Oh My Ghostess: Episode 11 Recap


Well this was quite a feel-good episode. It’s the episode that makes you all giggly and happy and excited for your OTP because the writers know that they’re going to just dash all your dreams by the next episode.

Evil writers. What sadistic spirits have overtaken you to give me so much fan service!?

THEY’RE GONNA DO IT! NOTHING’S GONNA STOP THEM NOW! Except – Soon-Bong herself, and she stops Sun Woo from unbuttoning her shirt. And runs off. AUGHHHH! Well, I get her hesitation but I am also clenching my fists saying, “So close!” Sun Woo himself has no idea what to do now, confused that she’s playing hot n’ cold with him now.

Soon-Bong runs to a park, her body running hot from the moment before. Soon Ae is expelled from the body, shocking Bong Sun, who thinks she left voluntarily to talk. That’s not true, but the two of them sit on the swings for a bit. Bong Sun is concerned that Soon Ae hasn’t fulfilled her grudge yet when she has so little time left. It’s surprising for the ghost to hear that Bong Sun is worried about her, considering they were practically enemies just weeks ago. But Bong Sun kind of views her as a friend now; after all, they’re sharing a man and Bong Sun could only talk to her about seeing ghosts without being seen as a crazy person! She’s worried that her relationship with Chef won’t last very long, but Soon Ae jealously knows that they’ll be together when she’s long gone. So, she’s going to possess Bong Sun for just a little longer.

Sun Woo paces around, wondering where on earth Soon-Bong’s gone and feeling terribly embarrassed for doing something that he thought she wanted. Soon-Bong returns and makes up the excuse that she had indigestion and felt like throwing up. It’s not because his food was bad, but that she had eaten it way too fast! He’s relieved that it’s not because he was moving too fast for her, and the two of them clean up their tent and head back to their respective rooms. To get rid of that extra energy, Sun Woo loudly does a few push-ups.

Sung Jae returns home, frustrated that he can’t quite figure out what Bong Sun is all about. He hides his true feelings from his wife and mother-in-law, who believe him to be a mild-mannered, hard-working police officer, and reveals the evil spirit within in front of the bathroom mirror.

Soon-Bong tries cooking up her first pasta dish, a bulgogi pasta, for the entire crew. Everyone salivates over her cooking, and even Sun Woo pays her a huge compliment by saying it’s good. He then announces to the team that he has to go for a magazine interview, and so Min Soo’s in charge of the kitchen. He’ll also need to take Soon-Bong because they want to talk to his assistant on the show.

But that’s a lie! Sun Woo just wanted to go to the interview with Soon-Bong; they’ll just pretend that she’s his make-up artist. Unfortunately she has nothing but the restaurant uniform to wear, so they go shopping in this rainy weather for new clothes! Soon-Bong’s fantasies run away with her as she envisions herself trying on multiple outfits and getting a yay or a nay from her boyfriend. Woo! Makeover!

But instead, Sun Woo picks the first dress he sees on the mannequin and gets it in her size. He buys it without having her try it on, so it ends up being slightly ill fitting and not as good looking on her as it is on the mannequin. Off to the interview they go!

And now we get some fan service of Sun Woo looking maaadd good for a photo shoot. Seriously, he’s so handsome. When asked by the interviewer what his ideal girl is, he describes someone whom he can cook with, who respects elders, and looks like a puppy. The interviewer is quick to pick up that he’s describing Soon-Bong, but he neither confirms nor denies that she’s his ideal girl. He doesn’t quite care if the interviewer realizes he’s dating his assistant, but he’s not going to outwardly announce it to the media like that.

Meanwhile, Hae Young is shocked to hear that So Hyung got rejected. Is Sun Woo crazy?! So Hyung doesn’t say that Sun Woo has another woman (that’s for him to tell his mother), but she does ask that Hae Young not try to match them up. After all, she’d like to comfortably remain being his friend.

Sun Woo and Soon-Bong return home to find a surprise – the torrential rain has leaked through Soon-Bong’s roof and flooded her tiny room. She’s got no choice but to stay with Sun Woo for the night. Woo! Except Soon-Bong is really uncomfortable with this situation. She wears his shirt for pajamas (which is drama code for “Oh my God they’re going to do it!”) and awkwardly watch a historical movie together where there are plenty of make-out scenes. Yeah, as if the drama gods weren’t hinting enough!

Too awkward to bear, they decide to turn in for the night with Soon-Bong on the bed and Sun Woo on the floor. Sun Woo brushes his teeth ferociously, as if trying to let go of that burning desire, while Soon-Bong curls up under the blankets trying to sleep. She pretends to snore, and Sun Woo thinks that she’s completely passed out. Slowly, starting with his foot, he crawls under the bedcovers next to her. And then he reaches over… and she screams and smacks him.

Welp! That didn’t go so well! Sun Woo is shocked that she isn’t being receptive to some TLC when all she had been doing for weeks was throw herself upon him. But Soon-Bong says she thought about what he said – relationships should take time and they should move step-by-step – and thinks that he’s right. So she thinks they should take things slowly now. Well, that’s all good for Sun Woo, but man does he need to release some of his burning desires on the punching bag first!

The following morning, Hae Young arrives at the restaurant very early to meet with Soon-Bong (whom she always incorrectly calls Bong Sook). After ogling at how cute Joon is, she gives Soon-Bong an envelope. It contains the picture of her assistant professor who is single, parent-less, and ready to marry. She’s got a really good intuition about these things, figuring out that Sun Woo and Soon-Bong have a thing for each other without anyone confirming for her. Hae Young thinks Soon-Bong should meet with the assistant professor, as she’d only have to deal with four sisters-in-law instead of one immature mother-in-law like herself. Hah! Like four sisters really are any better…

Sun Woo catches the two of them talking and sends Soon-Bong back into the restaurant. He doesn’t want her doing such useless things like driving them apart just because Soon-Bong’s horoscope is that of a dead person. (Woops, Soon Ae.) He’ll deal with it as he sees fit, and sends his mother away.

Sun Woo does get distracted though, and he can’t stop looking at Soon-Bong while he’s cooking up the garlic. He ends up burning the whole pan full and turns too quickly to trash it, burning Joon accidentally in the process. Joon pretends that it’s nothing terrible, and so Sun Woo continues moving around in a daze. But the moment he can take a break, he hurries to the storage room to apply ice to his burn.

Soon-Bong catches him trying to ice himself and takes a look at the wound; it’s bad enough that he should have gone to the hospital to get it treated! But Joon doesn’t want to make it a big deal because he doesn’t want Sun Woo to think less of him. He admires Sun Woo as a little fan boy would, thinking that Sun Woo is a hero for backpacking through Europe and paying to go to school, but never attending classes because he had “real lessons” by eating from the garbage and traveling. Oook.

So Soon-Bong goes to get him some burn cream. Sun Woo catches them going into the storage room together, but thinks nothing of it until he hears Joon groaning in pain from the cream. He bursts in, thinking that they were doing something unsavory, and instinctively blows up on Soon-Bong, accusing her of two-timing him. What, because she caught Sun Woo now she’s not interested in sleeping with him? And she’s satisfying herself with Joon instead? (Don’t worry – Joon is out of the room before he hears all this.) Soon-Bong can’t defend herself on what they were really doing because she promised Joon she wouldn’t tell Sun Woo about the burn. That leaves Sun Woo immensely dissatisfied.

It gets worse when they all return to the kitchen and there aren’t enough popsicles to go around (because Min Soo ate two). Joon gives Soon-Bong his, and the other kitchen crew start teasing that the two are now a couple. Wowwww it really makes things worse. Sun Woo picks on Soon-Bong and criticizes her clam-cleaning skills, sending her off to the market to buy shrimp alone.

Soon-Bong pops in Myung Ho’s restaurant for a visit and catches him calling his daughter’s cellphone because he misses her voice. He never cancelled her phone plan, but her phone is missing. (Dun dun dun!) Soon-Bong asks if she died in an accident, but Myung Ho says it was a suicide. Soon-Bong can’t believe it. While Myung Ho steps out to buy her some juice, she sneaks into her room to check her untouched diary. In it are three tickets to Guam.

Suddenly Soon-Bong remembers that she had bought three tickets for the family to Guam for her father’s 60th birthday. A week before they were supposed to go, she died. Soon-Bong doesn’t understand why she would have committed suicide and goes to the first person who could help her find out more about her case: Sung Jae.

Soon-Bong hands over the diary and tickets, and asks Sung Jae to investigate whether Soon Ae’s death really was a suicide. After all, what kind of person would kill herself if she was already planning a family vacation? Sung Jae stiffly says that it was a suicide; there was a text from Soon Ae to her father that was her “last letter,” and it’s possible Soon Ae was really good at hiding her depression. He does promise to investigate further though, as he sees Bong Sun before him asking for a favor. But after some thinking on the bridge where Soon Ae died, he whips out his switchblade. Looks like he’s got his next victim marked.

Back at the restaurant, Sun Woo overhears the others talking about Joon’s bad burn. He realizes that he was in the wrong – Soon-Bong was just helping Joon treat his burns instead of, yunno, making out with him. He apologizes formally to Joon as well, and now has to figure out how to make up to Soon-Bong.

Soon-Bong returns with the shrimp but she can’t stop thinking about why she would have committed suicide. Soon Ae steps out of the body so that she can go talk to Suhbingo, and leaves the rest of the work day to Bong Sun. Heh, she catches Suhbingo at the wrong time though as the shaman’s trying to get in more clients but is too startled by Soon Ae’s presence to continue her rituals.

Soon Ae wants to know if people who commit suicide would be ghosts like her. There aren’t many though, as very rarely do those ghosts come back because of unfinished business. Suhbingo would rather Soon Ae just hurry up and ascend to heaven instead of thinking about how she died; if she stays any longer she might become an evil spirit.

That evening, Bong Sun waits for her next lesson with Sun Woo, but he calls her up instead to the roof. He quickly presents her a bouquet of flowers and says he forgives her. EHHH? Sun Woo’s ego is just too big, and he hilariously pretends that the flowers she’s holding are for him, and that she just begged for his forgiveness, and that he accepted it because he knows she can’t live without him. Ha! On top of that, he then presents to her a couple’s jewelry set – he gets a ring, and she gets a discreet necklace.

Bong Sun has no idea what’s going on, but she loves it! She smiles shyly, and he embraces her because, well, how could you not hug an adorable girl like her? Unfortunately, Soon Ae returns home just in time to see Sun Woo leaning in for a kiss.

Jealousy, greed, and rage suddenly take over Soon Ae and she rushes for Bong Sun’s body… And pushes her away. Bong Sun falls to the ground, shocked at Soon Ae, while Sun Woo rushes to her side wondering what happened. Soon Ae’s anger subsides and she runs off, unable to believe what just happened. Is she already turning into an evil ghost, overrun with jealous emotions and able to now touch the real world if it involves hurting someone?

When everyone is asleep, Soon Ae repossesses Bong Sun’s body and writes a tearful letter of goodbye. She’s going to go to heaven now, as she’s afraid that her feelings for Sun Woo will get stronger and she will never leave earth. She knows that things will work out between Bong Sun and Sun Woo no matter what, and wishes them all the happiness and love in the world. Poor Soon Ae then returns to Suhbingo’s and mournfully agrees to the painful ritual to ascend to heaven.

Bong Sun wakes up in the middle of the night to find Soon Ae’s letter, and she dashes out onto the streets of Seoul looking for Soon Ae. She’s surprised to learn that Soon Ae fell in love with Sun Woo, but still is worried for her ghostly friend. After all, Soon Ae did all the work in keeping Sun Woo by her side. Meanwhile Sun Woo wakes up in a sweat after having a very weird dream (possibly involving Soon Ae the ghost) and goes out to find Bong Sun’s door ajar and her nowhere in sight.

Sun Woo looks all over for Bong Sun, and the two of them find each other at opposite ends of a street. As the cars continue to whizz by between them, Bong Sun realizes that Sun Woo is looking for her. She knows that it must have been so much work for Soon Ae to win over his heart, but right now he’s looking for her. So she’s going to do whatever it takes to keep him by her side.

The lights change, and Bong Sun runs across the street. And she hugs Sun Woo. She’s never letting go.

Some Thoughts

I could not get enough of the “fan service-y” parts of this episode. Cute googly eyes as our couple holds hands? Check. A makeover scene? Check. A fashion shoot to show just how good looking our male lead is? Check. Extra scenes with the cute fifth wheel, Joon? Check. A presentation of gifts?! Check check. So many elements in this episode to just make me giggle with happiness. In Tagalog, it’s called kilig, and this episode was so chock-full of that.

One of my favorite parts was seeing Sun Woo get angry. I still hold by the fact that Jo Jung Suk has a hard time keeping a straight face around Park Bo Young, so when he’s mad he looks more incredulous. When he walks out of a conversation with Soon-Bong because he’s so mad (thinking that she’s cheating on him with Joon), he’s actually waiting just outside the door moping because he thinks that she’s going to come out and comfort him. But she doesn’t – she just goes straight to work. And he’s all, “What?! She’s not even going to talk to me?!” It’s so funny seeing his arrogant self manifest in this way because he thinks he’s so special that he will get to live out the dramatic, romantic fantasy. He thinks that if he throws a hissy fit, she will do anything she can to cheer him up – as if their lives would play out like a K-drama. His arrogance is not off-putting. Instead it puts him in more embarrassing situations for himself because life will not play out as he imagines it to.


I really appreciated Kim Seul Gi here because she really got to show off more of her dramatic acting. She showed off frustration (over her death), contrition (over using Bong Sun’s body to just be with Sun Woo instead of getting the deed done), jealousy and greed (in the last scene). She’s always been such a happy and funny character actress, and to see her switch gears so quickly is amazing. I know that she’s not going to heaven any time soon, so I hope in the last five episodes we see more dramatic acting from her as she discovers her cause of death.

I do wonder if Sun Woo will figure out or be told the truth at some point about Soon Ae and Bong Sun. I don’t think Soon Ae and Bong Sun separate and update each other about what’s going on often enough, so at some point there’s going to be a disconnect between what Soon-Bong knows and what Bong Sun knows. I’m sure Sun Woo will feel betrayed in the sense that he will wonder, “Have I really been in love with Bong Sun all this time?” And freaked out, most definitely. (“A ghost possessed my girlfriend!?”) But I really pity Bong Sun for not getting to experience all the joys of being in love with Sun Woo, so it will be a shame to see her get punished by Sun Woo for something that she could not completely control. On top of that, he’s going to feel doubly betrayed by his brother-in-law for being evil – and then learn that it was an evil ghost’s fault.

Man, Hae Young is going to have a serious freak-out session with all these ghosts surrounding her.

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