The Best of Hidden Identity: Episode 6


Once again, the case of the week continues with the hunt for Ghost! It seems like focus is going to go toward Jang Moo Won and his secrets in the next week.

HiddenIdentity_06_03 HiddenIdentity_06_04

So Gun Woo has a spectacular fight scene with Lee Moo Sung’s bodyguard, and Moo Won arrives just in time to arrest Lee Moo Sung. Unfortunately the Special Investigation Team, aka Team Investigation Five, are just too good at their job. NIS and Director Choi (Lee Kyung Young) take over in Lee’s arrest, and then Gun Woo finds himself under arrest for criminal negligence and gross abuse when arresting someone. He’s already been suspended (and technically not working for the police, sorta) for killing the suspect that killed his partner. But the attorney, Park Min Young, is using that and his recent fight with Lee Moo Sung’s bodyguard as grounds for showing police corruption. After all, his team isn’t exactly abiding the law when catching criminals. But why is an attorney suddenly getting involved?


Well, turns out Min Tae In has an idea. He got a job offer to join the NIS, but he had declined and chose to return of his team. Because of that, and because his team is doing so well in getting closer to Ghost, Director Choi is trying to slow everyone down by targeting Gun Woo – and eventually the rest of the team members. Tae In knows that the bitter NIS agent whom he embarrassed during the Case of the Stolen Hologram is the one selling out his team to the attorney as revenge, and presumably keeps Moo Won in the loop on all this. If not, then Moo Won is just a really good boss who’s keenly aware of these things.

Tae In offers to join the NIS to keep an eye on Director Choi. After all, they all have the same goal of capturing Ghost, but at least Tae In can make sure Director Choi won’t stab his team in the back.

HiddenIdentity_06_07 HiddenIdentity_06_08

In any case, Moo Won orders the team to start looking into Attorney Park and see what they can do to convince her that they’re the good guys, and that she should stop picking on them. They discover a case that was settled unsatisfactorily: Attorney Park had defended a young mute girl who was raped by a chairman and educator (a much older man) at her school. Because he admitted his guilt to the parents, he was able to get off with a very light sentence (and probably paid off the parents too). So the team decides to get to the bottom of the business by trying to locate the hard evidence that the educator really hurt the young girl (who’s a bit older now and suffering heart problems) using somewhat tricky but “somewhat legal” means. That includes setting up a situation where the old man thinks his life is being threatened by a crazy man and offering their services as a private security guard agency.

Unfortunately Attorney Park simultaneously catches wind of Moo Won’s illegal activities from eight years prior and finds evidence of him being involved in illegal laundering and drug selling. So she arrests him. Of course there’s got to be an explanation for all of it though.

So some thoughts I had while watching:

1. Min Joo hands Borona her lover’s locket.

HiddenIdentity_06_01 HiddenIdentity_06_02

Just to end the previous case, Min Joo informs Borona that her fiancé passed away by giving him the locket that he owned. It’s a silent moment but just heartfelt enough to convey the sad message. I liked that they gave us a moment to fully end the case before visiting the next one.

2. The enemy of my enemy is… my friend?

HiddenIdentity_06_12 HiddenIdentity_06_11

So Ghost is the bad guy, and we even get a glimpse of Ghost’s face when Lee Moo Sung realizes he could die even if he doesn’t tell the police anything, and so reveals the features of the guy who’s paying him. (It’s also possible that it’s just another underling of Ghost who contacts Lee Moo Sung, thus serving audiences another red herring on who Ghost is.) However the NIS is also Team Investigation Five’s enemy (henceforth known as TI:5). They want TI:5 to stop doing what they’re doing because they view Ghost as a high-level government matter.

But even though they’re technically on the same side, it makes us viewers very suspicious of Director Choi. Is Director Choi really a good guy who’s just ambitious in his career? Or does he have some connection to Ghost? Or is he Ghost?! If Director Choi is working with Ghost, it would be too easy of a twist because the writer is already making us dislike him. It wouldn’t be too surprising either.

3. Tae In is sticking around!


Kim Tae Hoon is currently starring in jTBC’s My Love Eun Dong, so I thought that he was going to have a 4-episode stint in Hidden Identity where his screen time was relatively limited. And then he survived to episode 5, but I thought maybe he’d be forced to retire and leave, or Teacher Jung’s men would find a way to exact revenge. But nope! He’s back at work in episode 6! It looks like he isn’t exactly leaving the show, suggesting that he might have to juggle both projects until he gets killed off or kicked out of one. (More likely to get kicked off of Eun Dong since that one is closer to being finished with its run.)

Hopefully he’s not pulling a Jin Se Yeon – that girl is infamous for picking up overlapping projects and having to be killed off of one.

4. But Tae In working with NIS could be bad.


At first I did not like that Tae In was being set up as a villain, too, because he was offered a job with NIS and he had an intimate dinner with Gun Woo where he assured him he’d always be by Gun Woo’s side. And, Tae In rejoining TI:5 would effectively need a renaming to TI:6 because they’d be 6 people… Anyways!

Tae In seemed like someone that the show could turn towards the dark side if he got too sucked in with (the presumably evil) Director Choi. But then they presented him as someone who was staunchly on TI:5’s side but was going to spy on NIS. Spying on a spy! I hope he stays good, but I have this foreboding feeling that he really does not like Gun Woo around and will end up getting killed or doing something bad. Again, possible since he is technically juggling two projects at the same time.



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