Oh My Ghostess: Episode 12 Recap


Yep – this episode was the “painful” episode we needed to get us to the last four episodes. Talk about tugging the heartstrings a little bit, making me laugh one minute and then groan from the drama of it all.

Sung Jae greets his partner Officer Han right outside the hospital, congratulating him with some fresh tofu for recovering so well. Guess the police officers have their own “white tofu” tradition, except instead of getting out of prison, it’s hospitals. Officer Han still feels really disgruntled over the fact that he got robbed and the CCTV evidence of the hit and run was destroyed. Sung Jae swallows his anger and suggests they go eat, and they head over to Myung Ho’s restaurant for some soondae stew.

Once again, Officer Han apologizes for losing the last piece of evidence that could give Sung Jae’s family some closure. He also can’t take his eyes away from Sung Jae’s watch, which look just like his attacker’s.

At the restaurant, Sun Woo quickly saves Bong Sun from carrying a huge box out of the storage room. He doesn’t want her doing any heavy lifting, since she’s “his woman” and he wants her to take care of herself. He suggests that they go to the market for some shopping, but since it might be too obvious if he keeps picking her as his shopping partner, he tells her to fake an illness to get out of kitchen work. Bong Sun wonders if she should fake a sprained ankle or fake diarrhea, and it amuses Sun Woo to see her so bright and happy like this. This neutral state of hers is what he likes best. He gives her an affectionate head bump and carries the box away.

Little do they realize, Ji Woong saw the whole thing.

Right away, Ji Woong shares his suspicions that Sun Woo and Bong Sun are dating. Joon is not surprised by this as he’s had his own suspicions, but he keeps his mouth shut. Dong Chul can’t believe it, and Min Soo calls Ji Woong an idiot. There is no way that Sun Woo and Bong Sun are dating! It’s Sun Woo and So Hyung that’s a couple! If there is anything going on between the chef and the assistant, Min Soo swears to castrate himself. Hah!

Soon Ae continues to mope in Suhbingo’s home, refusing to eat anything to regain her energy. It worries Suhbingo greatly, who isn’t used to a silent Soon Ae. (Neither am I.) She suggests once again that they just hold a ritual to send her to heaven, but is met with no response.

Right after their lunch, Sun Woo announces he’s heading to the market. As soon as he’s gone, Bong Sun fakes a sprained ankle. She initially grasps her left ankle, but then totters away grabbing her right. Min Soo complains about how he’s now down one person in the kitchen, while Ji Woong points out that Bong Sun was totally inconsistent about which ankle was hurting. It’s clearly a ploy between Sun Woo and Bong Sun to sneak off together! Min Soo keeps smacking Ji Woong on the head for being an idiot.

Someone seriously needs to smack Min Soo!

The two lovebirds head off to the market, with Sun Woo carrying all of the heavy groceries because he’s treating Bong Sun like a princess. It’s really cute how sweet they act together, and they bump into one of his friends, a fellow restaurateur. The friend doesn’t realize that they’re dating though, and disrespectfully calls Bong Sun the “help” or “servant.” She should be carrying all the groceries, and should just return to the restaurant while he and Sun Woo go off for a snack. Sun Woo is so offended by his comments that he dismisses his friend and tells him to work harder at the restaurant. Aww.

Sun Woo has a surprise for Bong Sun too: he takes her to a hole in the wall restaurant that specializes in soondae stew! But Bong Sun actually can’t eat soondae. This is where the disconnect between her and Soon Ae are starting to come through – Soon Ae loves blood sausage, but Bong Sun doesn’t like it and would throw it up. However, realizing that she needs to keep to some consistency (and Sun Woo was so happy at having remembered this detail about her), she agrees to eat some.

After two bites however, she has to go to the bathroom to throw it up. It’s going to be hard to overcome it, but she should – especially if she wants to try to stay by Sun Woo’s side. She returns to the table to happily find that he finished most of it. Except… he ordered another serving because he was afraid it wasn’t enough. Hah!

Bong Sun tries to cancel the order quietly, without Sun Woo noticing, crossing her arms in a canceling gesture. But the waitress misunderstands and gets her a pair of scissors instead. Haha! Meanwhile So Hyung calls up Sun Woo to give him a heads up that the crew needs to shoot some scenes at his restaurant for the show.

That evening, Sun Woo gives his team a heads up about the shoot, much to the delight of the kitchen crew because they’re going to be on TV! He also decides to give Bong Sun the chance to finally cook a dish for the restaurant tomorrow. He thinks that she can handle cooking eggplant in tomato sauce by herself. After all, there’s no better way to learn than to actually have some “field experience.” At least Joon will be observing and helping her out.

Bong Sun tries to tell Sun Woo that she’s not ready for it, but he reassures her that she is. She made buckwheat pancake and burnt pollack soup before, so she can do this. Thing is… those recipes were by Soon Ae and Bong Sun has no idea how to do those.

She spends all night practicing in the kitchen, unaware that someone is watching her. Yes – it’s Sung Jae, and he’s got a knife ready to get rid of her. Thankfully Sun Woo checks in on her to see her progress, giving her tips along the way. It prevents Sung Jae from continuing with his plan, and so he ends up giving himself a nice deep gash in the palm of his hand. Through the night, Bong Sun continues practicing, slapping away creepy ghost hands from over her shoulder because she’s too busy to deal with them.

Thankfully she finally perfects her recipe and makes a delicious eggplant with tomato sauce dish. So Bong Sun isn’t completely devoid of skills!

Soon Ae continues to mope in Suhbingo’s place, still lovesick over Sun Woo. The worst surprise visitor comes by, Hae Young, because all she wants to talk about is her son and how he’s most likely dating Bong Sun, “the girl with a dead woman’s fortune.” Suhbingo pushes Hae Young out of her apartment, luring her to the downstairs pojangmacha with a promise that the owner looks like Jang Dong Gun. As much as Soon Ae misses Sun Woo, she realizes that it’s best if she just undergo the ritual for the dead.

Sung Jae returns home in his uniform and a bandaged hand, which worries Eun Hee. When she tries to take a look at it to see if he needs to go to the hospital, he violently pulls his arm away. His temper is surfacing! Sung Jae blames it on his sensitive mood, and thankfully Eun Hee is understanding. She doesn’t mind if he shows his frustrated side to her every once in a while (no one is perfect), as long as he doesn’t get hurt. She’s too good for him. 😦

The following day, Bong Sun’s eggplant dish is one of the most popular items on the menu. Her cooking is a great success, much to the happiness and pride of everyone. Of course Min Soo credits himself for being a great example from whom she can observe. Pft.

The production crew arrives after the lunch rush, and the director is already complaining about why he has to be on this off-site shoot when he usually doesn’t do these kinds of things. It’s also really hot so he’s in a bad mood. So Hyung does her best to appease him, but it doesn’t help much. Min Soo sends Bong Sun to hand the crew some water, and yells at her in front of everyone when she doesn’t serve the director first. Realizing that Bong Sun is the lowest on the ladder, the director starts ordering her around to get a huge battery case that’s “by the corner.” His vague directions lead her to pick up the wrong box several times over, which irritates him even more. When she finally gets the right case, So Hyung has to help her carry it because it’s just way too heavy.

Then the director insists that she get him some tissues because his nose is runny. Sun Woo has enough of the director’s haughty attitude and gives him the tissues instead. He then orders Bong Sun to take a seat and not take any orders from anyone else but him. He then scolds Min Soo in front of everyone for looking down on Bong Sun, because it’s given outside people the idea that they can look down on her too.

The director’s all like, “I wasn’t looking down on her. I just borrowed some help from your employees. What, are you two dating or something?”

Sun Woo: “Yes. We’re dating.”

Cue shocked faces all around. AIEEEEE – IT’S OUT! The kitchen crew all escape to the back of the restaurant to recover from shock, with Ji Woong prancing around in a “I told you so!” dance. Min Soo has no idea what to do or say, as he’s made the grave mistake of yelling at his boss’ girlfriend. Joon reveals that he also caught on about the relationship a while back but didn’t tell anyone because it was not his secret to tell. The rest of them get ready with the knife to castrate Min Soo – just as he swore!

The shoot finishes up, and So Hyung wants to treat Sun Woo and Bong Sun together. She was impressed with how romantic he was in declaring his love for Bong Sun. Inside the restaurant, the kitchen crew won’t let Bong Sun do any heavy lifting, as she’s now the boss’ girlfriend. Min Soo makes sure she understands that he meant well when he yelled at her; he was only giving her more work experience so that she can handle anything in the future. Yeah yeah… He hands her a lollipop as well to “make peace,” and then the boys all scuttle away when Sun Woo enters the restaurant.

Sun Woo apologizes for revealing everything without consulting her first. He was just so mad at the director that he said the first thing that came to mind. Bong Sun doesn’t mind, as long as Sun Woo is okay with revealing the news that way. She offers him the lollipop, but when he hears it’s from Min Soo he just throws it away. Hehehe.

The two of them go to a pojangmacha with So Hyung, and they all take one-shots. Bong Sun winces at the soju, but she bravely continues drinking instead of choosing a beer or cider as a chaser. So Hyung admits she’s envious of Bong Sun for having Sun Woo’s love, but Bong Sun reciprocates by admitting she’s jealous of how confident and charming So Hyung is. So Hyung seriously can’t hate Bong Sun now, because she’s just so cute!

Just then Sun Woo gets a call from Sung Jae about Eun Hee. His wife is getting rehab treatment but he has an emergency and can’t drive her home, so could Sun Woo go pick her up? He excuses himself from the little party, leaving the two girls to bond. As for that “emergency”? Sung Jae gets into his car and waits right outside the restaurant.

Sun Woo picks up his sister, who’s giddy over the news that he’s dating Bong Sun. She promises not to tell their mother, but Hae Young’s already got her own ideas about it. Meanwhile Soon Ae visits her father for the last time, giving her father last advice on how to run the restaurant. She also hopes her brother would grow up for once and help out instead of playing games all day. It’s heartbreaking for her to say goodbye to her family, but she does it anyways. Soon Ae then sees Sun Woo on TV and decides to stop by the restaurant to see him for the last time.

So Hyung and Bong Sun end up going through two soju bottles, and while So Hyung is barely affected Bong Sun is very drunk. But she’s a happy drunk. So Hyung apologizes for her bad behavior during the MT and hopes they can have a clean slate between them and start a new friendship. Of course Bong Sun doesn’t remember that part of the MT, so it’s all good with her. She stumbles home, assuring So Hyung that she doesn’t need a ride back to the restaurant.

Bong Sun raises an interesting question that’s been nagging her though: Isn’t it that most people are selfish and won’t think about others because that’s what makes them human? She’s clearly thinking about her own actions, feeling that she quite selfishly took Sun Woo for herself without actually doing any work to win him over. So Hyung agrees, humans can be selfish, and so Bong Sun apologizes to her, to the ghost, and to Sun Woo. Eep! At least So Hyung doesn’t understand what she means by “ghost” so she doesn’t question it. Bong Sun is drunk after all.

Bong Sun stumbles home, hoping that everything will work out and that for the first time in her life she won’t be lonely without friends. She doesn’t realize that a black car is speeding towards her, ready to hit her. Soon Ae luckily sees her on the way to the restaurant and pushes her out of the way, letting the car go through her ghostly body. Thank goodness she can touch Bong Sun’s body.

Bong Sun is surprised by what happened, but stops Soon Ae from just running away. Did Soon Ae want to see Sun Woo one more time? Soon Ae denies it, and just warns Bong Sun to be careful going forward. The two of them nearly became sunbae-hoobae in heaven together. She wishes Bong Sun all the happiness, and then heads back to Suhbingo’s. On the way, she sees the black car that nearly hit Bong Sun, with Sung Jae at the driver’s seat. What is he doing there!?

Sung Jae slams his fist against the horn, pissed that the dead Soon Ae is causing him so many problems. He scares another drunk passerby, who then gets very confrontational and yells for Sung Jae to come out of the car. Well, that drunk guy is gonna regret it, because Sung Jae beats the man, drags him to a dark alleyway, and then steps on his windpipe to slowly choke him to death. And Soon Ae quietly watches all of this from afar.

When Soon Ae returns to Suhbingo’s, she relays her worries. She needs to postpone her ascension for a few more days, because she has a really bad feeling that Eun Hee’s husband / Sun Woo’s brother-in-law is trying to kill Bong Sun.

Bong Sun finally makes it to the restaurant just as Sun Woo returns from dropping off his sister. He asks for some fried rice, which she had made for him before. He doesn’t usually eat rice, but since Bong Sun likes it then he’ll start eating more to develop a tolerance for it. That way he won’t get indigestion from eating rice.

They go for a late night walk, and Sun Woo surprises her with a visit to Namsan Tower. She had said (or more like, Soon Ae had said) that she had never been to Namsan or gone on a cruise. So now they’re going to do all of that together, as they were her wishes. Bong Sun is taken aback, but goes along with it. The two of them take lovey-dovey couple pictures and admire the cityscape.

Sun Woo confesses that he fell in love with her when she consoled him that night he met his old high school classmates. He had always grown up alone, and always held in his feelings without talking to anyone. But she had approached him, made him buckwheat pancakes, and forced him to interact with other people. She made him feel better when he felt pathetic for trying to show off to his high school classmates.

The catch is, none of that was really Bong Sun. It was Soon-Bong – or rather, all Soon Ae’s work. And Bong Sun is getting all the credit right now.

As they ride down the tram from the top of the tower, Bong Sun tearfully can’t hold it in much longer. “I’m not the one you like, Chef,” she says. Of course Sun Woo is confused, and she clarifies that she can see ghosts. A ghost possessed her and made her act differently. So the person that he’s describing that he fell in love with is not her but rather the ghost that possessed her.

The tram stops. He’s still confused. In tears, she apologizes and rushes out of the tram. He’s still confused, and shocked, and doesn’t get out of the tram in time. So he ascends once more to the tower, alone.

Some Thoughts

Wow. There were a lot of ups and downs in this episode, especially as small cracks began to show between Bong Sun and Soon Ae’s personalities.

One of the things that initially bothered me was when Bong Sun had to cook up the eggplant recipe on her own, and she kept failing over and over again. Bong Sun isn’t a terrible chef, but she’s not as skilled as Soon Ae, who has innate and instinctive talent for cooking. So I was getting disappointed when she kept messing up the recipe because it showed just how much she relied on Soon Ae to succeed professionally and personally. I was sure that this was going to be the moment where Sun Woo would end up getting angry at her and wonder what’s wrong with her, and then he’d discover the truth and think she was a fraud all along. Thankfully she ended up making the dish correctly, but this just goes to show how the two of them just don’t separate and talk often enough. If only they did more transference of information, the con would have gone much more smoothly.

Of course – we did need some of this conflict to show up. The soondae incident was a great example of how both personalities just conflict with each other. It also emphasized how selfish Soon Ae was; she acted as if Bong Sun were her own body, that she was “Soon Ae” instead of “Bong Sun.” She made no effort to get to know her host body better and thus ruffled Bong Sun’s life just a little bit. Sadly Bong Sun thinks she was the only selfish one out of the both of them, and decides to undo everything that Soon Ae did for her. But really, the both of them were very selfish and Sun Woo pays the price.

Sung Jae’s scenes in this episode felt very disconnected from the rest of the episode. He randomly emerges from a basement apartment wearing his black outfit with no indication of where he’s going. He spies on Sun Woo and Bong Sun without being noticed at all, and then he cuts himself and lets the blood drip on their patio – but no one seems to notice the blood. It’s unclear how he formulates his plans to attack Bong Sun, and we’re never quite sure on how or when he’ll attack. One thing that is clear is that Sung Jae – or the evil spirit – does not need a clear motive to attack someone. If anyone threatens his life with knowledge or pisses him off, he will attack disproportionately to their “crime” against him.

I’m glad that Soon Ae witnessed him killing the drunk passerby because now she has a real reason to stay in the world. The virginity grudge feels superfluous compared to her grudge to resolve why she died. That, if anything, would be a really good reason for why she has “unfinished business,” and I hope knowing the truth about her death will be enough for her to ascend to heaven. I wonder how she even settled on the idea that she needs to lose her virginity as a reason to move on in the afterlife; who gave her that grudge? Did she come up with it herself because she had no idea why she died? Because it seems so arbitrary compared to knowing who killed her, or why she died.

And finally, Min Soo’s antics are really wearing me out. He’s great comically though, as he does provide enough physical humor for the show. But I really hope he learns to respect his other coworkers for their own merits, and not because he discovers they’re all somehow related to Sun Woo and realizes he needs to brown-nose them. More smacking on his head is needed!

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One thought on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 12 Recap

  1. Thanks for the detailed and well thought recaps! I always love reading your blog. Though this episode was sad, it was needed. I’m really impressed by the writers and hope that we will have a satisfying ending. I would like Bong Sun and Chef to end up together but however this series ends I will be happy. This drama is definitely in my top 10.

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