The Best of Hidden Identity: Episode 5


Checked out episode 5 of Hidden Identity, and I’m pretty impressed with how the “case of the week” is shaping up as part of the overall chase for the Ghost. This week’s baddie: Lee Moo Sung, a smuggling baddie who brought in two bombers who kidnapped and forced a computer genius to hack into the government systems.


Long story short, Gun Woo manages to pick out the write wire and stop a bomb from exploding him, his team, and the hacker to bits. The hacker is freed, though she is paralyzed for life. Min Joo and Tae Pyung manage to beat the bombers to submission, but then the two bombers kill themselves rather than be arrested. It looks like they have no new leads, but Moo Won manages to get information on the smuggler that got the two bombers in. The only way to Lee Moo Sung is through his naive underling Park Choong Sik, whom Min Joo seduces. She discovers a human trafficking ring involving Uzbek girls and finds herself getting very emotionally involved in the case.

Needless to say, she decides to try to save the girls instead of just arresting Moo Sung and asking where Ghost is – because things just can’t be simple! And then she gets caught, so Gun Woo and Moo Won have to try to save the day.

1. Yoon So Yi is like Lee Yeon Hee-lite during the modeling segment.


While seducing Choong Sik by pretending to be a wannabe model, Min Joo (Yoon So Yi) smiles a lot while widening her eyes to make it seem coquettish. It’s a little weird to see her eyes widen (as usually eyes go smaller when they crinkle because of the smile), but it makes her so similar to Lee Yeon Hee in Miss Korea.

2. Borona Yekaterina (the Uzbek girl) provides a very touching moment in an action drama.

HiddenIdentity_05_04 HiddenIdentity_05_03

I was kind of surprised to reach this kind of moment in this action drama, where a lot of the detectives have to lose some of their morality and emotions when going undercover to catch these criminals. It was particularly sad considering that she did not think her fiancé would take her back because she’s no longer a virgin, and yet she was still thinking about him. It was emotionally worse for Min Joo and the viewers considering we all knew that her fiancé died while trying to buy her back from the smuggling ring; had he succeeded, I’m sure her virginity would not have been a problem.

It also gave a moment for us to learn a bit more about Min Joo. She takes these women’s plights personally, and I wonder if she has any backstory or tie to them. Whether it be a lost love or a failed case in human trafficking, I enjoyed the glimpse into her mindset and motivations for this. It also gave us Gun Woo’s longest dialogue to date in this episode when he warned Min Joo to not get too emotionally involved.



3. Jang Moo Won + Jang Min Joo = related?

I know that Jang is a common enough last name that it’s possible they’re NOT related. And yet it’s the drama world – the writer had a wealth of last names to pick from and they pick the same one for these two characters? I don’t think I missed something in the past episodes so far (but if I did, can someone point it out to me?) that says they’re related, but one cannot help but wonder.




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