Oh My Ghostess: Episode 5 Recap


OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD! This was a pretty interesting episode for me, but probably not in the way you’d expect. I was quite happy that Soon Ae and Bong Sun got to share some scenes together, but I am more happy to see more character development in the male characters.

Sun Woo rushes Bong Sun to the hospital where the doctor determines that her fever has weakened her immune system and she’ll need some IV treatment. When she wakes up, Bong Sun is startled to find herself in a hospital, and even more freaked out that it’s two weeks later! She runs out of the hospital while Sun Woo is looking into rooms for her to check into, realizing that she’s wearing different clothes from a reflection in a door and seeing that her dorm room has been rented out. Having nothing but her phone, she calls up her grandmother for help.

She’s so lucky her grandma used to be a shaman, because grandma knows all. She tells Bong Sun that she most likely got possessed, and must not look at the ghost in the eye if she ever encounters it again. If the ghost won’t go away, then Bong Sun needs to stand her ground and yell out that she’s not someone to be messed with. Embarrassed by what she has done in the past two weeks (as Sun Woo did remind her that she was trying to sleep with him before she fainted), and scared of the thought of being possessed, Bong Sun stays out all night on a park bench.

Sun Woo returns to the restaurant to see if Bong Sun has come back but ends up giving up looking for her. The entire time Soon Ae showers him with questions about how Bong Sun is doing, and he indirectly replies to her when complaining about where she could have gone. I did not know that Sun Woo had to take off his shirt to put on some facial toner, but it works for me and Soon Ae to ogle at his abs. Soon Ae gets so frustrated that she can’t do anything with him physically that she vows to find another woman who could easily complete the deed: So Hyung.

Sadly for Soon Ae, So Hyung is a woman of strong virtue and is impenetrable no matter how many times she tries. Interestingly enough So Hyung’s coworker can see Soon Ae and freaks out at the sight of the ghost in the editing room.

Sung Jae finds Bong Sun on the bench and she uncomfortably speaks with him, not realizing they’ve already shared ramen together. He takes her back to the restaurant, where Sun Woo sends her off inside, as part of his “civic duty.” Sun Woo suggests that Sung Jae stop working so hard as it’s not good for his health; even though Sung Jae smiles about it, his expression darkens the moment Sun Woo’s back is turned. He leaves in his police car and notices an old woman’s cart of recycled boxes is slightly in the way of the road. Instead of making an effort to drive around it, he just hits the cart’s handle and pushes it out of the way of the road.

See – Sung Jae is weird!

The work day begins and Bong Sun is back to her old self – timid, apologetic, and falling asleep during the day. (It’s a bit sad her coworkers were already getting so used to her new personality.) She’s sent off to get fresh tablecloths as they have a big day ahead of them – lots of special guests, including a Canadian ambassador and his friends, are coming to the restaurant that day. Soon Ae greets Bong Sun out in the back and tries to get her attention, but Bong Sun heeds her grandmother’s advice. But no matter how much she tries to ignore the ghost, Soon Ae is just such a chatterbox! It drives Bong Sun mad, and she even runs out of the restaurant before even finishing her task.

Fast forward a little later in the workday and all hands are on deck to cook up a special meal for the ambassador and his friends. Sun Woo gets to show off some of his English too (hubba hubba). One of his torches is out of gas though, so he sends Bong Sun to the basement to retrieve another can of gas and a new torch head. Soon Ae follows her down there to try to engage with her, but Bong Sun’s not having it. She lights up the torch and tries to tell Soon Ae that she’s not to be trifled with… only to start a small fire in the basement!!

The rest of the kitchen crew notice the smoke and they have to evacuate the whole restaurant mid meal. Sun Woo heroically rushes down with the fire extinguisher and puts it out, but now the entire team needs to clean up the mess and salvage what they can in the basement storeroom. Min Soo yells at Bong Sun for her stupidity, and Sun Woo tries to get her to say what happened. Instead, Bong Sun hangs her head in shame and apologizes, then glares at Soon Ae standing at the top of the stairs. Sun Woo notices her gaze and sees nothing there, but he knows that something is wrong with Bong Sun. She runs to the locker room for a cry, and yells at Soon Ae to leave her alone because she’s scared of her. Soon Ae at least has a heart, and finally leaves to go look for her dad.

Sun Woo takes her out to see a doctor that he knows, and probably visited himself at one time, to evaluate her mental state. Dr. Hong hooks her up to his machine and tries to evaluate her calm state and agitated state. His eye begins to twitch uncontrollably and Dr. Hong dismisses it to lack of sleep because his grandmother just passed away. Little does he know Bong Sun can see his grandmother standing right next to him blowing air into his eye. Dr. Hong’s conclusion is that Bong Sun is bipolar, and that she might be experiencing auditory hallucinations. He prescribes her medicine and advises Sun Woo to keep a close eye on her, and not give her additional stress that might swing her mood from extreme high to extreme low.

Meanwhile Hae Young learns about the fire and freaks out that such bad things are happening to Sun Woo because he was fated to have a bad year. She attributes the fact that it was a small fire to Suhbingo and then asks if she could also help perform a rite to bless her daughter with a child. Once again, Suhbingo charges her an exorbitant rate because she knows she can.

That evening, Sun Woo lets Bong Sun stay in a small shed next to his mini apartment above the restaurant. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand his act of kindness and only lets her stay until she finds another home. But he also doesn’t want her getting sick again. Aww. She quickly gets settled in and lights up incense to prevent Soon Ae from coming back. Sun Woo feels some guilt that he was probably the one who triggered Bong Sun’s disorder by stressing her out, and is worried that she may not be eating well, so he cooks up her cabbage recipe and adds a few more ingredients to it to make it richer.

Bong Sun accepts it graciously, and then notices the comment (left by Sun Woo) about her cabbage porridge on her blog. She replies back that she’s having it right now, and Sun Woo gets a notification about her comment. It’s so cute how he thinks that he has this emotional connection to the blogger without realizing that it’s Bong Sun.

Soon Ae spends time with her father and notices a wedding invitation that I believe is addressed to Kyung Mo for one of his friends. It makes Myung Ho even more disappointed in his son and he starts drinking soju. Soon Ae pleads with him to eat something, or to stop, but it’s not like Myung Ho can hear her. He ends up going to Soon Ae’s room and falling asleep while crying and holding her picture frame.

The following morning Kyung Mo raises hell about wanting 180,000 won to buy a limited edition pair of sneakers. Myung Ho sees no logic in doing so but because he has a hangover and wants Kyung Mo to just shut up, he gives the money right out of the cashier till. That ungrateful bastard. Now Myung Ho has barely enough money to pay for the taxes. Soon Ae remembers that she hoarded some of her savings in her journal right before she died and hurries to her room to retrieve it. It takes her many many tries before she can physically open the book though.

While she concentrates on her book in her room, Myung Ho gets dizzy and sweats profusely from the hangover while making kimchi. He tries to reach for something at the top of a stacked shelf, but ends up pulling everything down on top of him. He falls back on a step and is rendered unconscious. At that moment, Sung Jae arrives for lunch but sees no one around. He takes a peek into the back room and sees Myung Ho passed out on the floor.

Instead of doing his “civic duty” and calling for help, Sung Jae just stares impassively at the body, and then convinces his partner to eat elsewhere because the owner is not around. Wow. Cold-blooded.

Suhbingo also arrives at Hae Young’s house to do a blessing ceremony for Eun Hee and Sung Jae. She goes around the room praying to the gods and then spies a picture of the couple. She can’t put a finger on it, but she finds something really off about Sung Jae’s picture and his horoscope, as if he is the same person but isn’t…

Dun dun dun!!

That day Sun Woo also reminds Bong Sun that they have to go to the studio to film. Bong Sun freaks out when she discovers what Soon Ae got her into and she’s too nervous to do it. However because she did so well in the first episode, Bong Sun has to go and Sun Woo tells her to trust him. Except… the mission this week is to do a “tag team” cooking show. The prompt is to use canned tuna to make night-time snack for a student studying for an exam, and basically the chef will cook for half an hour and then the assistant chef will immediately take over. Hopefully Sun Woo and Bong Sun are super in sync… but that’s like a pipe dream.

Soon Ae rushes down to the restaurant to tell her father that she managed to open her book and get the spare money, but discovers her father passed out on the kitchen floor. Unable to revive him, she rushes to the streets to find a body she can temporarily possess to call 911. There’s no one, and Soon Ae realizes that she’ll need to go to Bong Sun for help. She arrives just as Bong Sun takes over the cooking from Sun Woo, and Bong Sun freaks out.

Filming is halted, and Bong Sun runs off to another empty studio. She tries to block out Soon Ae, but the ghost earnestly pleads with her to help her father. Then, someone from the set calls out for Bong Sun. She is momentarily distracted, her defenses are down, and Soon Ae makes a run for her body.

Some Thoughts

I feel like every episode I have a new theory about Sung Jae – but he’s just a mysterious character! All the signs are pointing to the fact that Sung Jae is possessed by an evil spirit. Now, he could either be possessed by a psychopathic evil spirit, or a psychopathic spirit with unfinished business. Currently I’m under the impression that evil spirits float around the earth and don’t possess people for long periods of time. This particular ghost is probably like Soon Ae in that he found a body with the same frequency as his and is stuck in that body – willingly. I still think it is possible that the evil spirit had something to do with Soon Ae’s death, which is why Sung Jae is hanging around her family so much. It was seriously a shocker for me to see just how cruel Sung Jae could be.

A lot happened in this episode, and I’m glad that we got to see Sun Woo grow a little more as Bong Sun’s boss. He didn’t immediately rail against her because he knew she was having issues, and even though she was annoying as Soon-Bong he still somehow did get closer to her. So it’s nice to see them connect a little more. I also now understand that Bong Sun and Soon Ae really can’t share the screen too often, especially with the lack of trust Bong Sun has for the ghost. It’s going to be a while – if ever – before Bong Sun treats Soon Ae as an equal instead of constantly being timid and scared of her. Only then would it be more fun to see Bong Sun and Soon Ae play off each other.

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One thought on “Oh My Ghostess: Episode 5 Recap

  1. You think it’s BS’s fault that she is not considering SA as her equal! I mean her body was taken away from the girl and you expect her to be happy about it!

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