Oh My Ghostess: Episode 4 Recap


Yesssss! My wishes are coming true! This was actually a fun episode to watch, as Soon-Bong finds her way to stay near Sun Woo even longer – whether he likes it or not. And thank goodness for no scary ghosts this episode around.

Sun Woo doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the sound in the restaurant has him worried about other spirits. He goes down to check, and though Soon-Bong tries to hide from him, she gets caught. She begs him to let her stay, as she has nowhere else to go, but her cute act gets her nowhere and he kicks her out. So off to a public sauna she goes!

Soon-Bong ends up bumping into her fellow ghost, the same punk-rocker girl with whom she get into an argument in episode 1 at a funeral hall, possessing a skinny young girl and forcing her to eat two trays of eggs. I don’t know her name, so let’s call her Hungry Ghost. This Hungry Ghost had yelled at Soon-Bong for possessing too many people, but she’s now doing the same because she doesn’t get enough food from ancestral rites. The two talk about their problems in a sauna room for over two hours; other customers start staring at Soon-Bong weirdly because she seems to be talking to herself and not even breaking a sweat!

The following morning, Soon-Bong heads out early to the restaurant and bumps into Sung Jae. He works an evening shift, and before he heads home in the morning he usually stops by a convenience store for a bowl of ramen without telling Eun Hee, as she doesn’t like him eating such unhealthy foods. As the two share a meal together (outside a convenience store that reminds me of the one in Heirs), Soon-Bong is disappointed to hear that he pursued Eun Hee first, and we learn that she used to be a ballerina before she got into an accident. Soon-Bong hates that he’s such a considerate guy, but he might not be as good as we think he is…

So Young has Soon-Bong and Sun Woo go back to the studio to reshoot some scenes for the following week’s preview. They just have to cook for an hour as there won’t be any particular dialogue they’ll need to say. Before they start shooting, Sun Woo witnesses another PD getting very flirtatious with So Young, much to his annoyance. When the other PD drops his keys on the bench, Sun Woo palms it out of revenge. Soon-Bong sees everything and starts teasing him about his feelings for So Young. She tries to use the knowledge – and the PD’s car keys – as leverage to negotiate a few nights’ stay at the restaurant. When Sun Woo doesn’t budge, she threatens to tell So Young. Not wanting to be seen as childish in So Young’s eyes, he finally relents. It’s kind of cute how Soon-Bong knows just how to push his buttons on this!

They return to the restaurant and Soon-Bong immediately cooks up some fried rice for dinner. Sun Woo’s not a rice kind of guy, so he gives his share to Corgi, who gobbles it up eagerly. I wish Sun Woo tried it to appreciate Soon-Bong’s cooking. That evening Soon-Bong has a weird dream where Soon Ae is trapped underwater and can’t get out. It’s possible it’s a reference to how she died. She wakes up late the next morning and is nearly caught sleeping at the restaurant by her coworkers.

Min Soo, back to his old irresponsible self, has Soon-Bong pick up some leeks for their special dish because he forgot to get them. While shopping, she bumps into Myung Ho, who’s also grabbing some ingredients. She helps him shop, and gives him grief over whether or not she’s being too burdensome or vice versa. He laughs it off, as he’s very much reminded of his daughter, who also likes to hold a grudge whenever she’s annoyed or pissed off. Kyung Ho catches her coming by his father’s restaurant again and assumes that Soon-Bong is interested in his father as a sugar daddy of sorts. Then he wonders if Soon-Bong always comes around because she likes him. Sheesh, that idiot.

Sun Woo falls sick that day though and leaves the kitchen to Min Soo to recover from a fever. Worried that he took medicine without eating, Soon-Bong goes up to his apartment that night with some rice porridge. She tries to wake him up, and Sun Woo hallucinates that it’s So Young bringing him porridge. He grabs her hand and pulls her close to kiss her. Whee! A kiss between our leads already! Soon-Bong is completely shocked but hey, a virgin ghost’s gotta get some where she can! She kisses him back, and only after 30 seconds or so does Sun Woo realize he is not kissing So Young.

He freaks out and kicks her out of his room. But Soon-Bong is more surprised that he’s not feeling chills or heart palpitations. She’s found the guy who can withstand her ghostly self! She’s found the guy she needs to lose her virginity to! I love how her first reaction is to go to the public sauna, find Hungry Ghost, and celebrate with her  – even though it means it looks like Bong Sun dancing in circles with air.

The next morning, Sun Woo is much better and he apologizes awkwardly to Soon-Bong, who looks like she needs no apologies. Before the restaurant opens, she follows him all the way to his apartment and tackles him as he’s mid-dressed. Can he just please please please do it with her once?! (It starts raining outside – perhaps due to her supernatural needs?) Sun Woo freaks out again, not understanding this change in his employee at all, and he spends the next day and night just trying to avoid her completely. She even tries to sneak into his bed one time, and he gets so annoyed that he goes all the way back home – back to where his sister, brother-in-law, and mother live! – to just get a good night’s sleep! He even has to lock his door so that she won’t break in the next night!

Hae Young thinks it’s so weird for her son to return home to sleep and calls up Suhbingo for a consultation about her son, and also to ask whether or not Eun Hee can get pregnant. (Eun Hee really wants kids, and technically should have no problem bearing them.) Suhbingo suggests they hold some ancestral rites, and then takes a look at Sung Jae’s horoscope. She’s shocked to see that a man who’s fated to be a lonely and distant person managed to get married. And we cut to Sung Jae doing his police duties, where the cops were called to deal with some dogs causing a public disturbance. They leave, and then later we hear someone beating the dogs in the junk yard. It’s all so suspicious…

Soon-Bong desperately just wants to get laid, but she also ends up feeling quite feverish. She got the virus from Sun Woo when they kissed! She collapses on the bench seats in the restaurant, and Soon Ae falls out of Bong Sun’s body. (WOOO!) Looks like the sickness kicked the ghost out of her. Sun Woo weirdly has difficulty pulling his charger out of his phone until Soon Ae got out of Bong Sun’s body; can we blame this on the supernatural? In any case, he does end up a bit concerned about his employee’s body as she looked terribly flushed, and goes down to check on her.

Bong Sun’s fallen onto the floor, unconscious, and Soon Ae watches Sun Woo desperately try to wake her up.

Some Thoughts

Okay – obviously, let’s address the Sung Jae issue. He appears to be the loving husband who really cares for his wife; wanting instant ramen occasionally is not something to be suspicious about. Husbands sneak off to eat things they’re not allowed to. So I was okay with that. I was also okay with when he gave Eun Hee a supportive smile as she and Hae Young went to Suhbingo to ask about her fertility issues. Mothers are mothers – especially superstitious ones like Hae Young. I did wonder if he was the one who was infertile but that’s another thing.

But when Suhbingo described him as an “island” who is fated to have bad luck with having a family, I started wondering if he was a sociopath. And then that whole dog scene? I wasn’t sure what to make of it because I wasn’t sure if the complaint was about the dogs being too loud or violent. And if it was, what did Sung Jae tell the owner to do to keep a leash on those dogs? And who was the one beating the dogs? Though we don’t see the person, it’s being suggested that Sung Jae went back on his own and is beating the dogs. It is also possible that Sung Jae is allowing for animal abuse to continue because he either lacks compassion or finds enjoyment in it. Sung Jae has always been a mystery, and even though we’re only four episodes in I kind of want to know what’s his deal. I want to see more scenes of Sung Jae without him being too nice too Soon-Bong or anyone else. He’s a really weird character because out of everyone, he’s the one that isn’t as filled out as the rest – intentionally. I want to know his deal!

Other than him, the rest of this episode was actually kind of entertaining. I’m really impressed so far with how Park Bo Young just encapsulates Kim Seul Gi’s character, even mimicking her voice pitch in some instances. So seeing her act so forward and desperate for sex was just too funny for me. At one point Sun Woo trips while trying to get away from her, and when he pops back up I swear I saw a hint of a smile from him. The whole montage was just so funny I wonder how you could keep a straight face the entire time. I loved every minute of that.

And finally – finally – these two actresses can just play off each other. They can share the same scenes, together! I’m more excited over that, even though Bong Sun is going to have to first deal with the consequences of her irrational behavior. So since this wish is granted, my next wish is that Sun Woo discover that Bong Sun is his favorite chef blogger and actually tries her dishes – even if they’re rice based – in the next two episodes. I’m not asking for too much, am I?

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