Kim Hee Chan and others fill up ‘Cheese in the Trap’


Kim Hee Chan is going from one sibling to the next! This new actor first came on to the drama scene in Producers as Gong Hyo Jin‘s younger brother Tak Ye Joon (the med student who only came home to find the most awkward of situations). Now he’s going to play Hong Seol’s spoiled younger brother Hong Joon in Cheese in the Trap.

Hong Joon is the younger brother who isn’t as smart as his sister Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) but his parents send him to study abroad. I don’t understand how he gets rewarded compared to his older sister, who is forced to attend a school locally and pay her way through college while the parents support Joon’s education. In any case, Joon is more spoiled than Seol.

It’s also funny how Kim Hee Chan is also going to appear in another tvN drama before Cheese – he’ll portray the younger version of Lee Sang Yoon in Twenty Again first, which is airing after Oh My Ghostess. So good for him racking up more acting roles!


In other casting news, Seo Kang Joon is getting closer to being confirmed for the role of Baek In Ho; some scheduling issues need to be finalized. Kim Ki Bang has been confirmed for the role of Gong Joo Yong, a former rich kid who grew up with Yoo Jung, but is now outcast by his family and struggling to study for the government exams. What’s interesting about Joo Yong’s character is that he’s gay and in a relationship with one of the Assistant Professors in Hong Seol’s college. It’s a serious relationship (though fraught with too much tension), so I wonder if it will factor into the show at all. Or if the drama will just make him a derelict-looking, poor student and just have a bromance or platonic relationship with Asst. Professor Heo. Moon Ji Yoon (Big, May Queen) has been confirmed as Sang Cheol, a crazy student who isn’t afraid of starting rumors and has a crush on Hong Seol’s junior Ah Young. Ji Yoon Ho (High School King of Savvy, Faith) has been confirmed for Young Gon, a player who ends up having an obsessive, stalker-ish crush on Seol. For Kim, Moon, and Ji it looks like they went with best fit physically, so it’s only a matter of time to see if they can actually portray the characters emotionally. (I’m positive Kim Ki Bang can do it!)


And then we have Lee Woo Dong who has been confirmed as Asst. Professor Heo Yoon Seob, who isn’t exactly who I imagined to play Heo. His character is one of dubious motives as he had done something wrong against Yoo Jung in the past and feels that he’s being punished for it now.

It’s exciting to see the cast round out as the filming begins in September for a December/January premiere.

sources: tvreport, gukje news, xsports news, newsen


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