Oh My Ghostess: Episode 9 Recap


Recapping live from KCON! Sort of; after a full day of activities that went well into the night I’m finally able to settle down and recap. And jet lag is a pain. And ohmanohmanohman – this episode just made me go KYAAAAH in the first few minutes, and also left me with some satisfaction at knowing what happened to Sung Jae in the past. It feels so good to have secrets come out.

So let’s start off with THAT KISS. Yeah, that awesome bomb of a kiss that kicked out Soon Ae from Bong Sun’s body. When Bong Sun “awakes” she immediately apologizes and dashes away in embarrassment. Sun Woo quickly reassures her that the kiss was for real. This time, he really meant it for her. He confesses to her too (KYAAAHH), that somehow he fell in love with her – instantaneously and inexplicably. Bong Sun is speechless but thankfully Sun Woo understands that she likes him back. (I mean, considering he is an arrogant guy it’s not too much of a stretch for him.)

And all this while, Soon Ae watches this confession unfold from a distance. She is happy, but can’t be truly happy because for some reason she got kicked out of the body. As if Bong Sun’s body didn’t need her anymore. She reminds herself that she’s the ghost, not the human, and leaves Bong Sun to enjoy Sun Woo’s adoration.

Sung Jae gets a call that his partner was seriously injured while at home and hurries over to the hospital. Eun Hee gets a little breathless at the news, considering Officer Han was the one who took on her hit-and-run case and was sort of her champion. Sung Jae puts on a good show of concern and incredulity at the news of his partner’s injuries, and we learn that it was staged to look like a simple mugging – but with the CCTV footage erased so the culprit can’t be found.

Meanwhile Bong Sun and Sun Woo sweetly say good night to each other through the walls, and Soon Ae resolves to finish off her grudge as soon as she can. She possesses Bong Sun again and by the next morning she is ready to stay latched on to Sun Woo. He tries to stay away from her, not wanting her to act so obviously in front of their coworkers, but she is smitten. She texts him continuously during the morning meeting in front of everyone, asking what they’re going to do for their first date. It’s a special event, the first date! Maybe they could even make it an overnight trip… stay at an inn somewhere… Sun Woo cuts through her dreams and says he won’t sleep with her. Helllllll no.

Suhbingo arrives at the restaurant looking for Soon-Bong, but not to catch her. This time she just wants an update on how things are going – and possibly some free food. She’s quite impressed that Soon-Bong has kissed and started dating Sun Woo, but Soon Ae conveniently leaves out the part about leaving Bong Soon’s body during the kiss. Just then Hae Young calls up Suhbingo to ask about a dream she had (more free food!) where she dreamed that Sun Woo was walking through a field of dead flowers and wasn’t listening to his mother. Suhbingo assures her quickly that it’s nothing bad; if Sun Woo were walking through a field of lively flowers it would indicate he was being conned by some woman. She’s so convincing in her reply that Hae Young believes her, and does not notice the flicker of unease that passes through Suhbingo’s face.

Sung Jae visits Officer Han in the hospital and notices that no one is in the room, and his partner is asleep. He reaches out to remove the oxygen mask when Officer Han’s sister returns to the room. That’s when Han wakes up! The sister goes to get the doctor while Sung Jae asks if Han remembered anything from that day. He doesn’t – but when he notices Sung Jae’s watch, he remembers that his assailant had the same watch. Somehow Han tries his best to keep his stress – and sweat – down.

It’s time for Soon-Bong and Sun Woo’s date! She dresses up very fancily, but Sun Woo tells her she looks tacky. (He doesn’t mean it – he just doesn’t want to fluff up this crazy side up her too much.) They go to a really nice restaurant for dinner, but Soon-Bong realizes quickly that it’s so Sun Woo can size up their competition. A lot of young couples are also dining there and Soon-Bong wants to act just as lovey-dovey as the others – but Sun Woo is not having it.

They get back to the car to go home and Soon-Bong starts getting real hands-y, in areas she should not be touching while Sun Woo is driving! He stops the car and gets out, frustrated and angry that she’s so focused on sleeping with him. So instead, Soon-Bong tries to extend the date by suggesting they go get patbingsoo. 

They walk to this place that supposedly has great patbingsoo, but Soon-Bong leads him instead to the Motel Street. Hint hint. Sun Woo’s had it and drags her to a park bench to talk. Does she really like him? Or does she like his body? Soon-Bong says both, and wonders why he just won’t do it with her. Sun Woo is quite the conservative guy as he believes in the romance of it all. He doesn’t think it’s right to like someone and immediately sleep with them. “If you like me,” he says, “shouldn’t you be more prudent? Am I some instant food?”


Soon-Bong on the other hand finds his views quite outdated, as she positions herself to be quite the modern girl. But if he wants to go through all the “stages of a relationship” then should she start off by staying really far away from him? Should she be obedient and follow him from several feet behind? Soon-Bong talks so fast and in that high-pitched irritating voice that Sun Woo starts covering his ears; he can’t take any more of it!

Back at home, Sung Jae updates Eun Hee on Han’s condition. She believes that the heavens will punish the culprit who hurt her friend, and it elicits a visceral reaction from Sung Jae. This guy is so shady. He suggests they go for a walk, and for a moment I wonder if he’s going to hurt Eun Hee for saying those words. Instead, we find out more about his past! Eun Hee was curious why he never talks about his past at the orphanage, but Sung Jae has nothing to say about it.

A flashback reveals that he didn’t grow up in an orphanage. He was his mother’s oldest son, and once she remarried and had another kid he was left forgotten. He was jealous of the baby and nearly suffocated his brother when he was caught by his stepdad and kicked out. Then we see him fighting with another guy just a bit bigger than him; it’s unclear if it’s his stepdad or another kid. But he ends up losing and all beat up, and in a moment of sheer vulnerability in his attic, an evil spirit enters his body. So Sung Jae has been possessed for a very, very long time – but he was no saint either.

He met Eun Hee when he was a cop and stopped her from jumping over the roof after her accident. She was quite taken with him ever since he told her that it’s not up to them to decide whether they live or die. And that’s how they got married.

Soon-Bong and Sun Woo arrive home, and she leaves his presence as if she were a maid in the royal palace. Sun Woo is frustrated because he does want to sleep with her, but believes in the proper way of doing things. Soon Ae leaves Bong Sun’s body and updates her on what just happened. Sun Woo’s ways actually delight Bong Sun, as she too thinks that his prudence is part of his charm; he just acts like he’s frivolous but he’s really not. Soon Ae grumbles that he’s playing hard-to-get too much and it’s rude. She’s on a deadline here!

The following day, the kitchen crew realizes that it’s Min Soo’s birthday (thanks to handy dandy social media alerting them). They scramble to find a gift, knowing that Min Soo is going to give them grief if they do nothing about it. They first pretend that they don’t know anything about Min Soo’s birthday (despite his multiple hints), and it pisses Min Soo so much that he lines them up outside and scrutinizes their nails, hair, and overall image. It gets to the point where the crew can’t handle it anymore and Joon offers to give a free belt that he got in a clothing order as a gift. It’s fake leather, but looks real enough.

So finally the team presents Min Soo with his gift and gives him birthday punches (hard enough to get revenge on him). Min Soo feels slightly guilty for torturing them, but not so much. He demands that they all go out for dinner and drinks after work, and Sun Woo gives them his credit card to use and have fun.

Early in the morning, Myung Ho and Kyung Mo also go out to get groceries for the restaurant, and they pass by the bridge where Soon Ae had fallen off and drowned in the river below. He leaves an apple on the bridge as a sort of tribute to her, and they bump into Sung Jae, who notices that Myung Ho’s shoelaces are tied up strangely just like how Soon Ae once tied up his shoes. Is he only making the connection now between Myung Ho and Soon Ae? It must be the disconnect between the evil ghost controlling him and the real Sung Jae’s memories…

The kitchen crew are ready to head out for the birthday celebrations and as a courtesy, Min Soo invites Sun Woo. However Soon-Bong cuts in and says that Sun Woo is too conservative for parties like this, and so they just head out without him. It’s a night of chicken, drinking, and karaoke, and Sun Woo gets alerted each time they spend big on his card. Hehe. Joon catches Soon-Bong incredibly drunk outside the chicken restaurant and sweetly helps her to a bench. I didn’t realize that ghosts could get drunk either…? In any case, he does seem to care for Soon-Bong more than the other guys, who don’t recognize her as a woman. But his claim to her is weak since we know she’ll never sway away from Sun Woo!

Sun Woo starts freaking out that they’ll never come home, and keeps worrying where Soon-Bong is. He then gets an alert that his card was charged at Yongsan Motel. Ohhhhh crap. Sun Woo calls up Min Soo to check if Soon-Bong is with them and then off he goes, racing to the motel. He can’t believe she was that desperate to go to a motel.

He enters their unlocked room to find all of them passed out on the bed and floor – Min Soo with his pants half off around his legs, the other three guys huddled on the bed, and Soon-Bong on the floor by herself. He carries her off gingerly, saving her from the other men’s clutches, and then forces her to sober up by drinking a huge bottle of water and an energy drink.

The both of them bicker about her willingness to go in a motel room with all the other guys, and how he can’t read between the lines and should have come to the party even if she called him “conservative.” But it’s clear that Sun Woo just really cares for her so much that he is nervous if she’s around other guys; he sees her as a woman, so someone else may too. So from now on, he wants Soon-Bong to stick by his side like a piece of gum. Aww…

The two of them walk home together, holding hands. This is how he wants to start off their relationship. Slowly, and to last for a very long, long time.

Some Thoughts

I love how we learned about Sung Jae’s past because it confirmed things that I suspected: he really is possessed by an evil ghost. The question is when he has his own mind, and when he’s possessed. There are some inconsistencies to his character’s behavior, though it’s more subtle than when Soon Ae takes over Bong Sun’s body. He was also possessed for a lot longer, and so they might be more used to each other. What’s sad is that Sung Jae the real person still had a rough and tortured childhood, and so he would have grown up as a dark person anyways with or without the evil spirit. He just commits more crimes with the ghost in him. I’m really sad about that, but also looking forward to seeing that ghost be expelled from him.

Soon Ae really confused me in this episode because of how she left Bong Sun’s body during the kiss. When she reminded herself that she’s just a ghost – not a human – I thought it was because she had developed feelings for Sun Woo herself and knew it would never be possible. She also seemed a bit hurt that she got kicked out of the body, and shocked that it was involuntary. My hunch is that it’s going to make things a lot harder for Soon Ae to resolve her grudge, because it’s possible that as Bong Sun gets the love and attention she too craves from Sun Woo, her own emotional health and fortitude will strengthen to the point it can repel ghosts from entering her. Not unlike So Hyung. So I think this is a really interesting predicament that Soon Ae is in, and that she knows something is wrong, but refuses to admit that something is wrong.

Seeing Sun Woo carry Soon-Bong out of the motel room like a princess really just warmed my heart. To see him stay consistent in treating her like a princess no matter her personality shifts just sends butterflies to my stomach.

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2 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 9 Recap

  1. thank you for the recap kj. am truly enjoying this show.
    it’s interesting that any human evil deeds might be attributed to an evil ghost possesing you. at least with eun hee, it was a good intention. 😀

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