Twenty Again: Episode 2 Recap


A little stronger for a second episode, but I think it’s still finding itself. I think I can see what this drama is trying to be, but it’s not quite there yet. At least some questions are answered now. It’s still quite unfortunate to see how kids these days would treat older people who attend college for the first time. Makes you reflect just exactly how you treat people who are older than you.

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Twenty Again: Episode 1 Recap


This was quite a confusing and also odd episode for the start of Twenty Again. Whimsical and amusing, but forcefully so. It doesn’t have the same charm as Oh My Ghostess that’s for sure, but it’s certainly an intriguing concept and I would like to see it play out.

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Oh My Ghostess: Episode 16 Recap (Final)


If ever a drama was meant to make you feel engaged and good all the way, it would be this one. Oh My Ghostess makes sure to keep the elements that we really like of this show after making an insanely dark turn (visually and tonally) the last four episodes. It’s a nice wrap-up… though I would have preferred if there were no wrap-up and this became a daily drama or something.

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Predicting the End of ‘Oh My Ghostess’


Alright, this post is ONLY for people who have watched all 14 episodes of Oh My Ghostess, or at least know everything that happened. Why? Because SPOILERS! In this post I’m going to set up some predictions and polls on what could happen at the end of this series. I really really enjoy this drama and I don’t want it to end.

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Son Ye Jin – Park Hae Il Sign on for ‘Princess Deokhye’


More casting news! Just so much coming out from Korea today. Son Ye Jin (Shark, Personal Taste) and Park Hae Il (“War of the Arrows,” a gazillion other movies but no dramas) have signed on for the historical film Princess Deokhye, a biography of the last Crown Princess of Korea.

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Oh My Ghostess: Episode 14 Recap


Honestly, I don’t want this series to end. After this mystery is over, I kind of want endless slice-of-life episodes where we just have happy hijinks between Bong Sun, Sun Woo, and Soon Ae (who will defy the laws of ghost-ing and be able to stay on earth without turning evil). Because some happiness is definitely needed after this depressing episode.

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