Oh My Ghostess: Episode 10 Recap


Oh. My God. This past week has been such a pivotal point for our leads because they got together, but it lends itself to the question: “Now what?” We know that Soon Ae really wants to “get it done,” but does she? Because if she does, this drama will end in two episodes rather than six. So SOMETHING’S gotta give.

Once again, I apologize for the lateness of the recap! Today was a little crazy and hectic with panels and screenings, but KCON was definitely a great weekend!

Soon-Bong and Sun Woo return home holding hands oh so sweetly. Soon-Bong actually really enjoys the hand-holding a lot and begs to stay outside on the patio just a few more minutes, thus proving the point that sometimes going slow really is nice. The lines are also getting blurred between Soon Ae and Bong Sun, as she is a lot calmer and more affectionate like Bong Sun instead of the ravenous and feisty Soon Ae. Perhaps their personalities are balancing out!

Their sweet moment is rudely interrupted by Hae Young, who comes by to visit her son and surprise him with his favorite cream buns. Sun Woo pretends that Soon-Bong was just running errands for him and dismisses her; she ends up running off down the block to wait it out. Hae Young can see through Sun Woo’s lies though, and figures that he must just be sleeping with his employee because he’s “desperate.” She reminds him to use contraceptives and that things could become complicated in the workplace because she’s his employee. Ha! I love Hae Young.

Sun Woo finally gets his mother to leave and calls Soon-Bong to return to their home. He apologizes for kicking her out, and then “walks her home” by escorting her to her room. They finally part ways by counting to three. It’s just so cute watching them go through the stages of courtship, and to see Soon-Bong actually enjoy it rather than throw herself on Sun Woo all the time.

Hae Young is very bothered at having seen Soon-Bong at her son’s place so late at night – so much so that she asks Eun Hee about her. Eun Hee has no idea why everyone seems so fascinated by the assistant chef these days, as even her husband’s been asking about her.

Soon Ae leaves Bong Sun’s body while she’s asleep to venture to Sun Woo’s room. She can’t believe she’s actually developing feelings for Sun Woo, wondering if these are the feelings that come with dating. She bumps into Bong Sun on the patio, who woke up because she was thirsty. She is also quite relieved that she no longer sees ghosts at night because she actually sleeps well. Sun Woo comes out and sees her talking to “no one.” Woops! But he invites her into his room because he figures she was too hot from the weather.

He sets up an electric fan for her, but is so bad at mechanical stuff that he assembles the fan blades on wrong. Heh. It’s nice to also see Bong Sun seamlessly transition to being a sweet girlfriend without Soon Ae in her as well… much to Soon Ae’s jealousy.

It’s really hot in the restaurant the next morning, and so Sun Woo whisks Soon-Bong away to the storage room… to give her some ginseng to keep her strength up. (You thought it was for a kiss? Nah…) They are nearly caught by Joon, who suspects something is going on but doesn’t say anything. Joon just wanted to let Soon-Bong know someone was calling her – and it turns out to be Hae Young! The mother has been so bothered by her that she went to Suhbingo to find out Soon-Bong’s fortune. She only asks the birthday and time of birth, and when Suhbingo looks it up she sees that person as dead. Heh, Soon Ae really didn’t try to get to know Bong Soon that well to pretend to be her.

Suhbingo eventually puts two and two together – Hae Young had just spoken to Soon Ae possessing Bong Sun’s body. She hungrily asks for details on how Hae Young caught her son and Soon-Bong together, but is disappointed to hear that they were not doing it. Hae Young doesn’t like the fortune of someone being “dead” so she asks to look into the fortune of So Hyung. The producer has a better fortune: after some hardship, she will meet her soulmate and live a very happy life.

Hae Young takes this to mean that So Hyung could be matched up to her son and meets with the producer to find out how her love life is going. Meanwhile Sung Jae escorts Eun Hee to the restaurant in the morning, and he catches Soon-Bong singing this old song that he remembered Soon Ae singing in her dad’s restaurant in the past. Perplexed by what’s going on (even though I don’t think he should be considering he IS possessed), he goes to look up Bong Sun’s personal information.

Soon-Bong and Sun Woo go out to the market together to spend some quality time together. He tries to give her a few tips on how to pick fruit, but the way they’re acting is just like newlyweds. They encounter Myung Ho on the street, and Soon-Bong is instantly familiar with him, surprising Sun Woo. She offers Sun Woo’s car to drive him to the restaurant with all the groceries, robbing Sun Woo of the gesture.

Sun Woo is surprised at the state of the restaurant, but he does not judge it as being a bad one. Soon-Bong makes herself at home in putting away the groceries, and then notices that Myung Ho wasn’t able to connect a hose to the kitchen faucet so that he could more easily clean the floors of the restaurant. Wink wink, hint hint. Next thing we know, Sun Woo is attaching the hose to the tap, and it’s clear that he’s definitely not mechanically savvy.

Myung Ho is so grateful that he cooks up a stew with rice for Sun Woo to eat. Sun Woo can’t eat rice, but he doesn’t let Soon-Bong tell Myung Ho that because he feels too bad to reject him. Unfortunately that means that Sun Woo suffers from indigestion after eating two bowls of red bean rice that Myung Ho gave him. He suffers through it as he helps his team with the lunch rush, and then takes the rest of the day off in his bed. Joon catches Soon-Bong trying to ease Sun Woo’s pain momentarily, just before they break away and walk awkwardly in different directions. Heh.

Sung Jae retrieves the broken cellphone in his drawer and we see a flashback to him chasing Soon Ae down a dark hallway. Next thing we know, he’s back home, and with a body (of Soon Ae presumably) on his bathroom floor. He throws the cellphone into a black luggage above his closet, where he keeps broken CCTV cameras and other “souvenirs” or evidence from his previous crimes.

That evening, Soon-Bong expertly pricks Sun Woo’s finger to help relieve his indigestion, then offers to go to the pharmacy to pick up medicine. Of course, gentleman that he is, Sun Woo won’t let her go alone. What if a ghost pops up out of nowhere?! (Hah!) Afterwards they head to a park, where Soon-Bong believes playing around will help with indigestion! Sun Woo’s “it” and she forces him to chase her around the little playground until she ends up tripping and falling over. Sun Woo immediately sits her down, takes off her shoe, and cleans up her foot and checks that she didn’t sprain it. Seriously – he is SUCH a gentleman. It touches Soon Ae so much that she can’t stop staring at him. She really really really likes him, and admits that she only got to do so many things because of him – like going on a team building trip, holding hands, or bicycling together.

It’s enough to convince Sun Woo to take her on an overnight trip that very next day, no holds barred in bed. Soon-Bong is so shocked she is left speechless. Instead of being the excited one (Sun Woo is the one who actually can’t sleep in anticipation), she leaves Bong Sun’s body and visits Suhbingo for some advice. She knows that this is the best chance she’s got to resolve her virginity and go back to heaven, and yet she can’t get enough of what it’s like to date someone for the first time. Suhbingo warns her to be careful – she’s becoming greedy of humans’ feelings and she needs to remember that she is not a human. All ghosts – good or bad – become greedy of that sensation and want to stay in the world a lot longer than they should. But evil ghosts will have the added effect of never being able to go to heaven; they’ll latch on to a person and will continue to always do evil acts. Suhbingo advises her to just hurry and resolve her grudge, and go up to heaven as soon as possible. It will be better in the long run, and she doesn’t want to see this ghost suffer any more.

So with that, Soon Ae repossesses Bong Sun and begins to live the next day as if it were her last day on earth.

Min Soo tries to get Sun Woo to go out with everyone for drinks and some food, but Sun Woo is busy: he’s got an overnight trip with Soon-Bong! Min Soo’s immature and loud behavior in this episode has me wondering if he has just gotten progressively crazier as a person or he’s been possessed by someone; his fellow coworkers all think he’s certainly crazier than usual.

Soon-Bong goes to visit Myung Ho and gives him a few more tips about how to serve food more efficiently at the restaurant, as well as wishing him good health. He starts wondering if she’s planning to leave for somewhere very far away, Meanwhile Suhbingo, broke as she is, treats Hae Young to some barbecue as a way of saying sorry; it seems that she believes some awful side effects will happen to Sun Woo after he and Soon-Bong do the deed. Hae Young only worries that Suhbingo is “breaking up with her,” and can’t bear to let her only girlfriend go.

Sun Woo closes up the kitchen earlier than usual, citing the heat as being really bad for the chefs to be in front of stoves any longer. In reality he just wants time to get ready and go on the trip that Soon-Bong is now really really dreading. Just as they’re about to leave, Sun Woo gets a call from his mother, who’s apparently very drunk. He has to go help her, so he tells Soon-Bong to meet him at the station at 9:30 so they can catch the 10:00 train.

Soon-Bong reluctantly heads out, not noticing Sung Jae behind her, breaking into her room. There’s nothing much aside from a lot of talismans, and no hint of Soon Ae, which frustrates him.

Sun Woo arrives at the bar his mother is supposedly at, only to find her very sober. Just then So Hyung arrives. Yep – Mama Kang is setting them up. Sun Woo isn’t really happy about this and the two of them awkwardly go for a walk. It is a good opportunity for So Hyung to confess her feelings though. She divulges that she always noticed him, but Chang Kyu just got to her first. Because she was so familiar with Sun Woo, she realized her feelings too late.

Sun Woo cuts her off before she can actually confess that she likes him, and says that he’s already found someone he likes. So… yes, he’s dumping his first one-sided love before she can even confess to him. It’s a bit of a crappy and embarrassing situation, so So Hyung quickly makes her exit, and Sun Woo rushes over to the station. But Soon-Bong isn’t there.

Instead, Soon-Bong is at the playground where they had hung out the other day. Soon Ae is just wishing for just a few more days in the body – a few more days to just experience some more of what it’s like to be in love. She goes home to see if he came back from his station and he appears right behind her, sorry for having made her wait. He begs for forgiveness and decides to turn it into a staycation!

First, he cooks up a wonderful dish called “Snowing Steak,” where the steak is covered with white sauce that looks like the snow on top. And then he makes a special cocktail just for her. It makes Soon-Bong so happy, but she wonders if he can make soondae stir fry. It’s not really Sun Woo’s specialty, but if she wants it, he’ll make it for her. He’ll do anything to make up for the fact that he couldn’t take her on an overnight trip. It actually breaks my heart a little bit to see how earnestly he wants to make her happy, and yet this is probably the last thing she wants now.


He sets up a tent on the patio so it can seem like they’re “camping” and makes her a delicious Americano. While the mood is nice, Sun Woo surprisingly admits that he went to meet So Hyung earlier because his mom had tricked him. He then rejected his best friend, and while it was very freeing to do so, Soon-Bong now has to take “responsibility” of him. She can’t ever abandon him, ever.

Sun Woo leans in for a kiss. And then they fall back into the tent, and Sun Woo begins to unbutton both their shirts…

Some Thoughts

So Soon Ae realizes that the sooner she gets laid, the sooner she must go to heaven and never experience romance. And it’s kind of sad that a sweet girl like her never got the attention of a man while she was living. Instead she attracted the wrong kind of attention from Killer Sung Jae. I can see why she really enjoys the romance of it all, because Sun Woo is truly a gentleman; he can be quite the jerk to the people he works with and sometimes to his own family members, but at the end of the day he’ll help anyone. As much as his mother annoys him, he will still always be there to pick her up when she’s drunk. So it’s no wonder that Soon Ae saw beyond the fact that he was a man of vitality, and saw him as a real boyfriend. It just makes for an awkward love pentagon, with one love line mainly due to the “romance” and not necessarily the guy himself.

I feel that the personalities between Soon Ae and Bong Sun are finally reaching a balance mainly because Soon Ae now views romance similarly to Bong Sun. It’s a nice change from seeing her always begging to get laid, although that always did crack me up. I think it cracked up Sun Woo / Jo Jung Suk too, which is why whenever they had scenes like that, it was harder to see them as potential love interests. But now that Soon Ae has become more like Bong Sun, is more mellow, and is easier to “handle” compared to her shrillness, I can really see the love and affection pouring out of Sun Woo. So again, another great opportunity to see the best side of him.

Sung Jae is frustrating me though because I am getting confused as to how well-connected Sung Jae and Evil Sung Jae are in their consciousness because it feels inconsistent on whether he recognizes Soon Ae or not in Bong Sun’s body, knows that she’s the same daughter of Myung Ho or not, or knows that he killed her or not. If Soon Ae is to spend a few more days on earth, then she might as well find out who murdered her, why, and how she died. But she’ll need a good impetus to go start looking for her murderer; perhaps her grudge can change from one of needing to lose her virginity to one where she can find out who prematurely ended her life and robbed her of the experience of dating. But some additional clarification on the effects of ghosts possessing humans for a long time would be nice, because Sung Jae still feels like a mystery even though we know he’s been possessed for a while.

I find it funny now that every time a character acts oddly, I will immediately wonder if a spirit is entering their body. Who knows if someone like Min Soo is really possessed or not? It’s not going to be focused on very much since he’s not the main character, but there are many times he sure acts like it.

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13 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 10 Recap

  1. I’m soo on the fence with this one…I want soo ae to get laid so she’ll go to heaven and not turn into a murderous ghost..but at the same time I don’t want bong soo to not experience her ‘first’ time with chef… argh!

  2. I’m soo on the fence with this one…I want soo ae to get laid so she’ll go to heaven and not turn into a murderous ghost..but at the same time I don’t want bong soo to not experience her ‘first time’ with chef… argh!

  3. Thanks for the recap. I am really loving this drama. It really makes you wonder what will happen between to their relationship. He did say ‘you are dead if you leave me’….there was lots of heart and romance this week. Can’t wait for next week.
    Do you think our ghostess is in coma like this lady in master’s sun

  4. Ah…what is going to happen when he finds out she’s a ghost;-( but I am loving the chemistry between the two. It does look like our male lead is more in love with the ghost. This drama is cuttte. Thanks for recap

  5. The sherman lady did explain that the rule for ghosts and evil spirits are different in the episode where she was speaking to Soon ae about turning into an evil spirit. That being said, I feel like sung jae is sensing glimpses of soon ae’s personality in bong sun. I don’t see it as nothing more than suspicions given the coincidences he’s encountered. I believe the show has yet to explain the mechanisms of how evil spirits work in detail but it’s safe to say it’s different from ghosts.

  6. What is the song that soon ae sang when she was alive and sung jae recognized bong sun singing? It is driving me crazy

      • no I haven’t and I have looked everywhere! She didn’t sing enough of the lyrics for me to be able to successfully look it up:(

      • Hi there!

        I got really curious about the song so I looked it up. I believe the song you’re looking for is “One Million Roses,” and I tracked it down to Shim Soo Bong’s Korean version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbdY2pjd6GY

        It’s based on a Latvian song that had a really popular Russian cover in the 80s, and then the Korean song we know it now. Hope this helps!

      • You have no idea how much I love you right now. I have been trying to figure it out for days! You are the best!😄

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