The Best of Hidden Identity: Episodes 9-10


What a frustrating two episodes. I think the Nam In Ho storyline goes on for far too long with these two episodes, and I hope for some quick resolution here. Nam In Ho can’t be the only interesting bad guy Ghost has up his sleeve.

1. Kim Sae Jin serves as an exposition tool for Gun Woo’s backstory

HiddenIdentity_09-10_01 HiddenIdentity_09-10_02

Episode 9 was a very expositional episode where we focused a good chunk of the episode going over Gun Woo’s past eight years ago. He brings Tae Hee to an abandoned building for a date, where he set up a small picnic area where they can look at the stars. I really don’t understand why the abandoned building when you can do the same in a park. Being at an abandoned building is just a prime spot to get hurt – and it’s where Nam In Ho kills one of the secret agents under Moo Won. Tae Hee and Gun Woo witness this, and Gun Woo quickly calls for backup. He proceeds to leave his girlfriend by herself to check out the situation, and she gets herself caught by In Ho.

It’s no surprise that In Ho then captures Tae Hee and kills her in front of Gun Woo. And Moo Won shoots Gun Woo in the shoulder to prevent him from being a murderer, allowing his team to arrest In Ho instead. So there’s the first missed chance to kill In Ho already.

After the exposition is all done, Sae Jin decides to believe Gun Woo’s story that he’s only here to kill In Ho and nothing else. Except In Ho has Chief Han (the baddie who is Ghost’s right hand man) as his sniper, and Chief Han manages to eliminate Sae Jin and his men and get away from TI:5. Exposition is done, and Sae Jin’s use is complete.

2. Min Tae In finally helps out TI:5 since his recovery

HiddenIdentity_09-10_03 HiddenIdentity_09-10_05

Woo! I like seeing him work with his team – even if he is a little aloof towards Min Joo – to track down Gun Woo. It’s as if he got a nice leave of absence from his work with Director Choi, and was granted more screen time. I like that he sees a lot of himself in Gun Woo and advocates for understanding towards his actions. He does know Gun Woo the best, but at the same time seems to use his deep knowledge of Gun Woo to try to get to him first instead of sharing the information with the rest of the team.

One thing I didn’t really understand was why Tae In knocked out Gun Woo after finding him. He had spent the entire episode advocating that Gun Woo was actually quite logical and knew what he was trying to do. And Gun Woo was trying to get In Ho to lead him to Ghost instead of just killing him for revenge. But once Gun Woo told this to Tae In, he got knocked out. It was as if Tae In didn’t trust him at all. Or maybe… Tae In is hiding something?!

Tae In eventually asks for Gun Woo to be excluded from their operation to arrest In Ho in episode 10, and it sounds to me a bit of a hero syndrome – that he wants to be the one to take down In Ho. However that ends up being a stupid mistake. Instead of arresting the guy, or better yet shooting him in the face to end everything, Tae In decides to beat him up. In Ho ends up gaining the upper hand in the fight and gets to escape again. Only to be met with Gun Woo in a dark alleyway where they exchange fighting words and decide to throw their fists at each other.

You’re cops. You’re angry. You’re in a drama. Can we just end this with a point blank shot already?

3. One month to wrap everything up

HiddenIdentity_09-10_06 HiddenIdentity_09-10_07

Technically, three more weeks, six more episodes. But either way TI:5 has got one month to wrap up their investigation on Ghost. I hope this means for tighter episodes and less focus on In Ho, and for the team to pursue additional avenues to the baddie.

The case with Choi Suk Il, In Ho’s buddy, was very interesting because it put Moo Won in the forefront as the “main actor” to deceive their mark. It was very well thought out as they put Suk Il through “torture” by “torturing” the other officers/actors. I didn’t think it would work on Suk Il, but fear makes people do crazy things. I wish they didn’t end the act right after Moo Won got In Ho’s location, but I can see how it would make Suk Il feel far worse.

4. Min Joo is a bit annoying here


Min Joo gets angry with Gun Woo for acting on his own, even though his mission is similar to the team’s but he just approached it differently. She doesn’t feel he deserves to come back, and doesn’t like that it was done at the price of the team’s dismantlement. But I feel it’s a bit unjustified. Sure Gun Woo acted a little off kilter, but it was clear soon enough that his actions were intentional and he wanted them to follow him. The team itself doesn’t exactly abide by the rules. If at any point they were found out, they would land themselves in trouble with the prosecutors again. And, Min Joo herself was warned by Gun Woo to not get too emotional regarding the prostitution right. One could argue that Min Joo tried to get involved where she really didn’t have to. So I don’t find it fair that she keeps treating Gun Woo as a delinquent, and I like that we have Tae Pyung as some sort of happy medium. Wish we could see his family one day – not at his funeral though, mind you.

5. Chairman (Choi Jung Woo) = Ghost? Quite perhaps…


There’s been a lot of ruckus in the past two episodes to get this virus that can kill stealthily and quickly, with no antidote in existence just yet. The Chairman (yet unnamed) is clearly having a deal with Chief Han to get the virus, and Chief Han needs to secure it from In Ho after the somewhat botched transfer with Kim Sae Jin. Now, either Chief Han is delivering the virus to his boss or Ghost wanted the virus because he was making a deal with the Chairman.

The Chairman already has a bit of the virus to do testing with lab mice, and when observing the virus’ effects he seemed forced to contain his excitement. So the Chairman is diabolical enough that he could be Ghost. Then again, this show likes to do random twists, so we perhaps haven’t seen Ghost’s final form just yet.



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