Oh My Ghostess: Episode 7 Recap


Once again, apologies for the delay in this recap. It won’t really happen again – I attended a wedding this past weekend that kind of demanded my nightly attention. 🙂 Nevertheless this was such a fun episode! Episode 8 coming in a few hours…

While Soon Ae escapes from Suhbingo’s clutches, Bong Sun finds herself on a random street in Seoul that leads her directly to Sun Woo, who’s been waiting for her for ages at his car. He berates her for being late, and she quickly apologizes, alerting Sun Woo to her change in personality once again. They head off to the restaurant, and when he asks her to pull up directions on her phone Bong Sun sees the picture of her and Sun Woo as her wallpaper. What did she do this time?!

Soon Ae gets off the bus, thinking that she’s lost Suhbingo, but ends up walking right into the shaman’s clutches. Welp. She begs to be let go – she found her man of vitality! – but Suhbingo refuses to let her touch Sun Woo because Hae Young is her best client! Instead, she’d rather send off Soon Ae through a memorial ritual to the heavens. Soon Ae has heard that the ritual is painful, but Suhbingo says it’ll be better this way than her trying to lose her virginity.

Sun Woo orders a pajeon and encourages Bong Sun to try to identify the different textures in the pancake. Apparently, pureed onions can make a crispier texture in the dough; can someone please confirm that for me so I can learn to make my own pajeon?! As he teaches her the different ingredients that can naturally change the texture of the food, Bong Sun finds herself suddenly feeling very grateful that he’s giving her important one-on-one lessons.

As they leave the restaurant, Bong Sun is entranced by a street performer singing with his guitar. Sun Woo is nonplussed – every other guy in an audition show can do that nowadays. But he does get a little hot and bothered by Bong Sun’s reaction so when they get home, Sun Woo plays the guitar and shows off his singing skills. Oh Jo Jung Suk…

The following morning Sun Woo forces Bong Sun to exercise with him so that she can improve her health and possibly fight off the manic episodes better. Problem is, Bong Sun doesn’t know how to exercise or run, and she can’t ride a bike. It’s way more frustrating and tiring for Sun Woo to teach her how to ride a bike than just going to work out by himself. They do have a cute moment while getting a couple of sodas where they are 200 won short, and Sun Woo pulls 100 won from the bottom of the vending machine. Bong Sun then gets the other 100 by turning the coin releaser a few times and banging the machine to get a free coin. Sun Woo: “Because the teacher is quick, the student learns quickly too.” Hah!

They then discover a bike thief stealing Sun Woo’s bike seat, and immediately make chase. While Sun Woo straight up runs after the guy, Bong Sun figures out another way to intercept him at a fork in the road. She bites his leg so that he won’t get away, and the two of them drag this chronic thief to Sung Jae’s precinct. Sung Jae is surprised to learn that the two of them work out together – it’s very suspicious, indeed.

They get back to the apartment and Sun Woo shares his most favorite roll cake with Bong Sun for breakfast. So Hyung chances upon this scene when she comes to drop off the same roll cake, and finds herself surprisingly quite jealous at Sun Woo’s positive relationship with Bong Sun. She’s no longer the only girl in his life that he likes to talk to – aside from his sister. When she gets to the office, PD Lee offers to set her up with his junior PD. At first So Hyung rejects the idea, but then she realizes that she can’t be alone forever. She calls up Sun Woo to see if he’d be okay with it, and he says, “Why not?” It’s not like Sun Woo can stop her from dating anyone, and he is too cowardly to confess his feelings. (His feelings are also probably waning thanks to Bong Sun.) And So Hyung isn’t sure enough of what she wants to say that she wants Sun Woo over this random PD. So the date is set.

Suhbingo drags an unwilling Soon Ae to the temple to perform the memorial ritual, and in a fit of rage Soon Ae lashes out. She throws the candles and plates at Suhbingo, giving the shaman a cut in the face. Suhbingo recognizes that look in Soon Ae’s eyes: the evil spirit manifesting in her has come out.

The cooking lessons continue that evening: Sun Woo has Bong Sun tasting every salt, oil and sauce individually so that she can understand what each one can do when cooked with other ingredients. He’s quite amused by her wincing after tasting different olive oils and gives her a ginger tea he made to help cleanse her palate. Yeah… he likes her.

Once she finishes up for the night, Bong Sun bumps into Sung Jae, who just finished his shift and wants to grab a midnight snack with her. It’s a little weird how earnest he is to meet with her before he goes home. They arrange to meet at a pojangmacha (causing Sun Woo some anxiety when he doesn’t hear her come home right away), and on the way Bong Sun bumps into Myung Ho and Kyung Mo without recognizing them at all. Ouch.

Sung Jae wants to know why Bong Sun is different every time he sees her, and so forgetful too. He’s just worried for her, especially because he saw her that morning at the park (after she found out she was possessed) looking like she was at the edge of a cliff, in danger and with nowhere to escape to. He knows that feeling because he’s felt it too. HMMM… In any case, he drops the matter when Bong Sun can’t quite explain herself.

Sun Woo gets a call from his mother, who wants him to visit as she’s feeling quite sick. But when he arrives at home the following day he realizes his mom was pretending to be sick the entire time. She just wanted to see her son! She’s a terrible cook though, burning the toast. Hae Young warns him again that he should stay away from water, and reminds him to wear his special underwear. It’s quite hilarious to see a grown man getting chased around by his mother while Eun Hee and Sung Jae gobble down the toast.

Soon Ae is still scared to go through any ritual to go up to the heavens, but she’s more scared about becoming an evil spirit. While Suhbingo looks for some soju to help sterilize her cut, Soon Ae spies the front door open. She makes her escape, and Suhbingo kind of gives up chasing after her. She just wants Soon Ae to go up to heaven peacefully, and if she needs to sleep with her client’s son to do so, then fine. Go ahead.

Meanwhile, that son has to watch So Hyung go through a date with the junior PD in his restaurant. His team all gossip that it must be her trying to make Sun Woo jealous. And it is, because she catches him by the bathrooms to ask what he thinks of the guy. Bong Sun overhears Sun Woo giving her noncommittal answers: if So Hyung likes the guy then why not go on a few more dates with him? After all he seems okay. So Hyung isn’t pleased with that kind of answer though; it seems she expected some forceful declaration of love from Sun Woo where he tells her not to date a loser like the junior PD – but no guy would do that if he’s been friend-zoned so hard and thinks he can’t ever get her, or should get her.

So Hyung gives up and goes back to her date. She blows him off for coffee and goes drinking on her own. At that moment Soon Ae returns to the restaurant and chases after Bong Sun. She will get back into her body no matter what! They run into Bong Sun’s room and Bong Sun ends up knocking over her recipe journal that includes photos of Sun Woo. Soon Ae quickly sees that Bong Sun has a huge crush on Sun Woo. This would work out to both their favors! If Soon Ae possesses Bong Sun, she could seduce Sun Woo, do the deed, go up to heaven, and Bong Sun would be left being Sun Woo’s new girlfriend. If they don’t act now, So Hyung could easily make a move and step in!

Bong Sun does think about it. But she says it’s wrong to win love this way and won’t let Soon Ae possess her. So Soon Ae is stuck wandering around, accompanying her father to the mineral springs without his knowledge. Bong Sun gets another cooking lesson from Sun Woo and he guides her on how to cut a tomato. (Yes – this means she gets to hold his hand! Sorta.)

Just then So Hyung returns to the restaurant that evening, quite drunk. Sun Woo offers to bring her home, but So Hyung wants to know if he truly views her as just a friend. She knows that she gets jealous when Sun Woo is nice to Bong Sun, but wonders if he feels the same way seeing her dating other men. Sun Woo is unsure how to respond but So Hyung doesn’t let him – she kisses him instead!

And Bong Sun sees this from the front door of the restaurant!! Ack!!!

With that, Bong Sun goes running around the restaurant and the streets looking for Soon Ae. She can’t lose Sun Woo now, not when he was so nice to her the past couple of days teaching her how to ride a bike and how to slice a tomato. She finally bumps into the ghost on the street (who’s viciously breathing cold air on other passers-by because she’s just so annoyed), and gasps out, “You can possess me. Make Chef Kang mine.”

And Soon Ae’s face just says it all.

Some Thoughts

AWHEEEEEEE! This is what I was waiting for! To have Soon Ae clarify her intentions to Bong Sun. If this happened, a lot of conversations would be a lot easier. I now hope that they strike some sort of deal where Soon Ae doesn’t do all the work and possess her all the time, but gives Bong Sun tips on how to date too. That way they can work together to win Sun Woo over. They’re halfway there really, since they’ve got Sun Woo concerned about them already. It’s just really a matter of him questioning whether or not he really loves So Hyung.

I just love how fun the cast seems to be having – particularly Sun Woo / Jo Jung Suk. There are moments when he smiles that it feels so genuine, as if he’s really laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Then again he could just be an amazing professional – and if that were the case then he’s doing a good job making me believe those people love working together. I loved his underpants scene with his mother, where she wants to check if he’s wearing lucky underwear or not.

There are moments where I’m equally confused with Sung Jae / Im Joo Hwan. He seemed like a nice, normal guy when he was eating his mother-in-law’s burnt toast, or when he was marveling at the fact that Bong Sun and Sun Woo work out together. During those moments it’s as if he were not possessed by an evil ghost. And then suddenly he says something really dark and you just wonder who on earth possessed him. It’s even possible that the ghost is So Hyung’s dead ex. Maybe he’s frustrated for dying so early as well and possessed Sung Jae to stay close to his best friend. It’ll be really interesting to find out why he’d become an evil ghost though.

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