Oh My Ghostess: Episode 6 Recap


Old foes become friends in this episode, where there’s plenty of emotional growth for Sun Woo. And there’s also the romance brewing…

Sun Woo and Soon-Bong, sitting on a tree. C-O-O-K-I-N-G. First comes chopping, then comes eating, then comes a pancake date with Sun Woo driving. 

Soon Ae successfully takes over Bong Sun’s body and immediately places a call to 911 to save her father. Though she wants to go to the hospital right away, a production assistant drags her back on set. Sun Woo worries that the nerves and the “tag team competition” is getting the best of her, so he tells her to just relax and do her best with the dough. He’s planning for a pancake dish, but Bong Sun had accidentally spilled too much flour that ends up making the dough too sticky. So Soon-Bong decides to add mung bean powder, and transforms the pajeon into a bean powder tuna pajeon. Her quick thinking saves their team, and they win the second round again.

Soon-Bong immediately escapes to the hospital, and So Hyung expresses concern that Soon-Bong’s freak outs might lead to a broadcasting accident. Her boss had seen what happened on set and wanted Soon-Bong replaced. Sun Woo thinks that’s heartless and threatens to quit if So Hyung kicks out his assistant. Just because someone made one mistake, the broadcasting station is willing to kick someone out? He doesn’t even do that, even if he has a terrible reputation as a boss; he gives them six months’ worth of chances, and if it really doesn’t work out then he places them in a new job first.

At the hospital, Soon-Bong cries in relief that Myung Ho is alive and that the doctor diagnosed his liver disease early enough that it’s treatable. Kyung Mo comes rushing in, crying that he nearly became an orphan. I’ll admit it’s a little sad that he has abandonment issues, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s an irresponsible son. Soon-Bong calls him out on his immaturity and gives him a good smacking on the head, which makes him even more attracted to her because no one’s ever done it to him but his sister.

Sun Woo worries when Soon-Bong will return home as he never heard from her since she ran out of the station. But the next thing he knows, she’s right outside his door and back to her “old-new self,” ready to throw herself at him again. Not knowing what to do with her he drags her outside for a talk; anything done on his bed is far too dangerous for him. He wants to know what her dreams are; she replies it’s to have sex with him. Oh man, I shake my head in laughter at Soon Ae…

In all seriousness though, Sun Woo recognizes that Soon-Bong has raw talent but lacks the basics of cooking. If she really wants to become a chef, he’s willing to train her to become better. It would also help keep her on the reality show. So the first lesson is chopping. He teaches her techniques of slicing vegetables evenly and how different ways of cutting can provide different tastes to the food. She slices mountains and mountains of vegetables to the point that she pretends to cut her finger, scream that she’s bleeding, and then stick her finger into Sun Woo’s mouth. Bored? Yes. Sex-starved? Yes. Tired of chopping? Most definitely yes.

She grabs ahold of Sun Woo and won’t stop hugging him until he lets her stop chopping. I feel like Jo Jung Suk broke character here and couldn’t stop laughing at the situation…

They return to their respective rooms, and Soon-Bong’s imagination gets the better of her when she imagines Sun Woo kissing her while teaching her how to make red sauce. (Hello!? Stove on? Sauce burning!? Impractical.) She knocks on Sun Woo’s door to see if he just got out of the shower. He did, and thankfully knows her well enough to quickly lock the door before she tries to open it.

The following morning the rest of the kitchen crew are surprised to see mountains of chopped vegetables on the counter. Sun Woo pretends its his, and changes the special menu for lunch to a vegetable spring roll salad. It would be replacing Min Soo’s recipe, Shrek Pasta (a spinach pasta), which completely disheartens the sous chef. It was good of Sun Woo to lie about the vegetables being his because Min Soo would have been more angry if his special got punted for something that Soon-Bong had done.

Soon-Bong calls up Kyung Mo to check on her father, startling him because he didn’t know she had his number to begin with. Father and son encounter Sung Jae outside their restaurant, who was peeking in to see what had happened to Myung Ho. He feigns concern over Myung Ho’s condition and asks who called the ambulance to save him. Myung Ho doesn’t know either, and Kyung Mo heard that “his daughter” had called for the ambulance. But it’s not like Soon Ae came back from the dead, right? Sung Jae’s face darkens. Is he the Grim Reaper?! He did look awfully disappointed to see Myung Ho outside of the hospital, alive. Kyung Mo later discovers his sister’s journal with the emergency cash and asks Myung Ho if they can split it. He did use up all his allowance… Myung Ho wants him to return the money, so Kyung Mo throws a tantrum (that brat) and complains that Myung Ho won’t let him touch anything belonging to Soon Ae. It’s as if Myung Ho treasures his dead daughter over his living son. (Not true… but yeah, kinda true.)

After the lunch rush is over (and the vegetable spring roll salad is a hit), Sun Woo enlists Soon-Bong to accompany him to the market. It’s just another part of her training to become a better chef, and he distracts Min Soo from being jealous by letting him set up the Shrek Pasta for the dinner special. Dong Chul is suspicious of how close Sun Woo and Soon-Bong are getting though.

He’s not the only one too. After a visit to the hospital to check up on Eun Hee’s body, Sung Jae also asks if Sun Woo and Soon-Bong were always that close. Eun Hee says they only became close after they started the show; before, she had been too timid and always scared of Sun Woo. Sung Jae leaves for work with some food for though, and Eun Hee puts away her pregnancy diary in her bedroom drawer. She finds a cellphone jamming up the drawer though, and presumes it’s Sung Jae’s old phone. IS IT NOW?

At the market, Sun Woo gives her tips on how to find fresh seafood while also showing the charming side of himself as he flirts with the ahjummas running the stalls. They break for a snack, and Sun Woo advises her to eat food with her eyes (observe the food), nose (smell it), and then with her mouth (taste it). Soon-Bong gets distracted by some food on the table next to theirs and picks it up, thinking that the customer had left it behind. Actually… he didn’t. The customer returns, and recognizes Sun Woo. Park Jin Sub was Sun Woo’s classmate in high school – and one of the bullies that made Sun Woo feel like crap.

Jin Sub says that he and his group of friends (all of whom bullied Sun Woo) talk about him every so often and still meet up. Sun Woo is really uncomfortable but does invite them to his restaurant for dinner that night out of courtesy. Jin Sub takes him up on the offer, and now we know that Sun Woo is going to do his damnedest to impress. The rest of the kitchen crew don’t understand why he returns for the dinner shift on edge (and once again canceling Min Soo’s beloved Shrek Pasta from the special menu) or why he tells them to use up all their most expensive ingredients. Only Min Soo is the one angry though (about his dinner special), while the rest are befuddled.

Jin Sub and the other friends all arrive that night and are impressed at the impeccable service his team provides. They even march and bark, “Yes Chef!” on cue, making his kitchen seem worse than the military. (It’s kinda excessive and hilarious at the same time.) Finally Yoon Chul Min, the main bully that made Sun Woo’s life hell, arrives. And he is not what Sun Woo expected: the athletic and confident teen who took his lunch money has become a pudgy, bespectacled salesman. It’s clear who the “winner” in life is, and Sun Woo has no qualms making a few digs at Chul Min’s weight and how Chul Min used to bully him.

Dinner is served: truffle pastas, wagyu beef steaks, sea bass, crawfish, and radish kimchi with ginseng – everything you wouldn’t be able to normally eat in any other restaurant. (Personally, I would be most excited over the radish kimchi.) His former classmates are seriously impressed, and unfortunately Chul Min has to excuse himself early because he has a client he needs to wine and dine too. Sun Woo walks him out and even makes a big show of giving him cab money too. Chul Min clearly recognizes that Sun Woo has done better in life, but he is gracious about it. He even asks Sun Woo to help introduce him to clients who may want vacuum cleaners, but by the next day is embarrassed to have asked Sun Woo for the favor considering their past.

Chul Min’s attitude is enough to get Sun Woo thinking. For an arrogant chef, he does recognize that being boastful in front of his former classmates makes him feel worse. He opts to skip tonight’s lesson with Soon-Bong, so she practices on the skills she has learned already. Understanding his sour mood, she makes him buckwheat pajeon to go with the beer that he’s drinking. Hilariously she feeds him as a way to try and flirt with him, and Sun Woo is impressed that Soon-Bong did make a better pajeon this time around. She tries to use that compliment as an “in” to do more things with him, even laying on his lap to feel up his thighs, but he’s totally not having it. He does agree to take Soon-Bong to a place in Hongdae that sells the same pajeon done better tomorrow night for their lesson. A date! Sort of.

The next day, Soon-Bong visits her father at his restaurant very early in the morning and is outraged to see him sweeping the floors while Kyung Mo is still asleep. Her spitfire attitude and willingness to scold Kyung Mo, who is not related to her really, reminds Myung Ho of Soon Ae so much. Hearing that Myung Ho’s doctor recommended exercise (and a cessation of all alcohol ingestion), Soon-Bong invites him to walk to a mineral spring nearby. Myung Ho is reminded that Soon Ae used to go there all the time, and regrets not having gone with her while she was alive. So Soon-Bong promises to go to the mineral spring with him every morning now.

Back at Sun Restaurant, Sun Woo sends Min Soo off to put the daily special board outside. Min Soo is offended that a sous chef like him is relegated to do such a menial task, but brightens up when he sees that the Shrek Pasta is FINALLY going to be served. A nice win for Min Soo, and Sun Woo and Soon-Bong share a smile. It doesn’t get missed by Joon, who thinks that something romantic might be going on between the two. Heh – if only he knew.

Hae Young calls up Suhbingo for another coffee date; it’s more like Hae Young is obsessed with the shaman and sees her as a friend now, even if she has no special requests. Suhbingo feels like she’s stuck in a fruitless relationship and believes that her inability to find Soon Ae is the reason she’s stuck relying on Hae Young for money. (The gods in heaven certainly aren’t helping her much until she finds Soon Ae.) When the coffee shop door jingles as it opens, Suhbingo has a eureka moment – she knows where Soon Ae is!

After the dinner shift is over, Soon-Bong quickly gets ready for her “date.” Soon Ae can’t believe that Bong Sun has nothing nice to wear so she cuts up a T-shirt to make it a little more revealing and wears it under a dress. With barely any makeup, Soon-Bong makes do with air freshener as well. She hurries to the bus stop, where she’s supposed to meet Sun Woo, but bumps into none other than Suhbingo.

Suhbingo realized that the bells she heard at Sun Restaurant, plus the strange mixture of chill and vitality in the air, were all signs that Soon Ae had possessed Bong Sun’s body. Soon-Bong makes a run for it, and midway through the run Soon Ae jumps out of the body and onto a bus. Suhbingo immediately jumps into a cab to follow the bus, not even noticing Bong Sun at all.

Bong Sun herself has no idea where she is, so she continues walking down the street – and sees Sun Woo waiting for her there, as planned. Erm…

Some Thoughts

The only thing I’ll say about Sung Jae / Im Joo Hwan is: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! TELL ME WHO HE IS!!! But this teasing is also kind of fun in its own way.

I really liked seeing how Sun Woo changed in this episode. There were still parts of him that was still the confident, arrogant chef that had complete control of his kitchen, but we got to see more of the insecure, human side to him. Sun Woo encountering his high school friends was a big deal because they were a big reason why he is the way he is. Making peace with the past and Chul Min let him take a step forward in a more positive direction, and be a better boss. Bong Sun herself was a big catalyst for change, I feel, because she reminded him so much of himself. Seeing her become Soon-Bong was equally important because, while her strong personality could have irked him even more, he actually became more understanding because he knew something was off. Talking to Soon-Bong also helped him be more understanding about his team, giving Min Soo the encouragement he needs as a sous chef, giving Soon-Bong more guidance to be a chef, and even standing up to So Hyung for what he thinks is right.

What’s sad is that Soon-Bong is such a strong and good character that I’d like to see Soon Ae possess Bong Sun more often – at the price of them never sharing scenes together. (*Sob*) Soon Ae would help Bong Sun be a stronger person and Sun Woo a better person, so I really want her around. I wish that Bong Sun had more of a bond with Soon Ae; one would assume that if one were possessed by a ghost for so long, one may start to pick up on the changes that the ghost has done to his/her life or take on the ghost’s characteristics. But different dramas have different rules; this is just one rule I wish this drama had introduced. So it seems that Bong Sun has no awareness of the effect Soon Ae has had on her life. Had she known, I wish that Bong Sun could accept Soon Ae in her life as well and sort of treat her as an equal – respect the fact that she was a person before she became a haunting ghost. I thought Bong Sun nearly reached it when Soon Ae pleaded with her to call 911, but it’s hard to tell just yet. If the two of them could actually discuss their desires, Bong Sun might be able to undergo a change just like Sun Woo. After all, she wants to become a better chef, and Soon Ae’s actions have so far led her down that right path. It would be nice for her to eventually actively pursue that path with Sun Woo on her own.

I doubt Myung Ho will ever realize that Soon Ae is around, but I hope he finds a certain peace with his daughter’s death soon. I hate Kyung Mo with a passion because he is such a whiny character, but he is important in helping underline Myung Ho’s loss. It would be nice if the kid grows up, but since the Shin family are probably the last to realize that Soon Ae is around them, the change is likely to not happen until the very last episode. If anyone has a Kyung Mo in their lives, I would definitely recommend a nice slap in the head.


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