Oh My Ghostess: Episode 8 Recap


Well YEHAY! We are getting somewhere! Except of course, since we are half-way through the series some twists have to occur.

So of course, Soon Ae is absolutely thrilled that she now has a chance to fulfill her goals and has Bong Sun’s complete permission to possess her body. She hugs Bong Sun, and I really wondered what it would look like to any other person seeing Bong Sun by herself on the street. She introduces Bong Sun to her father and their former restaurant as well, giving her some background to her life before she died so suddenly.

The following morning Soon-Bong is back, which throws Sun Woo off because he seriously can’t predict the cycles between Bong Sun and Soon-Bong. She chats him up with questions about what time of day a man is most aroused, and he quickly locks himself in his apartment. Meanwhile So Hyung agonizes over whether or not to call Sun Woo about the night before. (Sun Woo too, but he’s not as tortured.)

The kitchen team is all excited that they’re going on vacation the next day; it’s the annual summer vacation where the restaurant is closed for a couple of days, giving everyone a break. Everyone has plans, except for Min Soo, who tries to latch on to someone else’s plans. His own friend bails out on him at the last minute, so Min Soo decides that if he can’t have fun, everyone shouldn’t have fun. Instead of going on each person’s individual vacation, why not make an MT trip out of it for some team-building and unity? And who can exactly say no to that to the boss too?

Sun Woo gets a call from So Hyung, as she wants to meet in a bakery nearby. Soon-Bong hilariously stalks him, but she’s terrible at it and is caught just a few blocks away from the restaurant. To hide her intentions, she pretends that she’s going the same way to visit Myung Ho. Sun Woo proceeds to have a very awkward chat with So Hyung where he tells her that she embarrassed herself while being blackout drunk, and to just be careful in the future. So Hyung has no choice but to laugh and admit that she was blacked out, since Sun Woo thought the kiss was an accident.

When Soon-Bong greets Myung Ho warmly, Kyung Mo calls her out for ignoring them the other day. He doesn’t like this hot-and-cold business she’s playing on his heart! On top of that, he balks at the mention of her going on an MT with all her male coworkers; she better call him from the cabin when she gets there otherwise he’ll worry! And she better not dress in revealing outfits!

Instead of going home right away, Sun Woo invites Sung Jae for a drink at a pojangmacha just to reconnect as brothers-in-law. Since Eun Hee won’t be able to join for the MT, Sung Jae is taking her out to meet her friends for dinner. Sun Woo still hopes that there’ll be a chance to catch the person who hit Eun Hee and fled from the scene, but Sung Jae says they shouldn’t hold out hope. In any case, he’ll be taking care of her from now on. A strange look passes over Sung Jae’s face though and it is hinted that he might have caused her accident…

It’s great seeing Soon Ae and Bong Sun as friends, as the two separate bodies to catch each other up on what happened that day. Bong Sun herself is coming out of her shell more, looking very forward to the MT and the chance to sleep with Sun Woo.

The cabin is right by the lake and owned by a husband and wife with their middle-school-aged daughter. The daughter, Chae Hee, can see ghosts and notices right away that “there’s an unni inside of another unni.” No one gets it though, thankfully. Min Soo forces Soon-Bong to carry a huge load of food from the back of the car, and Joon chivalrously takes it from her. He finds it unfair that Min Soo isn’t treating her like a girl, and he’ll be her boyfriend for the day if it means treating her like a normal girl that she is. Joon has shown inclinations of liking Soon-Bong, but he hasn’t really made any overt moves or glances until now.

The team gathers in a gazebo and start cooking their lunches. Sun Woo suggests a competition – whoever can cook up the best appetizer using beef as the main ingredient will get his dish on the menu next month and get an extra day off. Everyone starts cooking up a storm, and the finalists end up being Joon and Min Soo. Everyone gets to taste it and judge too; Joon gives off a new flavor by torching the bulgogi while Min Soo’s dish is very safe and familiar because he cooked it just like an existing dish on the menu, except used the beef instead of pork belly. Everyone wants Joon to win, and Soon-Bong cheers so loudly for him that it irks Sun Woo and he declares Min Soo the winner. Aw man…

Throughout the meal they drink so much that they start finishing up everything that they brought with them. Sun Woo offers to pick up more alcohol as he believes the senior is the “servant” during these kinds of trips. Soon-Bong takes this opportunity for some alone time with him and suggests they bike together. But she doesn’t know how to bike! And yet somehow Soon-Bong does and she bikes too fast and recklessly for Sun Woo to even stay in the back seat. Heh.

By the time they return with drinks and some firecrackers, it’s already quite dark outside and Joon is drunk as hell. Soon-Bong shares a dream of hers to own a little farm and restaurant of her own by the time she’s 40, which is a nice bonding moment between her and Sun Woo. She even ties his undone shoelaces – defying conventions – when they are caught by So Hyung. Yep, So Hyung came all the way out here to their MT because she was “in the area” to do some offsite location scouting. She joins them at the gazebo, much to the excitement of the rest of the team as they all have not-so-subtle crushes on her too.

Back at home, Sung Jae and Eun Hee prepare to go out for dinner with her friends. Suhbingo arrives at home to spend the night with Hae Young (so she would have a sort-of girls’ night while her kids are out). Suhbingo finds herself chilled and somewhat scared of Sung Jae when she meets him; she’s never met another person whose spirit is stronger than hers. Foreshadowing!

At the dinner, Eun Hee’s friends are all ballerinas as well who still feel terrible that her career was cut short because of the accident. One of them swears that she will punish the man who hurt Eun Hee, and it makes Sung Jae uncomfortable enough that he excuses himself for the rest of the dinner. He goes out to the parking lot, locates that friend’s car, and then keys it with a long gash on the side of her car. Evil.

Back at the MT, everyone starts playing drinking games and So Hyung and Soon-Bong are both punished with a shot each. But they are allowed to call a “black knight” to drink for them – and both pick Sun Woo. Instead of being forced to make a choice for one, he drinks for both the ladies and then calls it a night. Soon-Bong makes sure that Sun Woo is ushered to his room (which he’s sharing with Joon) so that he doesn’t get a chance to talk to So Hyung. The two girls end up sharing a room, and So Hyung offers to house Soon-Bong temporarily so she wouldn’t impose on Sun Woo (or be near him). Soon-Bong is more miffed that So Hyung went out of her way to join another team’s MT.

As the two settle in for the night, it’s almost like an endurance race to see who will stay awake longer and can then creep out to meet with Sun Woo first. Soon-Bong makes it, and she crawls under Sun Woo’s covers. He drags her out, shocked that she would act so forward. As he struggles to bring her back to her room, they bump into the cabin’s owners. They’re looking for Chae Hee, whom they describe as mentally unstable and could potentially hurt herself playing in the woods.

Soon-Bong and Sun Woo quickly join in on the search and part ways to cover a larger area. Soon-Bong finds Chae Hee just as she’s talking to someone (presumably another ghost) about finding “other kids” in a game of hide and seek. This girl is creepy. Chae Hee runs away from Soon-Bong, instead of going back home with her, and leads her to a refrigerated storage. Soon-Bong is a klutz, and when she trips she drops her firecrackers on the ground outside of the storage. Chae Hee then locks Soon-Bong in, as the “ghost unni” needs to be locked up. Oh great.

Chae Hee returns home, much to her parents’ relief, but now Sun Woo worries about where Soon-Bong is. Next thing we know it’s been two hours and the search has expanded to involve the rest of the kitchen team. Soon Ae is completely fine in the refrigerated storage room but knows that Bong Sun’s body won’t be able to handle it. She leaves the body to find help, and encourages Bong Sun to find ways to stay warm.

Soon Ae can’t lift the lock as it’s too heavy for her, but her sheer concentration helps her pick up the lighter to set off the fireworks. It alerts Sun Woo, who’s the only one who knows about her fireworks, and he sprints to the storage room. Soon Ae possesses Bong Sun’s body again and then beats at the door. As soon as Sun Woo opens it he embraces Soon-Bong. He was worried sick! He gets mad at her first for being an idiot, and then quickly covers her up with his sweater and carries her piggy-back back to the cabin, ignoring Joon’s offer to carry her.

Now that she’s safe, the rest of the team ends up wondering who set off the firecracker if Soon-Bong was inside the storage room.

The next day, Chae Hee smiles brightly at Soon-Bong and says, “Hey you got out! It’d be nice if that girl inside you came out too.” So. Freaky. I mean, I get that Chae Hee has good intentions and isn’t so scared of ghosts but at the same time her actions felt nearly murderous! So Hyung asks to be driven back to the station in Sun Woo’s car, granting her the alone time that she really wants. When they reach Seoul, So Hyung asks if it’s possible that Sun Woo is now setting boundaries between the two of them because of Bong Sun. Sun Woo doesn’t answer, though he does have an idea of So Hyung’s burgeoning feelings for him. She gets too embarrassed for asking such questions and decides to leave without hearing his answer.

Meanwhile, Sung Jae’s partner Officer Choi receives word that the CCTV camera that was damaged during Eun Hee’s hit-and-run was salvaged. He had sent it off to a former convict to recover the footage and so Choi is hoping to gain a new lead on the case. After all, it was his first case so he has a personal investment to want to solve it. Sung Jae smiles thankfully, but his face darkens the moment Choi is gone.

Choi picks up the drive and starts driving back to the station. However his car won’t start… He checks under the hood of the car and is given a swift blunt hit to the head. The person – most likely Sung Jae – then destroys the drive and leaves Choi on the floor of the parking lot, knocked out senseless.

Soon-Bong frets about at the restaurant, wondering why Sun Woo isn’t back yet from his drive with So Hyung. He arrives looking a bit tired, and then tells Soon-Bong that they’re going to have another lesson, since she claims to be fine after being trapped in a freezer. Soon-Bong doesn’t have enough wrist strength to flick the wok properly though, and she complains about being too tired. Sun Woo surprisingly doesn’t yell at her, and lets her stop for the night. He tells her to clean the floors instead, and she accidentally sets the water strength to full force for the hose.

Needless to say, Soon-Bong gets splashed by the bone-chilling water and Sun Woo helps her warm up with a towel. She brushes off the water from his shirt too, and they find their faces inches from each other. KISS! KISS! KISS?! AAAAAAAANNNNDDD they kiss!

Except somehow, Soon Ae got pushed out of Bong Sun’s body, and Bong Sun’s eyes widen when she realizes just what she woke up in the middle of.

Some Thoughts

Waoooo the revelations about Sung Jae are a lot to deal with. I mean, we all knew he was a bad guy. I still want to hold on to the fact that he might be possessed by an evil ghost – perhaps the evil ghost is the one who killed Eun Hee and possibly Soon Ae. I have a hard time accepting that Sung Jae is fully human and is fully responsible for those criminal deeds. Yes, I do want Sung Jae to kind of have an “out” for his crimes, but it’s really hard to accept that he’s evil through and through. The show makes so much fuss about evil spirits in Seoul that I feel it’s only right if Sung Jae were possessed by one.

I got really excited in the beginning of this episode because Soon Ae and Bong Sun were now friends. It’s a bit impressive how much trust Bong Sun has in Soon Ae because she would wake up and find herself in really awkward situations that Soon Ae got her into. And yet she wouldn’t freak out like crazy anymore. I might be a little angry and throw a fit – no matter what Soon Ae said – if I found myself in a refrigerated storage room. In any case, I like their unity in wanting to have Sun Woo for themselves. So it’s a very nice twist to see that Soon Ae got kicked out of Bong Sun’s body the moment they kissed. This could mean that Soon Ae may never get to fulfill her wish to lose her virginity. While she is trying to do it with a man of strong vitality, who can handle her chill, she is also strengthening Bong Sun’s spirit and empowering her to become her own woman. It may get to the point where she’ll never be able to enter Bong Sun’s body again. I like where this twist takes us in a practical sense because now it means Soon Ae and Bong Sun may share more scenes together. But it also means that this show is entering a darker turn. Not only do we have to deal with Sung Jae’s past and crimes, but we’re going to have to battle the evil spirit that is going to manifest in Soon Ae.

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One thought on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 8 Recap

  1. I think at this point, my interest is finding out what Sung Jae is. I feel like the episodes are just building up on this. Of course I believe he played a big part in “the accident,” but what are his intentions of sticking around? As an evil spirit (maybe) wouldn’t he just go around doing random wicked things to people? What is his attachment to this family? And maybe he killed Soon Ae because she was getting too close to the truth. Gotta love k dramas, always keeps you in suspense 🙂

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