Kim Go Eun Cast in ‘Cheese in the Trap’


The anticipated drama Cheese in the Trap just got its leading lady: movie actress Kim Go Eun. She will star opposite Park Hae Jin (My Love From Another Star) in this webtoon-based drama. I’m kind of happily surprised to see this film actress cast over the rumored Suzy (a.k.a. Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend), who had declined the role after a backlash on the internet over her casting.

The webtoon seems to be beloved, and I’m really interested in checking it out now before the drama airs. (Check out the webtoon in English here.) Kim Go Eun will play Hong Seol, a university student who works hard and is just trying to finish school after a long absence. She bumps into her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin), who then totally upends her life and brings a whole lot of bad luck to her.


Kim was courted heavily by the director Lee Yoon Jung, who previously did Coffee Prince and Heart to Heart. Initially Kim could not do it due to scheduling conflicts, but Lee was so insistent that she was willing to move the shooting schedule around for Kim. In the end, Kim took the role. I think it’s a really good sign if the director really wants a particular actress for a role, but it just increases the expectations of that actress’ performance. Considering that Lee Yoon Jung made Yoon Eun Hye even better than she was before, I have every faith that Lee can extract the best performance from Kim as well.

It’s kind of cool seeing film actresses returning to the drama scene. I was pleasantly surprised with Park Bo Young in Oh My Ghostess and I had never seen her in anything before. The fact that this drama is casting an actress and not an idol-actress already has my attention. Too many dramas like this could easily have cast an idol in the main role, and it’s a shame to waste a drama on a talent that may only give a halfway decent performance rather than a spectacular one. Conversely though, some actresses who are better known for the film roles can’t really do well in some high-profile dramas: for example, Shim Eun Kyung. Kim Go Eun was also in the running for Tomorrow’s Cantabile / Nae Il’s Cantabile but lost it to Shim. Expectations were high for Shim in playing the beloved “Nodame” character. However the drama was a bit of a letdown, and one wonders if Kim Go Eun could have made it any better.

Cheese in the Trap airs in October on Mondays/Tuesdays on tvN.

source: tv report


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