KCON LA 2015 – The Photo Album


KCON was an amazing experience! I had loads of fun participating in panels with my fellow ladies, checking out the screening room, getting freebies (of course), and meeting Daniel Henney!! It was a lot of work and little play, so I really enjoyed being able to walk around the whole convention on Sunday, which was my free day. Sadly I missed the two concerts – Saturday’s because I was busy meeting Daniel Henney and my stomach ruled my heart, and Sunday’s because I had to fly back to New York in a red-eye. But all in all, I really enjoyed KCON this year – more than last year’s. It helped so much that it was indoors this year, and it really made it feel like I was going to a convention, just like Comic Con.

Only bigger things ahead for CJ now!

First stop: In-N-Out. OMG. YES. A check off my bucket list. It was amazing. I loved the patty – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. The strawberry lemonade was awesome. The fries were better than McDonalds’ fries (I SAID IT!).



Since we’re on the food, I might as well show the other stuff I ate the other nights. Excellent Korean BBQ (with kimchi on the plate) at Honey Pig, and some awesome kalguksoo with kimchi at Miari Noodle House. It was such a huge serving, but so very worth it.




And then here’s the part where I walked around the convention: The screening room, with plenty of cardboard cut outs to pose with, Fevershop at DramaFever booth with live screen printing of original t-shirts (daebak!), and even the Running Fan section where I really wanted to participate but had no time to!

At the screening room I checked out Twenty and Love Forecast – and they were both hilarious movies. I think I enjoyed Twenty more though, as Love Forecast was a conventional rom-com. You know how it’s going to end, but it’s a delight to watch Moon Chae Won and Lee Seung Gi together.






And then the celebs… so as I was waiting to meet Daniel Henney, I happened to see Choi Si Won go in and out of the dressing rooms. I snuck in a few photos before I got caught by security, so I stopped taking pictures of other celebs I saw – including some members of Monsta X and Ryu Hyun Jin, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher who’s appeared in Running Man. 

And yes, totally posting my picture up on this blog for the first time (and probably only time). If you’ve been to the panels, you can probably figure out which one I am of the two ladies. No, I did not sniff Daniel Henney, and yes he’s really tall and handsome.



And finally, here are the videos that I made for the panels I was part of: “Women in K-Drama” and “Ultimate Drama Showdown: Originals vs. K-Drama Adaptations.” I was a little sad that the video cut out in the middle of the “Women in K-Drama” one because of the dumb HDMI cord, but otherwise here it is!

So there’s that! I won’t be going to KCON in New York as I’ve got prior engagements, but I do hope I get to go next year!


4 thoughts on “KCON LA 2015 – The Photo Album

  1. Wow….you’re so lucky! Daniel Henney!!!!

    Loved the pictures…especially of food! Hehe

    I didn’t know you were an Asian… 🙂


    I’m so sorry, I’ve failed you as a friend. 😦 But glad you finally got to check it off your bucket list! Woohoo! The fries are amazing. So are the burgers.

    And so so so jealous that you got to meet Daniel Henney and just experience KCON. I seriously need to make sure that I go next year. Please hold me to this! XD

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