Kim Go Eun Cast in ‘Cheese in the Trap’


The anticipated drama Cheese in the Trap just got its leading lady: movie actress Kim Go Eun. She will star opposite Park Hae Jin (My Love From Another Star) in this webtoon-based drama. I’m kind of happily surprised to see this film actress cast over the rumored Suzy (a.k.a. Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend), who had declined the role after a backlash on the internet over her casting.

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The Best of Hidden Identity: Episodes 9-10


What a frustrating two episodes. I think the Nam In Ho storyline goes on for far too long with these two episodes, and I hope for some quick resolution here. Nam In Ho can’t be the only interesting bad guy Ghost has up his sleeve.

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Oh My Ghostess: Episode 6 Recap


Old foes become friends in this episode, where there’s plenty of emotional growth for Sun Woo. And there’s also the romance brewing…

Sun Woo and Soon-Bong, sitting on a tree. C-O-O-K-I-N-G. First comes chopping, then comes eating, then comes a pancake date with Sun Woo driving. 

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Oh My Ghostess: Episode 5 Recap


OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD! This was a pretty interesting episode for me, but probably not in the way you’d expect. I was quite happy that Soon Ae and Bong Sun got to share some scenes together, but I am more happy to see more character development in the male characters.

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Liar Game (tvN): Episode 11-12 Recap and Review


I’m finally finishing it! I feel terrible not watching the last two episodes, but I guess drama fatigue got to me. As much as Liar Game from Korea is different from Liar Game in Japan, at the end of the day I still knew what to expect and the games were more or less the same. So even though I had two more episodes left and I knew in my heart that this Korean version was not the same as the Japanese one, I was in a bit of a rut. That, and more K-dramas took hold of me.

Need a refresher? This is episode 10’s recap.

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10 Asian and Hollywood Celebrity Look Alikes


Have you ever felt like you’re watching an Asian drama and see a Hollywood lookalike standing right before you? Or even vice versa while in a theater watching a Hollywood movie, and you see your favorite Korean actor on the big screen? Here are a few actors who seem to have a Hollywood counterpart, and it’s kind of hard to explain until you get a good look at them or even see them in action!

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The Best of Hidden Identity: Episodes 7-8


Episode 7 was quite the action packed episode, while episode 8 felt like a real step back in the direction the drama was headed. Interestingly the drama acknowledged that it was sort of taking a step back story wise, and made me more forgiving on the direction it was going.

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