Oh My Ghostess: Episode 3 Recap


Father-daughter relationships are quite sweet, and it comes to the forefront here in this episode when Soon-Bong is especially sweet to Myung Ho. Episode 3 was not exactly what I would call a “fun” episode, as it took a step back and helped cement all the characters’ relationships together before we move further forward.

We start off with a flashback to better days for Myung Ho’s restaurant, as he has a line out the door for his daughter’s magical cooking. All the customers act impatient, but they really don’t mind the wait because they know it’s worth it. Soon Ae really carries the business with her food, quick service, and her good humor to entertain the guests while they wait. And her brother Kyung Mo? He was as useless as he is now. All of these memories come flooding back when Bong Sun accompanies Myung Ho and Kyung Mo back to the restaurant so that he could treat her to a meal. The emotions too.

The cooking episode airs, and that’s when everyone notices Bong Sun’s cooking abilities. Even Myung Ho notices that she cooked up his daughter’s specialty burnt rice pollack soup, and is impressed that she would know such a recipe. So he welcomes her visits when she even helps improve his kimchi recipe. Soon-Bong wishes she could help her father more, but isn’t exactly sure how since she’s not Soon Ae physically. When she learns of all the nice supplies that Sun Woo’s restaurant seems to get because he’s such a well-known chef, she decides to steal some rubber gloves here, a sesame oil bottle there to give to Myung Ho. It’s not a lot, but eventually assistant chef Dong Chul notices these things missing.

It ends up blowing up into a huge issue when the caviar goes missing, and Sun Woo lines them up to find out who it is. Before Soon-Bong can admit to anything, Min Soo stands up for the team and points out that embarrassing the culprit like this would not promote team unity. Isn’t it more important to treasure the bonds between the chefs, which is irreplaceable, than the food stores, which can be bought by money? His impassioned plea marks him as the guilty culprit, and Sun Woo gets him to admit that he stole the caviar to cook up a dish for his date. But he didn’t steal anything else!

Sun Woo is really pissed off, and that’s when Min Soo also lets out his frustrations over Sun Woo’s arrogance. He quits, and Soon-Bong tries to convince Sun Woo to bring Min Soo back, but to no avail. Sun Woo lets off some steam feeding Corgi (who’s sticking around!) and then resolves to lead the kitchen without a sous chef. But it ends up being a huge mess – especially when his other chefs are not as experienced and the orders are getting done late.

Meanwhile, Suhbingo tries to visit another shaman to see if she can help her find Soon Ae’s spirit. But most of the shamans are outright fakes. She bumps into Hae Young on the way out, and the two share a few drinks while commiserating over the fact that shamans nowadays are fake (except Suhbingo of course).

During that busy dinner time, Sun Woo desperately tries to hold it together but resorts to asking a friend for help in finding a sous chef. However Sun Woo’s reputation precedes him so it’s pretty tough looking for a sous chef who’ll want to work with him. He bumps into Kyung Mo outside the restaurant, who wants to return all the supplies that Soon-Bong gave his father – all untouched. The real culprit is found!

Sun Woo confronts Soon-Bong, but can’t fathom how different she is nowadays. Mind you, he would never have thought that the meek Bong Sun would take so many supplies to help another restaurant owner. He realizes that he also was wrong in accusing Min Soo of everything and not listening to him more, so he decides to just sweep everything under the rug and start anew.

He heads to a car wash to pick up Min Soo, where the prideful sous chef is getting yelled at by his boss for not cleaning cars properly. Min Soo practically grovels and apologizes for what he’s done, and the team is reunited again. What’s funny is that the rest of the chefs aren’t really happy to have Min Soo back. For all of Min Soo’s claims about team unity, the other chefs were actually really happy not having Min Soo around.

Sun Woo takes everyone out for a team dinner, as he knows he’s been very distant from everyone and should work harder as a boss. Right before they leave, Suhbingo and his mother stumble in quite tipsy, and Soon-Bong has a few close calls with getting caught by her. Despite her tipsiness, Suhbingo can tell that there are a lot of ghosts in the restaurant, and around Sun Woo, but her words fall on deaf ears.

The team eat and drink happily, with Min Soo and Sun Woo sharing a ‘love shot’. Soon-Bong even gets very touchy-feely with Sun Woo when she gets super drunk, but he’s saved from her clutches when he gets a call from So Young. She had accidentally swerved her car into the sidewalk avoiding a stray cat, and was severely shaken by it. It seems to suggest that her husband may have died during a car crash as well.

Sun Woo takes her home, leaving his employees to drink and stumble their way home together. We see in a flashback how he had fallen in love with So Young back in college, but had not moved fast enough to woo her compared to his best friend. So before he even had a chance, So Young was now his buddy’s girlfriend, and she viewed him always a friend. It means he has almost no chance to win her over in the present.

Soon-Bong tries to go drink some more with Myung Ho, who gently rebuffs her as he needs to meet his son. She then realizes that she’s pushing herself on him too hard; Myung Ho will never see her as Soon Ae because she doesn’t look like Soon Ae. She returns to her room in the gosiwon, only to discover that it’s already been rented to the next tenant because she was late in her payment. A phone call with the grandmother leads Soon Ae to the discovery that Bong Sun has no savings because she pays for all of her grandmother’s surgeries and medical bills.

With nowhere else to go, Soon-Bong brings all her stuff to the restaurant to spend the night, as there are showers in the back of the restaurant. She nearly bumps into Sun Woo, who just got out of the shower and gives us an obligatory shirtless shot. Just then, a ghost shows up and won’t leave Soon Ae alone. Soon Ae can’t be bothered with the ghost, but it makes threatening moves towards her. So she grabs Bong Sun’s spear and starts attacking it – and accidentally knocks all the utensils over.

The ghost runs away.

Sun Woo hears it from his apartment, and remembers Suhbingo’s words. There are ghosts in the restaurant.

Some Thoughts

First of all, I hate ghosts. And I mean scary looking ghosts with that makeup or CGI, rotting skin, empty eyes. I don’t like looking at them at all. Now I know this show is called Oh My Ghostess so of course there would be ghosts, but I expected the kind that looked like Soon Ae – not the scary random ghost with matted hair, almost no eyes, and a really dark open mouth. So I was a bit pissed that one showed up. In any case, it seems to me that in this world ghosts who haven’t moved on to the afterlife yet and have not reached their three-year limit will look human. Any evil ghost who never moved on and forever haunted the earth would look like Mr. Scary Mouth. I assume we’ll be seeing more of them as Bong Sun can see ghosts in the restaurant, and has now moved in, but it’s also a fair warning to Soon Ae that if she doesn’t fulfill her desires, she’s going to look like them soon.

Maybe I’ll become immune to these ghosts by the end of this series. I don’t like them though. At all.

One of my favorite scenes was when Sun Woo confronts Soon-Bong about her stealing and the scene shifts to a split screen. It was kind of odd that they chose the split screen format, but it really tells me something about the director – he doesn’t seem to like constant back and forth over-the-shoulder shots. As I mentioned before, the camera tends to stay focused on the main character in the scene, and not switch back and forth to the person they’re talking to. That’s not to say they don’t have the shots of the other person – they could have them, but the editor is just not using them. And the director usually is one to make such calls on that, unless in this case it’s really just the editor’s stylistic choice. So by putting Sun Woo and Soon-Bong in a split screen format, they’re letting us see both of their reactions play out on screen without cutting back and forth. I liked it because it felt like I was watching these actors play out their emotions in “real time” compared to having constant edits to mask the number of takes it must have taken. I also once again got to appreciate Jo Jung Seok in all his comedic glory. That growl he gave Soon-Bong to go back into the kitchen? Perfect.

I know I didn’t really cover scenes about Sung Jae in the recap portion up there, but it’s because his scenes haven’t exactly fit into the overall story yet. We do learn that Soon Ae had a huge crush on him back in the day when she was alive, and so she would make his lunch a little more special than others. But she never got to pursue further than these small gestures because she died. I initially wondered if Sung Jae had something to do with Soon Ae’s death (either caused it, covered it up, or was there to find her body), and that he went to Myung Ho’s restaurant all the time out of guilt. But since he knew Soon Ae before and knew that she had a crush on him, I wonder if he had a closer, positive relationship with Soon Ae, and if that relationship is why he’s so loyal to Myung Ho. It’s possible that Sung Jae isn’t really evil at all, and my mind is just so wrapped up in cliches that I automatically think, “He can’t be good! He’s the second male lead!” After all, Soon Ae is shown to have a positive relationship with everyone in the neighborhood.

Eventually Soon-Bong also learns that Sung Jae is married to Eun Hee, which breaks her heart a little. But hopefully this will stop her from wanting to chase after Sung Jae and have him take her virginity.

I know it’s only the third episode, so there isn’t much to expect from it. Episodes 1 and 2 gave me such a high, so this episode acted as a bridge for me to come down from my excitement and recognize the story that needs to be told. The mystery deepens on Soon Ae’s death while we have a new love line to kick off between Bong Sun and Sun Woo. I am not quite sure yet how Soon Ae would have died, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow committed suicide. Soon-Bong was close to reading her diary, which could hold some insight, so I wonder if there was any indication that something had happened and she chose to end her life early.(Maybe she had a terminal disease.) I would be surprised that it’s the direction this drama is going to go, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it was sprung upon us.

And seriously – I need some scenes of Soon Ae outside of Bong Sun’s body, stat. It’s taking Suhbingo too long to find Soon Ae, and we need Bong Sun to change out of her own volition – not just because she was possessed.

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