Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 41-46 Recap (Final)


I’m finishing this up finally! It’s a really enjoyable series because there was so much more to this drama than just watching our main couple go back and forth in a “will-they-or-won’t-they” relationship. Overall I think that the series progressed at a decent pace, slowing down with the whole Qian Kun Affair, but definitely advancing the growth of all the characters. It gets a bit overly dramatic towards the end, but at least it is very satisfying.

Episode 41

So we’ve got two guys moping for the girls they lost – Hai Dong loses himself in a karaoke room, drinking and remembering his and Luo Li’s time together, while Qian Kun revisits the bus-fast food place he used to go with Mei Yu. Hai Dong tries to see Luo Li at her office, but to no avail. He invites Qian Kun over to his place for hot pot, who then commiserates with Hai Dong over women’s effect on their hearts. They both reason that they’re better off just together. Or buying their own coffins for the future.

Mei Yu makes her triumphant return to the office as a working mom while Hai Dong receives court summons for Qian Kun. Suddenly Qian Kun doesn’t want to get divorced anymore and is really regretting his actions. Haaaaah. Mei Yu tries her hand at picking lotto numbers, as superstition says that if one’s relationship isn’t going well then the likelihood of winning is higher. Guess she can’t get rid of that hope that she and her baby can just relax with some more unearned money.

Hai Dong finally catches Luo Li at her office and warns her not to go through with marrying Wen Hui. In front of him, Luo Li is confident that the relationship will work out, even though we all know she isn’t really sold on the idea of marrying Wen Hui. Hai Dong then announces to Mei Yu that Qian Kun doesn’t want to get divorced anymore, but that does nothing to deter Mei Yu from her intent. She is grateful that she loved Qian Kun when she did, and that they did have a child together, but she believes he doesn’t love her anymore. Therefore it only makes sense to continue with the divorce.

Just in time, Shi Jiang calls up Hai Dong because she wants Qian Kun to pick up all of his stuff that she’s packed away. Or, Hai Dong can come pick it up himself (hint hint). Hai Dong uses the call to convince Mei Yu that things are over between Shi Jiang and Qian Kun, but she rightfully fears that he will stray again. No matter what Hai Dong says, he can’t win.

Luo Li has dinner with Wen Hui, who then invites her parents to his house in Hainan. So fancy. She’s too distracted though because she doesn’t understand why Qian Kun doesn’t want a divorce all of a sudden. Wen Hui is super pessimistic and believes they’d never work out, but notes that men will only go back to their “safe harbor” when they can no longer roam the waters. He however had the willpower to divorce and leave his “safe harbor” of a wife only because he didn’t want to lose Luo Li. He still doesn’t regard marriage as something important, but will if she does. What a guy.

Qian Kun is now staying at Hai Dong’s place, and the two of them get drunk over their lost loves again. (Qian Kun is blunt enough to say that he’d pick Wen Hui over Hai Dong if he were Luo Li – that’s how drunk they got.) The news turns on and the winning lotto numbers are announced. Hai Dong freaks out because he realizes that Mei Yu has the winning lotto ticket. This is great! Hai Dong calls up Mei Yu to check if she really has the winning ticket, but she hangs up on him. So Qian Kun calls up Luo Li to see if she can check in on Mei Yu. He doesn’t care about the money – he just wants to know if she has the winning ticket and if she can safeguard herself from thieves! Luo Li hangs up on Qian Kun too.

Qian Kun desperately wants to see Mei Yu, but through his drunkenness realizes that if he goes to see her, she will think he’s only after her money.

Episode 42

Hai Dong visits Mei Yu to convince her that Qian Kun just made a mistake, and it would be best to let him come home. (Mei Yu can tell he’s drunk too, so that doesn’t help his believability.) His and Yan Yan’s situation is so different from Mei Yu and Qian Kun’s, so they can’t be compared as well. And lastly, he adds that Mei Yu has won ten million yuan – but she doesn’t believe him.

The following morning Hai Dong and Qian Kun find themselves snuggled together in bed. Heh! Hai Dong gets a very unpleasant call from Xiao Gang about how Wen Hui has joined Luo Li in defending Mei Yu, so now they’ll have to see each other in court. Hai Dong can tell that this is just posturing on Wen Hui’s part to look good in front of Luo Li. That same morning, Mei Yu discovers she’s the lotto winner.

Qian Kun wonders if he could lie in court about having cancer, and that he didn’t want to tell Mei Yu so he had an affair with Shi Jiang to force her to divorce him – except that now he regrets it and doesn’t want a divorce. So complicated! However, Shi Jiang would never support a story like that because she took compromising pictures of him during their affair (guess they really did do it…). Qian Kun wants Hai Dong to get those photos back, but he believes that Shi Jiang would only give up those photos in exchange for sex with Hai Dong. Ha! Hai Dong insists that their strategy in court be to adamantly insist he’s wholly in love with Mei Yu.

Wen Hui proves to be a formidable opponent in court though, as he takes charge in breaking down Qian Kun’s character before the court and convincing the judges to allow for divorce. It gets worse when Shi Jiang sends Mei Yu a box of Qian Kun’s belongings, including condoms, and leaves a note saying to think twice before letting Qian Kun back in her life. Wen Hui also brings to question whether Qian Kun is really in love with his wife or the money she just won. Hai Dong tries to argue that this is just one mistake and that even though they demanded a divorce, they can change their mind because they didn’t mean it. He even has Qian Kun swear in court that he will not touch any of Mei Yu’s assets – including the prize money – if they get back together.

Mei Yu is torn, and Wen Hui advises her to just get the divorce. At least that way she can divide their assets, become financially independent, and then if they want to get back together then it’s fine. As for Hai Dong, he encourages Qian Kun to just say what he truly feels without getting too irrational in court and getting in trouble with the judges. So Qian Kun stands up and tells the story of their love – how they met in college and she was every man’s dream girl, and how he promised to protect her no matter what because he was taller than her and could hold up the sky for her when things fall down. He would do anything for her because he truly loved her, and never expected that the day would come where he’d have to sit at their divorce.

Cue tears from the women.

Episode 43

Qian Kun concludes his heartfelt speech with a sincere apology for his mistakes and a plea to get back together. Mei Yu wipes away her tears, and then asks one question: “Do you still remember telling me what the nicest sound is at home?” Through his tears, Qian Kun replies, “The flushing sound of our broken toilet. The sound of our washing machine. The sound of our baby crying. And the sound of your laughter.” It’s almost word for word exactly what he had told her many many months ago, and Mei Yu knows deep down now that he’s sincere.

The case is closed, and Wen Hui just lost to Hai Dong. Really to Qian Kun and the power of love, but let’s give Hai Dong some credit here.

Luo Li is curious how a man who doesn’t believe in marriage could fight so passionately to save a marriage. Hai Dong points out that no matter how hard he can fight on this case, the only reason their friends got back together was because of their enduring love for each other. Luo Li replies, “But true love doesn’t always win. It still lost against the ring on someone’s pinky [the bachelor ring].” Burn.

Meanwhile, Yan Yan discovers she’s pregnant! With Yue Qun’s child! Oh boy. He says that he’ll be there for her and will pamper her, but it’s hard to believe that Yue Qun can change so much. Luo Li also returns to her old apartment building to pick up a few of her belongings and meets a new prospective female tenant. While the manager is off to get some papers, Luo Li warns the lady about a “pervert” who has a good view into her bedroom with a telescope. Of course, the lady is scared off from renting. Could Luo Li be planning a return to her apartment?!

Qian Kun and Mei Yu invite Luo Li and Hai Dong out for a celebratory meal of them getting back together. The attention naturally turns to Hai Dong and Luo Li’s relationship. Qian Kun tries to convince Hai Dong to pursue Luo Li again; unbeknownst to him, Luo Li gave the ring back to Wen Hui and sent him off back to the States. She feels much better about her decision, but has yet to tell anyone other than Mei Yu and Qian Kun. After all, she’d been living at their place after moving out of Wen Hui’s apartment up until the day before. Luo Li denies that she made this decision because of Hai Dong though – she rejected Wen Hui because she felt it was the best decision for her.

Just then, a couple of party crashers join the table – it’s Yan Yan and Yue Qun, who came by to say hi to Mei Yu (and possibly ask her for money to help their floundering company, if there hadn’t been guests at the table). Mei Yu had tried to stop them from coming but she couldn’t control her silly cousin. Of course Yue Qun is really pissed. Luo Li makes up an excuse about work to leave the awkward lunch, as does Hai Dong. Mei Yu catches him before he’s gone to privately tell him that Luo Li is staying at a motel near her place now, and it’s his chance to go get her. After the meal, Yue Qun throws a temper tantrum about Yan Yan always “finding” Hai Dong, so she gets out of the car and walks home.

Hai Dong does look for Luo Li, but she’s nowhere to be found. It’s only when he returns home that evening that he notices her her silhouette in her apartment. She’s back! And this time he’s never letting go of her over some silly pinky ring.

The following morning, Yan Yan is home and has cooked breakfast for Yue Qun. She really wants them to try to make their marriage work, especially since they’re about to have a child. She doesn’t want to argue about Chi Hai Dong anymore, especially since she’s completely innocent. But crazy Yue Qun suspects that the baby is really Hai Dong’s and that she never stopped seeing him. Yan Yan’s had enough of his crap but when she tries to leave, he beats her again.

She doesn’t return home, and Yue Qun ends up regretting his actions and calling Qian Kun to see if Yan Yan is at his place. She’s not, so he calls up Xiao Gang to check. That weasel wonders aloud, “What if she’s at Hai Dong’s place?” and gives the password. GOOD GRIEF. Now Yue Qun is off.

Episode 44

Yue Qun heads off to Hai Dong’s apartment but ends up knocking on Luo Li’s door – interrupting her and Hai Dong’s frisky time as Luo Li dressed up in a maid’s outfit just for him! Clearly, Yan Yan is not with them, and Hai Dong ends up helping Yue Qun look for her at all the possible usual places. They finally give up, and Hai Dong sends Yue Qun home in case Yan Yan did go back home. Instead, he finds Yan Yan sitting outside of his apartment, so he takes her inside.

Luo Li isn’t too pleased that Hai Dong has to comfort his ex-wife, but he begs her to come over and help – she’s ready to throw herself out of his window! Yan Yan is clearly depressed about being beaten all the time. Luo Li helps comfort her, frankly advising her that she should stop depending on other people to make her happy. If she wants to just have a happy and warm family, she needs to also be proactive and responsible for her own choices. Yan Yan appreciates the advice, and the two of them make up after all the rotten things Yan Yan had said to her or done to her place.

Hai Dong buys Luo Li a car instead of a ring, which is just as awesome of a present (although she’d really like the ring). Good timing too because her parents come up for a visit! They know that they’re dating, and they put a lot of pressure for the two of them to get married before their vacation is up. Yikes! Hai Dong gets a little more scared when Luo Li suggests they merge their firms and work together on cases. He feels as if he’s being forced to marry her when he’s not ready just yet.

But as this couple is getting together… another is breaking. Yan Yan finally leaves her house (or rather, Hai Dong’s original house) and serves Yue Qun divorce papers.

Episode 45

Yue Qun’s first act is to visit Hai Dong, who has been listed as Yan Yan’s divorce lawyer! (Most likely without his knowledge.) Luo Li’s parents catch him and try to calm him down, but when Yue Qun sees Hai Dong coming home with Luo Li, his first instinct is to attack. Amazingly, Mr. Luo grabs Yue Qun by the collar and stops him from beating anyone up. At least Yue Qun has the sense not to beat up an old man.

Hai Dong seriously has no idea where Yan Yan is, or of her intentions, and he has three other people who will defend him and say that Hai Dong did not meet with Yan Yan in the past few days. Left with no other information, Yue Qun leaves. Luo Li understands that Hai Dong is worried about his ex, since she is pregnant, and lets him go look for her while she stays at home with her parents.

He gets a text from Yan Yan that she’s at a small kindergarten, where she plays piano for the class. It’s her first job and she’s really happy to finally take a step in the right direction of taking care of herself so that she can eventually take care of her child. She really wants to divorce Yue Qun as soon as possible, but Hai Dong warns that they may be taken to court over it. It’s impressive that she’s finally grown up.

Hai Dong returns home to update Luo Li, and she’s not happy at all that Yan Yan chose him to be her lawyer. She trusts him, but at the same time she doesn’t like it. And yet she also understands that Hai Dong is very worried about his naive ex-wife. As a result, she offers to take on the case and represent Yan Yan herself. Meanwhile Yue Qun goes to Xiao Gang to represent him.

The case ends up in court, and Hai Dong attends as part of the audience. Luo Li builds a case painting Yue Qun as an abusive husband, but Xiao Gang manages to give Yue Qun plenty of alibis. At one point, Xiao Gang argues that Yue Qun was never home to beat his wife because he went on a trip; in reality, it’s Yue Qun’s friend who happened to use his car and went on the trip instead. Luo Li brings in the witness from the swimming pool who saved Yan Yan from getting drowned, but he shockingly says that Yue Qun wasn’t doing anything dangerous!

Feeling cornered in the case, Yan Yan bursts out and says that the child is actually Hai Dong’s. Crap – that changes the case completely, and it also shatters Luo Li’s trust in Hai Dong. I don’t understand why Luo Li won’t consider that Yan Yan is lying though as the woman has a history of making up things when she feels like she’s “losing.”

That evening Hai Dong begs her to believe him. He swears that he did nothing with Yan Yan ever since they got divorced. He does have to clean up her mess, but he points out that he’s trying to give her a better clean slate now, especially since no one could trust Yue Qun to do so. Luo Li doesn’t want to be cast aside though, and so Hai Dong proposes to her. He actually asks her to get married, and to get their certificate the day after tomorrow. Yay!

But the following morning he wakes up with his arm asleep under Luo Li, and wondering if he just made a mistake again.

Episode 46 – Final Episode

Hai Dong confesses his regrets to Qian Kun the next day, saying that he rashly asked her to marry him just to cheer her up. He also fears that breaking it off will mean retribution from Mr. Luo, who’s an experienced stuntman. Qian Kun assures him that Luo Li is a great girl, and much better than Yan Yan. It shouldn’t be so bad.

So on the morning when they’ll get their marriage certificate, Hai Dong wakes up early and cooks his last bachelor meal. He gets a disruptive call from Yue Qun though, who’s found Yan Yan at the kindergarten and wants to talk to him. Hai Dong leaves a note for Luo Li and rushes to the kindergarten.

Yue Qun begins threatening Yan Yan with a knife, telling her that even if he cuts her up and she becomes ugly, he will take care of her for the rest of his life. He holds the fact that he saved her during an accident, and was by her side in the hospital instead of Hai Dong, as proof that he’s the better man for her. By the time Hai Dong arrives at the school though, Yue Qun has dragged Yan Yan by knifepoint to the roof.

The police are called, and Yue Qun demands to know if Hai Dong really is the father of her baby. He insists that he isn’t – Yan Yan only lied about it because Yue Qun beat her so much. Yue Qun starts crying – he doesn’t want Yan Yan to divorce him! Hai Dong’s phone starts ringing as Luo Li calls him to find out where he is, but Yue Qun won’t let Hai Dong answer. After all, he and Yan Yan are hanging precariously near the roof’s edge and could easily jump at any second.

When the police and firefighters arrive, Hai Dong tries to convince Yue Qun to put the knife down. If the police don’t see it, they won’t have to press criminal charges against him. But Yue Qun has the crazy idea to film a video of the both of them, with Yan Yan saying that she’s happy with Yue Qun. As if a judge would believe that with Yan Yan’s tear-stained face!

Xiao Gang also arrives at the scene; instead of trying to calm his client down Xiao Gang is selfishly complaining, “I was going to win! You ruined it for me!” Yue Qun is distracted and starts yelling down below, and so Hai Dong runs forth and tries to grab Yan Yan to safety. Yue Qun falls over backwards, nearly dragging Yan Yan with him. But Hai Dong grabs her wrist in time and stops her from falling down completely. Yue Qun fortuitously lands inside a blown up bouncing castle and is immediately arrested. Firefighter quickly set up another air cushion below Yan Yan, as the bouncing castle can no longer support her if she were to fall from that height.

Luo Li is left in front of the marriage registration’s office, wondering whether she got ditched by Hai Dong. However she receives the call, and starts rushing straight to the kindergarten.

As the firefighters set up, Hai Dong tries to maintain his grip on Yan Yan and this rickety metal school sign. Problem is, the school’s sign can’t support both of their weights, and it finally gives way. As Hai Dong falls to the ground, his life flashes by and all he can think of is Luo Li.

It’s a new morning, and Luo Li narrates the aftermath. Yan Yan landed on the air cushion safely, but Hai Dong was hit by one of the iron frames of the sign and fell into a coma. Yue Qun went to jail while Xiao Gang’s license was suspended for two years for providing false evidence. Qian Kun and Mei Yu are restarting their lives together, starting up a new business on baby photography and having their son be a baby model. Shi Jiang tries to get Qian Kun to see her one last time, but it doesn’t really work.

Luo Li is by Hai Dong’s bedside for a week, and when he finally wakes up… he has no recollection of who she is! Luo Li freaks out and runs for the doctor, and we see Hai Dong smirking – this was all part of his plan to get out of his engagement! Except… that was just a dream. Luo Li is still by his bedside, and while he’s asleep she vows to never leave him. She’s written up their prenuptial agreement that states they will never ever divorce. She’s devoted to him no matter what.

Hai Dong finally wakes up, for real this time. He sincerely tells her that when he was falling off the roof, all he could think about was her. He loves her, deeply. And he really wants to marry her. Aww….

And with that, they go and take their photo for their marriage certificate.

The end!

Verdict: 9/10 – I highly recommend you go and watch it, and give it a chance.

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3 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 41-46 Recap (Final)

  1. Amazing drama my favorite chinese drama to this day!!
    Whished there’d be more chinese drama beeing subbed. There’s alot of good one’s out there…anyway thanks for the recap!

  2. What happened with cao qian kun and that box of lingerie for that shi jiang woman? Does that mean he cheated on his wife again?

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