50-episode drama that will air all the way into January 2016, and most likely will interfere with Cheese in the Trap. It’s not that he can’t do two dramas at once, but it is very unlikely that he would. But good for him for doing a range of dramas – from a high school one to a melodrama to a romantic comedy. Could we be seeing a new actor on the rise?


Choi Kang Hee (Level 7 Civil Servant) was initially in talks for the main female lead, Shin Eun Soo, who is a single mother saddled with her husband’s death. However early reports seem to say that she’s only looking at the script and has not confirmed anything. I think she’s veering towards a “no” for this drama, but we’ll see. Choi Kang Hee has done mostly comedy in the past several years, so I think it’d be strange to see her in this super melodramatic, seemingly dark plot. I don’t know but a drama with this title is quite foreboding.

This drama will air after Hwajung in October on MBC.

sources: sports chosun, tv report


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