The Best of Hidden Identity: Episodes 7-8


Episode 7 was quite the action packed episode, while episode 8 felt like a real step back in the direction the drama was headed. Interestingly the drama acknowledged that it was sort of taking a step back story wise, and made me more forgiving on the direction it was going.

1. Jang Moo Won is smarter than all of us

HiddenIdentity_07_02 HiddenIdentity_07_01

Certainly smarter than me, as I didn’t guess what would happen.

So just when everything seemed like it was going to be over for Jang Moo Won, he reveals to the audience that he had it all planned out. He needed to buy some time, and so he allowed for Park Min Young to arrest him and charge him with illegal drug selling. However, he’s got evidence on his side that proved he was using Yoo Dong Jun as part of his team to take down an even bigger drug cartel located in the Philippines (the convenient country to put all the criminals at for K-dramas).

And during the time that he got Park Min Young to realize he was right and release him, his team managed to frame Lee Kang Jun and retrieve the tape that proved he raped the deaf victim Park Yeon Soo – among others. Now Lee Kang Jun is in jail!

2. There were some Dark Knight undertones in this episode


One of the interesting quotes that came out of this episode was this exchange between Moo Won and Park Min Young:

Park: “Do you consider yourself a force of justice?”

Jang: “I don’t think so highly of myself, but I think there should be someone like me in the world.”

Talk about being a man that Gotham needs, not wants. Working in the shadows, outside of the laws that govern the city but working with the law enforcement to bring criminals to justice. We could say this about any other cop thriller, but this line struck me as particularly The Dark Knight-ish. On top of that…

3. Nam In Ho seems designed after the Joker

HiddenIdentity_07_05 HiddenIdentity_08_01

Nam In Ho is the one who killed Min Tae Hee, and was smuggled into the country as Hwang Chi Seung. He is a psychopath with a murderous streak, and one of Ghost’s top henchmen before he got carted away to prison. He has a huge scar that climbs up the side of his cheek from the corners of his mouth – if that’s not a reference to the Joker’s creepy sneer then I don’t know what it is. It’s not like any other scar I’ve seen on other hoodlums.

He appropriately loves the book Frankenstein, and he uses that book as a really good metaphor to who Ghost is. First off, he views himself as a monster without a soul created by Dr. Frankenstein (Ghost). But who is the real monster – the created or the creator? And how did Dr. Frankenstein (Ghost) become such a monster?

It was a really interesting scene when Nam In Ho explained Ghost’s back story and revealed that his enemies used his lover to get to him, and then left him for dead. When he “resurrected” he became a monster himself, and now wreaks havoc on everyone’s lives.

4. Ghost seems involved in everything – and it’s becoming a stretch

HiddenIdentity_08_06 HiddenIdentity_08_04

The new case of this week involved a North Korean smuggler who had access to a weaponized virus, and North Korea wants him back. It was assigned to the team via Moo Won’s boss, so it didn’t seem like it would involve Ghost. However this man ended up having ties to Ghost and was ready to make a deal with him. What were the odds for that, considering the North Korean government wanted him caught, not because they wanted Ghost? I feel like next week we’re going to learn that Ghost is wanted by the North Korean government too. It felt almost like a stretch to tie the smuggler and Ghost together, but at least the show acknowledged that it seemed like they were taking a step back. There’s only so many episodes we can go with meeting all of Ghost’s underlings without knowing who Ghost is.

And speaking of which…

5. Guesses on who Ghost is

HiddenIdentity_08_03 HiddenIdentity_08_02

At this point, I am quite positive we have already seen Ghost but not known it. We’re halfway through the series and I think it’s more effective if we make Ghost someone we already encountered rather than someone completely new.

For a while I’ve suspected Director Choi as Ghost, and while it is still possible he does seem less harmful in these past two episodes. He also doesn’t match the drawing of how Ghost is supposed to look like. So we have to move on… We meet another Chairman character (played by Choi Jung Woo) who is in charge of an arms manufacturing company and just acquired a pharmaceutical company to develop bioweapons. While he may not look like the drawing of Ghost, it is also possible he’s either the man right under Ghost, or backing Ghost, or is Ghost and just has someone else be his “face.”

Another option is the chairman’s right hand Chief Jung, who’s like his secretary. He looks a bit more similar to the drawing and is quite high up to have power to do illegal things, and knows about weaponry. So far he hasn’t said anything in the drama, but that makes him all the more suspicious.

[Edit: I am an idiot. I just realized now that the “face of Ghost” that was provided to the sketch artist was the same guy who sent In Ho the message that the “Chairman” was going to give him another chance. He has said himself that he is not the actual Chairman, but is most likely the “face” of Ghost that has interfaced with all the other minions. So the guess for Ghost continues…]


The drama overall is getting more complicated because Gun Woo is going rogue out of desperation to catch Nam In Ho, we have to keep track of Tae In’s line of investigation as well as TI:5’s, and we are meeting all these random underlings who have a tie to Ghost but we don’t know what Ghost’s endgame is. It’s easy to make him connected to everyone when we don’t know his greater plans. And if he’s doing all this out of revenge for people killing him and using his lover, then it feels a bit excessive, no?

In any case, I’d like to see how Gun Woo is going to deal with the North Korean smuggler, Kim Sae Jin, as he pretends to be North Korean himself. Gun Woo hasn’t been the greatest at undercover work as his cover gets blown almost too quickly.



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